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Found 10 results

  1. JorDogg

    Destiny 2

    Your place to discuss all things Destiny, find yourself a fireteam or ask for help.
  2. Be nice if we could have the Free Stuff for PC put more locally here in the PC thread - seems to be alot of free Humble, GOG and Steam games going round in the last year Ive noticed. Also here is the thread for new Humble Bundles to be shared/listed , and maybe to share some great Steam savings that could be missed like weekend deals, but also your Steam sales super deals to share...
  3. I am sure we have all had those games that aren’t by a well known developer but there is something about the artwork, thematics, stories or trailers that piques your interest. This happened to me with Fade to Silence, each new thing I saw regarding the game just expanded my curiosity about it so I jumped at the chance to review it. However we all know exactly what curiosity did to the cat right? Fade to Silence was developed by German studio Black Forest Games who previous gave us Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams which I remember had some massive hype to it and was a decent platformer… that they are still pimping out to this day… But hey they also made the Giana Sisters remake for the DS which was a cool way to pass some mindless time. They also had the distinction of bringing back every bodies beloved gaming feline Bubsy with the Woolies Strike Back in 2017 but every dev is allowed one not so great game under their belt right? This wasn’t a sign of things to come, right? So ya boy Zombie downloaded the game, as ya do, sat down excited to dive into this world moreover to satisfy all those curious nudgings running around my noodle about Fade to Silence. The game booted up to greet me with the main screen, normally this doesn’t need to be mentioned in a game but in this instance I was kind of baffled as the games title screen simply had a flashing triangle. I don’t mean like a ‘Press triangle’ on a PS4 controller to open the main menu I mean more like play button on anything kind of triangle. I mean I guess at that screen you do want to press play but no new game, load game, select chapter or anything just play consequently this shocked me as I’m just not used to it I guess. However it can’t be a sign of things to come right… right? Boom we start the game and get presented with the difficulty select screen with Fade to Silence offering the ‘Easy Mode for story focused player’ and the current trend of ‘Git Gud Scrub’. Along with the standard brief of what the the difficulty is really doing you are informed that if you don’t play the Git Gud setting 75% of the game will be locked out to you. By all means have different difficulty settings, sometimes I just wanna sit back and get absorbed into the story while other times I hate myself and need to be tortured by doing a 2 Player run on Battletoads but what is the point of this? I know a few games during the PSX era like Twisted Metal would cut off after the first boss with a pat on the head and a sign saying you are now good enough to try move up in the world. That gives you a sense of accomplishment… along with some slight annoyance not just well this is clearly too hard for you so we need to get rid of most of it for you. Why bother? Then after I finished ranting I got thrown into the story, I think, I’ not really sure as it just throws you knee deep into a chase scene where you die, but you don’t and there is disembodied voices talking to you but not actually explaining anything. This, this is a trend you will need to get used to as anything and everything is explained in a way that just doesn’t make much sense, its a snowpocalypse there are monsters called Rippers and you need to go find survivors but maybe you don’t as you need to look after them all with micromanaging, crafting, feeding and resource gathering. That my friends is one core ingredient to this game, micromanaging induced false morality, yay. The other is combat ripped right out from the SoulsBourne franchises only those games are good with technical skill and thought actually put into them. Combat in Fade resorts to dodging and hitting while paying attention to a stamina bar (sounds familiar right) only your stamina bar here is so small you only really get one action before it depletes. What do you with only one action? Do you dodge and live? Or do you attack while they block (the enemies are either attacking or blocking there is no inbetween)? Maybe you want to wait for that sweet spot where they are open just before attack, good idea only you have used up your stamina attacking so you can’t block or dodge so goodbye health. Not that you could do much with the stamina anyway as the controls are sluggish and just god awful. Sure you could try running away but you get locked into the battles and the camera wont let you focus on much else during these moments… or any moments really. The camera is almost as sluggish as the controls this however doesn’t really matter as there is nothing to see, unless you love the colour white as the games entire colour palette is either white or black. All monsters look alike and you’ve seen that style of monster done plenty of times, black, spiny and a little bit of red mixed in to give it some colour every now and then. There is also a whole magnitude bugs and glitches throughout the game which are supposedly worse on the Xbox version, the devs are aware of these and are apparently working on with a recent patch coming through at 10GB but I didn’t notice much difference. Normally when I review a game I don’t like to focus on the negatives of a game as there is enough people out there who do that as it is. Instead I like to focus on why you should play a game, factors that make a game worth your time or not. I want to let you people know if its something you should grab when you can or wait till its on sale to check out if it looks like something you are into. Fade to Silence on the other hand is just not a good game, it is completely comprised of elements which have been popular as of late but with no real knowledge of why they are or how they work. Fade to Silence is at best a Frankenstein patch work of jigsaw pieces from multiple puzzles crammed together to try and capture the magic of others. Zombie was provided with a promo copy for review.
  4. Octopath Traveler | PC Announcement
