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  1. Yes, wasn't that was a helpful response. Kind of like when someone in Auckland posts on Facebook that they just had a huge earthquake and their house collapsed, and gets replies like "Hmmm, didn't feel it here in Greymouth."
  2. Oh hell yes, seen both bands before but I am definitely down to go again. Kind of glad I didn't splash out for Ozzy/Priest now.
  3. Finished the main story just now. Great stuff. No interest in the online game, personally.
  4. Jenesyde


    R Rumours currently flying around of a certain person soon being the new Raw GM anyway, sooo...
  5. Looked at tickets for the Kiss show next year, floor standing costs $430. Christ.
  6. Jenesyde


    Those MMA bogans have been doing NXT house shows. Apparently the short one is married to Roderick Strong.
  7. The money thing is a major one. Like pulling teeth, even with VIP boost. Also I find there isn't enough new stuff in the game to make it a decent step up from the last one. Map looks good graphically, but is otherwise unremarkable ans lacks variety.
  8. This game can be so fucking frustrating at times. Was wandering aimlessly near Valentine and took a pot shot at an elk. Yay, perfect pelt. Decided to take it to the trapper in Saint Denis by way of stagecoach. Got ambushed by O'Driscolls on the way to the station, managed to barely survive. Got stagecoach to trapper - but my horse with the pelt on it didn't follow and was still miles away out of whistle range. . Ran ages to the outskirts of town to set up a camp and teleport the horse. Got attacked by an alligator, just managed to get away. Then attacked by a second alligator and died. Controller thrown.
  9. Jenesyde


    TakeOver was ace as usual, except for scumbag Baszler retaining with the help of her cronies. Survivor Series was decent, loved seeing Rousey get completely annihilated. First time I've ever cheered for Charlotte.
  10. Some decent deals in there, I got Ass Cree Origins for $36 and Mad Max (again) for $19.
  11. You can loot all you want, as long as you don't get seen doing it.
  12. Happy to get Assassin's Creed, traded in my disc copy a while back because I thought I owned it digitally too. I was wrong.
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