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  1. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Smash bros round 2 this Wednesday
  2. ByrdmanNZ

    The Division

    Yeah I’m really liking so if the changes to dark zones and skirmish. The normalization events will make it easier to compete
  3. ByrdmanNZ

    Super Mario Party

    Haha yeah it’s lots of fun must have for winter drinks
  4. ByrdmanNZ

    The Division

    If I’m on send me an invite always keen
  5. ByrdmanNZ

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    If you find 2 more people hit me up and I’ll be happy to help
  6. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Seeet Thursday it is
  7. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Unfortunately this coming Wednesday I am busy maybe we could try for the Thursday or Tuesday ?
  8. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Hi guys I’m going to use this thread to organise some Nintendo nights. there are only a few of us so will keep it to games we all have 9th Super smash bro’s 16th Mario Kart
  9. ByrdmanNZ

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Had a great night I’m going to maybe start a thread for some Wednesday nights. Mario kart next week.
  10. ByrdmanNZ

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Will try using discord tonight so we don’t miss any of the banter. here is the link https://discord.gg/JhBKmdP
  11. ByrdmanNZ

    Muck Around Mondays

    It just didn’t work couldn’t connect to each other. Probably due to so many new players server are probably struggling
  12. ByrdmanNZ

    Muck Around Mondays

    Okay so next week will be diablo and the following will be burnout. Thanks for everyone who came last night for the disaster that was steep online
  13. ByrdmanNZ

    PS4 Muck Around Mondays


    Next week diablo then burnout FYI
  14. ByrdmanNZ

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Been using ps4 chat and Nintendo app so far But been having issues with how to set it up. My stealth turtle beach headset works with my dongle in the Nintendo dock and a headphone cable plugged in from the headset to my ps4 controller or phone. Just need to make sure the cable has 3 lines on it so It can do mic and stereo sound. If you want to test it out hit me up I’d be happy to get it up and working before Wednesday.
  15. ByrdmanNZ

    Indie brawler Absolver has landed on Xbox One and Game Pass

    I liked this game but that wasn’t the consensus on muck around Monday’s. was very different and intriguing, worth a download.