  5. Not having a Switch won't be a good enough excuse to not check out the glorious JRPG Octopath Traveler now, because it is making its way to PC. No word on if it will grace any other platforms yet, but you can get hyped for it's Steam release on the 7th of June. Blurb: Square Enix has announced that the critically acclaimed OCTOPATH TRAVELER will make its debut on PC on the 7th June 2019. In OCTOPATH TRAVELER, players will set forth on an epic adventure through the enchanting yet perilous continent of Orsterra, stretching across vast landscapes from lush forests, to desert outposts and snow-swept cathedrals. Featuring eight distinct characters each with their own tales to enjoy ranging from journeys of self-discovery to quests for revenge, each traveler will start their journey in a different land so players can steer their own journey depending on whom they choose. OCTOPATH TRAVELER for PC brings to life the game’s unique HD-2D visuals, blending striking 2D character designs with a beautiful 3D world.
  6. Share your gaming rig here: Im still running the old Skylake i5 6600k with a 1080ti.
  7. I would like, if I may (I mean I’m gonna do it anyway so you may as well be into it) to run a little experiment. I want you to envision an apocalyptic wasteland, a world ravaged by war not unlike Fallout or Mad Max. Now we are going to mix that genre up and throw in a truck tonne of Cyber Punk, not just any Cyber Punk but that raw 80’s style that is just full of neon pinks and blues against dirty backdrops. To complete all this I want you to set it all to some dope Synth beats and just let your head explode at the radicalness of the overall idea. Pretty bodacious right? Well the folks over at the Super Scary Snakes studio thought the same thing and are bringing the game Black Future ‘88 to the near future. Black Future ‘88 is a roguelike 2D action platformer set in an alternate 1988 and if you have played any other games in the genre like Binding of Isaac, Rouge Legacy or Spelunky you know what to expect. Levels that are procedurally generated, different enemies, different layouts and picks up which guarantee no two runs are the same. In that regard Black Future ‘88 isn’t anything entirely new but is a great example of doing a formula well, it’s smooth, it’s fun, it works. However don’t let that fool you into thinking it is just another addition to the genre as Black Future really does live and breath its own life. The goal of the game is to choose a character and ascend a constantly evolving tower to kill it’s insane owner and then do it again. In your attempt to climb the tower you can find a multitude of guns along with buffs and curses to help (at a cost of the curse) to survive and finish your main objective. Along with varying enemies and robots Black Future also has a strict time limit working against you known as the Deadlock Time. Deadlock Time gives you 18 minutes to achieve your goals which can really come down to the wire and enforces a faster pace of risk vs reward enhanced by the buffs, curses and what you are willing to give up. The evolving tower and world of Black Future are at its core with everything that happens being a reflection or enhancement of that. The colours mix with the music, the surroundings allude to the level designs and all this ties into the 80’s Cyber Punk Sci-fi Action Dark Synth feel which will bleed into your soul. Black Future ‘88 is gonna be one to keep an eye when it gets a full release on PC and Nintendo Switch and I can’t wait to take this neon dystopia on the go with me. Zombie was provided with a preview copy of Black Future '88.
  8. Could not find a topic for it, surprisingly. Anybody still play this? Whats ya favourite weapon, monster etc, and any thoughts on the game?
  9. Among the announcements at X018 was the weird new 1st person shooter, Void Bastards. Having watched the trailer multiple times, I haven't decided how keen I am, but I am curious, check it out below:
  10. Monster Hunter: World Is coming to team on August 9th! The most accessible, and most successful Monster hunter game, Monster Hunter: World has convinced a lot of player to get over the learning curve to play this wonderful series. And now PC players can join our ranks. See the blurb and system specs below the trailer. The wait for the critically-acclaimed Monster Hunter: World on PC is almost over! Originally planned for Fall 2018, Capcom has now confirmed it will be arriving on August 9th, 2018. The title that released for consoles earlier this year has since gone on to become Capcom’s best-selling game in company history with over 8 million units shipped globally. In this entry, players take on larger than life monsters in a variety of vast, living, breathing ecosystems either solo or with up to three other hunters via online co-op, complete with drop-in functionality, a first for the series. A new trailer has been released today to mark the upcoming PC release which can be downloaded here. In Monster Hunter: World, follow the journey of the elder dragons as they begin their once a decade migration across the sea to a land known as the New World in an event referred to by inhabitants as the Elder Crossing. As part of the Guild’s Research Commission, players must embark on a grand journey to this massive, mysterious land and uncover the secrets behind this phenomenon. As hunters set out on their quests, the Commission’s sights are set on Zorah Magdaros, a colossal elder dragon that rises from the earth like a volcano. Future updates will add new content and gameplay features. Updates and fixes made in other platform versions will be gradually applied to the PC version. The Event Quest schedule will differ from other platforms so fans should stay tuned to official Capcom channels for more details on additional content release dates. Full PC specs are as follows: RECOMMENDED OS WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required) Processor Intel® Core™ i3 8350 4GHz or Intel® Core™ i7 3770 3.4GHz or AMD Ryzen™ 5 1500X Memory 8 GB RAM Graphic NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060(VRAM 3GB) or AMD Radeon™ RX 570X (VRAM 4GB) DirectX Version 11 Storage 20 GB available space Sound card DirectSound compatible (DirectX® 9.0c or higher) Additional Notes Mouse, keyboard and game pads (both DirectInput and XInput) are supported. 30FPS at 1080p on HIGH graphic settings. MINIMUM OS WINDOWS® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required) Processor Intel® Core™ i5-4460, 3.20GHz or AMD FX™-6300 above Memory 8 GB RAM Graphic NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 OR AMD Radeon™ R7 260x(VRAM 2GB and above) DirectX Version 11 Storage 20 GB available space Sound Card DirectSound compatible (DirectX® 9.0c higher) Target Mouse, keyboard and game pads (both DirectInput and XInput) are supported. 30FPS at 1080p on LOW graphic settings. Happy hunting!
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