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  1. Ha, it would be rude not to WoW Classic has been an interesting testament to what years of private servers have done for how people play, it's all a big AoE rush now. I'll keep going as I subscribed for six months, but less excited than I expected to be. The personal grind stuff is still all there of course. When works for y'all?
  2. Wow. Maybe next it will be Overwatch is coming to Apple Watch!
  3. This is tonight woop woop! Be on or be … gone?
  4. CTR: Nitro Fueled 1000g. The time trials ruined my hands, but hey it's a small price to pay
  5. There is bound to be lol. Especially with horizon 2 having been free as well
  6. At least for a good while. We've found that recently as we only have one gold active now, God bless the home console system lol. What are you up to these days?
  7. Proper d-pad and a good bulk saving, even though this makes it seem like just a phone with controls. Maybe they should just do a phone? Will be pretty tempting especially in yellow, but a bit surprised that it couldn't hit a slightly lower price point, given the processor specs are not higher like two years later.
  8. Funny, I've always meant to play these, but never got more than three levels in before getting bored. Maybe now with the combination of a more interesting Switch coming!
  9. Hells ya! I played heaps with my nephew 20 years ago, he was always way better than me of course, and even more so at the other great series of the time, Tony Hawk. Then in '05 a flatmate and I got as far as unlocking N Tropy, which I'm still trying to do in the remake. I should still make it! Also played Total Driving on his PS1, another blast, and encountered Mario for the first time on his NES, and found that I sucked at it. To explain that, we didn't have consoles growing up. Haven't known anyone with it since, so I too was pumped for this release, ever since the N Sane Trilogy came out and it seemed like there was hope. You're dead right that it feels just like it used to, and that is excellent. I remapped the controls on my elite controller, so it feels much better, although my hands still hurt after intense time trial sessions. Online on Xbox has never crashed for me, but it is a slow affair. The game's loading times in general suck, even on the One X, and apparently it is nightmarish on the Switch. Especially in the multiplayer, the track loading should be done during the lobby countdown, taking a lesson from Forza 7 ... one of few lessons to learn from it. Having said that, while I don't usually care for outfits and the like, I am really enjoying CTR's model. No microtransactions ... yet, but the characters and karts and wheels to earn keep me playing and playing, even just repeat single races, with my favourites being Hot Air Skyway and Sewer Speedway. And now we have the Grand Prix, with yet more rewards, daily challenges to play modes one might not bother with otherwise, and a new frickin' track!! And that is planned to go on each month for a good while as I understand it, to the point we'll be racing as Spyro before too long. They also have the entire iPhone only Nitro Kart 2 game to take tracks and characters from, which I hope they do. The remaster is also amazing. The test is if you think it looks just like it used to, and that is true in most cases, but of course it doesn't. It is so damned colourful and detailed into the bargain! 4k HDR and all that jazz. Just a shame we're not on the same platform with it, as it doesn't seem to have taken off around here on Xbox. Not that anything really does anymore. Have fun!
  10. And now have 100%ed adventure in said CTR woo. Plenty of even harder stuff to go of course. Time trials and such! 40/47 achievements in a few days not bad though
  11. Made a start on Crash Team Racing after midnight. Worth it! Been looking forward to that for a good while, in fact the main game of the year for me. Looks amazing. Loading times are utterly appalling on X1S but hopefully X shows us how it is done. Controls have not been adjusted for modern play, but we can fix that too! Some of the tracks are hardly even recognisable with the remaster, but there is -even- more personality in there. They really did do well, but waiting an entire minute after each race just for the podium screens is messed up beyond belief, especially when I've just been playing a lot of Beach Buggy Racing where such things are instantaneous. Any of y'all biting on this one?
  12. Right sorry. I also always forget to just invite you even when you are showing offline … because you just always are lol. We will do this again, because that was fun even with just we 3
  13. Game for some FH2 or FM6/7 sometime! Might have to ask people when I see them, as most don't check here much if at all.
  14. Yeah that was great fun! Got our 100 point achieves for Morrowind (important in a game that is SO STINGY with them), and got that one Summerset boss done too, bloody deer. The salamander one was amazing for its frame rate shattering fireworks ability, but I think we killed him too slowly; those adds were building up to what looked like an enrage timer. Shame the randoms weren't there to help ... another time :). Sunday we made decent progress on the Clockwork City story quests ... long-winded and not very interesting, but we'll get there! And we got Murkmire free from November daily logins. This month going for that guar mount but it is going to be a stretch with Christmas rather getting in the way of daily logins lol.
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