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  1. Managed to score myself a new PSVR on special this weekend has one before that used to make me ill but this time round no issues. Has anyone tried Rec room yet jumped on and it’s seems like a pretty fun mess around game.
  2. Raid comes out Friday can’t wait to sink my teeth in after work
  3. well worth it, we have a clan on PS4 not sure about xbox sorry
  4. Good so deep in division 2
  5. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch gaming news

    Yeah lots of cool little games going to crypt of the necrodancer to try before the Hyrule comes out.
  6. ByrdmanNZ

    Switch gaming news

    Yeah not sure how I feel about this seems like a great idea but non of them have straps so you have to hold them to your head. really interested to see what the elephant one does:P https://labo.nintendo.com/kits/vr-kit/
  7. Not rich its really an early birthday present and I pre ordered early so I made sure I didn’t miss out so now it’s !! 3 DAYS and 8 hours !!
  8. As a great man once said, “Join me on the dark side of the force”
  9. Sorry I think I was driving when I sent that message the exotic guns I needed for my shield were just the store ones. With the full set it didn’t proc until I had all my guns maxed out. I’m pretty sure I had to trade my carbon out for an exotic as well just to get it to proc even though it was maxed out as well. either way it’s a shame your not going be there for launch having the week off would have been easier to jam with you I’m still hyped loved what I could play of the beta just seems everyone and everything was conspiring against me. More division, more stuff, more Team based and more guns !! 4 MORE DAYS !!
  10. Division 2 open beta servers are live 10-11pm tonight if anyone is keen?
  11. Less than 2 weeks hopefully I can get some time with the beta this weekend, really want to see how bad the bullet sponging is with 4 specialists. Also going to make a real effort to play some DZ and multiplayer.
  12. It was the shop items also need 2 maxed out exotics primary and one secondary for the shield
  13. Well Mario kart again this week will make sure I’m well rested this time
  14. Man I’m getting pretty hyped for this, still have 4 more shields left in Div1 so will probably spend my time working through them leading up.
  15. Hit me up next week and be on before 10:p
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