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Found 1 result

  1. Now class I would like you all to take your blenders and mix Doom along with Wolfenstein to form the base for our other ingredients. Next you will need to add a healthy cup of The Binding Isaac, measures don’t need to be exact as this is to give the previous additions some form but make sure you mix thoroughly before pouring into a glass.. Lastly you will need to take some Altered Beast and you are going to want to be delicate here as we only want to carve out the exciting transformations so the rest of it you can disregard, now we need to freeze the parts of Altered Beast we want until they are nice and solid, luckily we have some here that I prepared earlier. Nice dose of nostalgia there really brings out the pulpiness of our mix and what we are going to do is grate the frozen Altered Beast over the top giving us Hellmut: The Badass From Hell to truly enjoy at our leisure. Those mix of games are the best way I can describe Hellmut: The Badass From Hell. A top down twin stick shooter that allows you to transform into a varying mix of hellbeasts to run through a set amount of procedurally generated levels fighting demonic bosses and collecting loot, power ups and all kinds of differing transformations. Once you make it to the end you do it all over again there is nothing too new to the formula in that regard but Hellmut isn’t trying to set a new standard instead it is all about doing the formula solidly while giving a distinctive flavour that is all its own. There is nothing overly flashy with the graphics but they work, most of the scenery is full of objects and colours you would expect to find in castle over run with demon hordes; a lot of browns and blacks. Hellmut though casts this aside and it has very little focus as yeah the castle itself is a little bland but everything happening inside of it is as colourful as vomiting a rainbow. Bright neon colours forgo accenting the levels and arenas instead they take on a life of their own filling the screen with greens, blues, pinks, reds, purples and oranges granting life to every area you pass through. The controls are smooth and basic, one stick moves you another stick aims while a shoulder button fires, the other firing a weapons special attack, one more to use any medical supplies you may have and the final button allows you to choose a transformation. It’s simple and it works especially when you are in the midst of a bullet hell like arena with enemy projectiles flying at you from every direction. 98% of my mistakes and deaths were purely player error the controls were never factor into it with that 2% being the odd occasion of too much going on at one time that it becomes difficult to keep track of everything or just dumb bad luck. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time when enemies spawn but it just be like that sometimes. What about those transformations I keep mentioning? Ultimately this games key attraction is the ability to transform into varying creatures through out the game all with their own look, feel, abilities and weapons. You are given two to begin with (though you can only choose one to begin with, a Rat King that can fire a canon filled with rats which have been coated in a rubber gel like substance allowing them to bounce off walls and a hulking stitched together monstrosity wielding a huge hammer that flies about Thor/Kratos style. In most levels you can encounter a diety who will grant you new transformations provided that you can A) afford it and B) prove yourself worthy to obtain. These transformations appear randomly you may get the one you didn’t choose to start with or maybe you’ll end up as a Demon King who shoots multiple homing energy projectiles at a time or an Orc Fairy who can teleport away out of danger. Finding them all is half the fun. If you read the title; Hellmut: Badass From Hell and thought to yourself “Oh my god yes!” then this game is right up your alley. It’s fun, it contains some bullet hell madness and does it all while wearing its pulpy aesthetics unabashedly on its wrists. If these kind of roguelike games are for you this is a must add to the collection and if you have never played one there is a good chance it will win you over. However if you aren’t into run and gun games that are all about dying to retry then Hellmut has nothing new to offer you other than a solid experience in the genre. Zombie was provided with a promo copy of Hellmut: Badass From Hell.
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