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  1. Just picked up a switch, feel free to add me if feel like playing something. SW-8418-3292-8996 I have Mario Kart, Pokemon Sword and Street Fighter 30th Annivesary edition.
  2. @Scuba Steve the size comapred to the motherboard looks crazy big.
  3. That's a monster, that all for the CPU @Scuba Steve?
  4. A real sleeper game for me, loved it! Playing through a bit of the new Star Wars game between destiny sessions, constantly lost and backtracking but still good. Looking to get a switch lite on sale with Pokemon Sword.
  5. They have been really good for the price, i'm happy!
  6. Watchmen is goood. Only have the final left to watch so far.
  7. Looking at the picture and the headsets madr me think it was outlast VR, which would surely make you shit your pants!
  8. I ordered the Arctis 7 from steelseries in a black Friday sale for $200 the other day. Looking forward to the wee upgrade from my wired logitech I have used for years.
  9. JorDogg

    Destiny 2

    Destiny is going free to play on Wednesday morning and also has Cross Save between consoles and PC now. Just over 1000 hours for me so far and highly recommend it.
  10. JorDogg


    Yeah all games have been great for me except for the NZ game, prob due to increased demand in streaming in your neighborhoods? And on their servers?
  11. JorDogg


    This is great for adding the RWC games to your calender. https://rugbyworldcup.calreplyapp.com/new-zealand/subscription/tags?global=schedule&countrycode=NZ You can pick just the teams you want to watch or all of them. Works well with gmail/google calender.
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