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  1. JorDogg

    PlayStation 4 Christmas Guide for 2019

    Surprised RDR2 didn't make this list?
  2. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Will log on now to make sure it downloads. 3.45GB update
  3. JorDogg

    The Parental Thread

    What about a smack?
  4. JorDogg

    Free Stuff, Humble Bundles, Steam Sales

    Geneshift is free to keep until the 19th of December, looks pretty cool! https://store.steampowered.com/app/308600/Geneshift/ @argsy @Scuba Steve @darklordfoamy @SpawnSeekSlay @Citysoldier @Lyger
  5. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    I tell you what, for a "broken" game I have enjoyed quite a few hours of it
  6. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    You need to get PUBG for that new gaming rig
  7. JorDogg

    My PS4 Life

    Sad it wouldn't make one for me, I have either earned fewer than five trophies this year or played for less the 5 hours this year... Pretty shit how they put that requirement in.
  8. JorDogg


    left hangin...
  9. JorDogg

    Free Stuff

    Normally I do too, but sometimes I am claiming the game on my phone and I find it difficult to use on Steam if not at my PC so I forget
  10. JorDogg

    Free Stuff

    One thing to look out for with most of these free game is that not only do you have to claim it on the site, but you also have to use the code in Steam before a certain date. I had a number of "free" games codes that expired before I used them on Steam.
  11. JorDogg

    Free Stuff

    Awesome game
  12. JorDogg

    Share Your Rig

    @Biscuit I know some who brought and recommended from here: https://www.kinguin.net/windows-10?r=26060&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgMPgBRDDARIsAOh3uyL5rA6U41KKFBnfjBv0VrI0t4au1wP6S0X-fSqStXcBcoeJWSteEZoaAs-VEALw_wcB
  13. JorDogg

    NZ Made Ashen is out now on Xbox and PC

    That's cute might mean they dont need to strip out aspect of the game to sell as DLC or Lootboxs anymore.
  14. JorDogg

    NZ Made Ashen is out now on Xbox and PC

    Yeah works well for them, but not for me
  15. JorDogg

    NZ Made Ashen is out now on Xbox and PC

    I just dont want more applications on my PC then I need, its annoying. Also its not competition when its the only place selling the game. It would be like EB being the only store to sell RDR2 and they were selling it for $150.... If both Steam and Epic had the game for sale right now and Epic had a cheaper price, cool I would agree, but they don't. This works well sometimes with ubisoft games where uplay is sometimes upwards of $20 cheaper then steam on launch. Pay more for steam or less on uplay, thats competitive. Also remember for each storefront I need a friends list for each. Yes discord can get around that but at the end of the day I still have to add everyone on each application. Also look at microsoft who exclusivly sell Gears and Forza, effectively corning the market and actually limiting competition... Gears 4 took AGES to finally reduce in price years later and if I remember correctly was selling for about $130 initially and stayed there for a long while. Steam seem to have more frequent and meaningful sales.