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  1. JorDogg


    Good price, we will pay that. We tend to stay up late or get up early for world cup games, once every 4 years isnt so bad.
  2. JorDogg

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Announced

    Looks very good, reminds me of the Force Unleashed games which I absolutely loved!
  3. JorDogg

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Geeze I loved infinate
  4. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Yeah I'm keen, didnt quite make it to sanctuary and think I'm about level 5 but should catch up as I play with you guys. 7.30pm should be all good, will message you on discord if I'm delayed.
  5. JorDogg

    Share your PSN

    Naw, had mine since the start of PSN
  6. Yeah its getting there, depends what you are after. PS4 seems to be pretty active on Battlefield. PC we tend to play random games on Sunday night's, currently playing through Borderlands 2 when theres just the 4 of us or move to games like GTAV and some other free to play games. Check out the Lets Play thread under PC for that stuff. As for me I'm fairly active on PC with Destiny 2, PUBG, BFV currently but have more too. Will look at Division 2 later on maybe. Welcome
  7. Wow, awesome lineup. MHW and Prey seem to sit on peoples wait for sale list so those should be a good score for most. Golf Club 2 could also bee good for a games night to relive some of those Tiger Woods days.
  8. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Will be in a world of hurt if a try that one again bahaha
  9. JorDogg

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    And slow it down, enhance... enhance... enhance....
  10. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Ah cool will get that done before next Sunday, was it good fun?
  11. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    Yeah you of all people know how well that will go lol
  12. JorDogg

    Lets Game

    @Scuba Steve @darklordfoamy @Citysoldier hit a bit of a snag boys! My wife says that because I played on Tuesday that Sunday is part of the same week so I cant do the swap now, will have to be next Sunday for me. Let me know what rank/level you get up to and I will try to catch up during next week when I get a chance.