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  1. JorDogg

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    I would be been for Punch Out?
  2. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Yeah and Jackbox if Foamy turns up and numbers are high.
  3. JorDogg


    Ended up buying a months worth of EA Access Premier for about $20 to give Anthem a good go over the month. Based on old video store rental fees, this seems quite cheap. Seems like a lot of fun so far. Comes with its fair share of issues at the moment but find myself overlooking a number of them so far as the gameplay is really good. A tonne of videos out at the moment detailing the issues so I wont go into them here but I havent had any gamebreaking ones yet. For me this game feels like an awesome "filler" to pick up and play when Destiny 2 goes stale between expansions. I dont feel like there will be enough content in this to be full time but to be honest I dont think I want two time hogs at the moment and I still prefer Destinys gunplay so that will always be my main. I have be unenthused lately when loading up Destiny 2 as I have burned through most of the content, so its refreshing to actually be excited to to get home and load up another game for a session. I'm sure by the time I get to the end game content I might change my tune, but will give the developers a chance to fix whats not working, iron out the bugs and add more replayability. I try to not compare Anthem, a new IP on launch to a 5-6 year refined Destiny experience. I just hope they are active and committed to develop it further while I'm enjoying the ride.
  4. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    I'm down for whatever, out of those I have Destiny and Apex installed so far but can install others if needed.
  5. JorDogg

    Now Playing

    Been getting back into a bit of slipknot lately, regretting standing on the sidelines of their moshpit at BDO in my younger days
  6. JorDogg

    Bitch Thread

    Waiting for the picture to load like
  7. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    GG fun night has by all!
  8. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Yep that's what I'm doing, using the 1 headphone Mic that I got with the PS4
  9. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    @darklordfoamy saw this when searching lag and streaming: There is a new streaming service over at https://mixer.com/ which offers almost instant streaming (roughly 500ms in the worst case scenario) when using their FTL protocol. As long as your friends use a HTML5 compatible browser they'll see what you see with little to no visible latency. FTL will be rolling out to everyone over the next month or two by the sounds of it. Streaming on their service without using FTL is also quick, however. Last time I checked it had less latency than that of Hitbox and Twitch providing your network speed supports at least 2000kbps upload and your streaming software's settings are correct
  10. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Discord is the voice chat, but if you cant get it going you should still come play without voice comms, just not as fun.
  11. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Yeah pretty sure it does
  12. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Also there is no limit to how many players amd no requirement to own a PC. As long as you have the twitch on one device and you phone for the controller, you will be sweet.
  13. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Thank God, cause you were the only one with Jackbox 2 which has the delay in questions Here is a link to foamy Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/darklordfoamy
  14. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    @SpawnSeekSlay We just jumped in discord and sorted it out there. The person streaming will send the link to the stream over discord. The code to jump in the room is up on the screen at all times on the stream.