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  1. I redeemed the bottom one. Thanks Outlaw!
  2. Its ridiculous. This happens all to often in NZ retail stores and its no wonder online is crippling some offerings. The worst are hardware stores! Don't bother asking for "assistance", you are better off on your own. You literally have to DIY lol
  3. AudaciousGnome


    Luka is going to be the next Curry, in terms of being (nearly) universally loved by NBA fans. Dude seems to genuinely love the game, does some unorthodox things and most importantly is genuinely good and only going to get better. Hope the Mavs can land some decent free agents in the coming seasons to complement Luka. Just quietly Paul George has been balling out this season! 24.6 PPG/7.8RPG/4.3APG/2.2SPG And the Celtics are starting to get their groove after the schedule eased up for them.
  4. AudaciousGnome


    Loving the Australia v India series(not the results so far). Extremely competitive and fantastic to see India taking Test cricket seriously by playing a proper series(not these one or two game "series"). Expecting an awesome day 2 today!
  5. First game: Fifa 14 Top 3 games by hours Overwatch: 701 hours Destiny: 701 hours(can't believe it was this much!) Battlefield 4: 363 hours
  6. AudaciousGnome


    This feels weird to say, given how trash the Mavs have been for so long now, but if you get the chance try and watch one of their games. Putting up stats is one thing but Luka has come up big numerous times already at the end of games. I think just a few days ago he scored 11 straight points at the end of the game to drag the Mavs to victory over the Rockets. He honestly plays more like an all star with 5+ years in the league than a rookie. His experience in the Euro League has stood him in good steady, his transition has been seamless and he doesen't shy away from the big moments, instead he seems to relish them and he actually delivers! Really looking forward to following his career and how he develops as an NBA player.
  7. AudaciousGnome


    Best cover ever. "The baffling Kings took Bagley over Luka". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE23ajVX930 *Sorry I can't embed the video. Is there a post threshold before I can do this?
  8. Length: 150cm Width: 120cm Depth: 2-3cm With shipping it was just under $400.
  9. Drive. Unfortunately, public transport is not a reasonable or reliable option for my daily commute.
  10. Tim Ferriss: Tools of Titans Lots of amazing insight and tips from everyone from world class gymnasts to navy seals to Harvard professors. Enjoy the fact that you can skip sections and go to what you are most interested in without degrading the value you can get from the book.
  11. Haven't been so excited for a game since BF3. Can't wait.
  12. Still playing Overwatch for my competitive online experience and and slowly starting to get into RDR2 for offline.
  13. Michael Jordan painting for my new place. Done by local NZ artist. Happy to give details out. He does custom work and is reasonably priced imo.
  14. AudaciousGnome


    Salah 10 goals 4 assists Aubameyang 10 goals and 3 assists Kane 9 goals and 2 assists Hazard 7 goals and 8 assists *In the EPL Hopefully this boring "one season wonder" narrative you hear in the media and from some (ignorant/troll)fans quietens down a bit now...without even mentioning Salah came into the season off of an injury and a world cup campaign(albeit brief) and is still maintaining the same(if not better) production of players who some have raved about this season.
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