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  1. Got my aim controller last night jumped on firewall and wow such an improvement but first time I’ve felt motion sickness with the new setup:( I was very tired and run down so I’m pretty sure that had allot to do with it but I’m still really keen to give it a proper go. Tracking is great and feels so immersive but I did find after a couple of games that the gun was slightly off from the way I was holding it. I couldn’t find a way to resync, The option button didn’t work but I only tried quickly then turned it off so will give it a better go tonight.
  2. Mario kart tonight if anyone is keen ?
  3. I tried the moss demo the other day such a beautiful game. Been keen to get it later down the track.
  4. I was thinking the same thing been super busy up until last week maybe we can give it a burn this Wednesday. DCUO is out on the switch not sure if I want to go down that toad again but could be a bit of fun. Otherwise I’m keen on some Mariokart I think we will miss out on the free Mario tennis as well .,
  5. So had a real good play of Star Trek tonight with a group of 2 and then a group of 4. The game shines during multiplayer so much fun and very much designed around co op. So far best multiplayer experience this year. It it can be played with a controller and with or without be, not sure how these fair but wil still give you the ability to enjoy the game play. I cant wait to get back in, Rick and morty has been fun played it 3 times. I just realized there are more level I keep selecting the garage disc by accident. So far it’s been a puzzle room with so much to interact with it’s mind boggling. my aim controller is due next week can’t wait to get deep into fire wall will keep you guys posted.
  6. Finally a release date August 14th no man sky beyond!! So keen to jump back back in for some VR no man sky, anyone keen to join in ?
  7. When I finally get my life back I’ll look into it seems like a good idea if it’s priced right
  8. Will do blood and truth looks really good but I’m gunna wit for a special and time to actually play
  9. Went on a bit of a spending spree ( had a bit of coin with the extra hours I’ve been doin :p) I picked up on special angry birds vr caranaval vr Star Trek bridge crew tetris effect rick and morty virtual rickality played a few this weekend end angry birds is fun but buggy and you need to be pretty close to the camera. Tetris effect is a great Tetris experience,a must have if your into Tetris. the kids loved carnival vr it’s actually a really fun collection of mini games with unlocks and leaderboards well worth the $8 rick and morty I have”t got much into it but looks like it will be interesting star trek bridge crew I haven’t played yet but from what I see looks silly and deep anyone else got this? It will all depend on who your playing it with. i also downloaded the latest free Spider-Man vr and it is so much fun. Only played the free play mode and swinging through the city is a dream come true, just don’t land on the ground it will make your stomach flip also saw saw a couple of streams for firewall and that actually looks allot of fun. Didn’t have a great experience when it was free but the aim controller looks the business. It’s $115 at eb with the game, might be next weeks purchase now I just need to buy some time to play
  10. Just picked up beat saber and catan, beat saver is so addictive and catan is good but servers are pretty empty.
  11. Managed to score myself a new PSVR on special this weekend has one before that used to make me ill but this time round no issues. Has anyone tried Rec room yet jumped on and it’s seems like a pretty fun mess around game.
  12. Raid comes out Friday can’t wait to sink my teeth in after work
  13. well worth it, we have a clan on PS4 not sure about xbox sorry
  14. Good so deep in division 2
  15. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch gaming news

    Yeah lots of cool little games going to crypt of the necrodancer to try before the Hyrule comes out.
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