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    What Are You Currently Playing?

    War for the Overworld mainly. Trying to finish of My Pet Dungeon and the Undergames at the moment. Also gotten back in MTG arena and playing altered version of my Nicol Bolas deck. Have to say it's interesting being exposed to a side of Magic I haven't seen for a long time which are the little timmy's who have built a 200 card deck with all their favorite cards with no synergy whatsoever while I am playing a 60 card deck which works very well and the results are like kicking a puppy. Still can't feel to bad for them as while I never quite went that far I did make some... questionable deck choices when I started playing in the late 90's.
  2. darklordfoamy

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Dragonball Super- Broly. 8/10 Wow this film made Broly go from a character I really didn't care about to actually feeling sorry for him as he actually got given a decent backstory compared to the original one of "hating Goku because he cried a lot as a child and that upset him." Overall the film is pretty good with the first part clearing up some of the saiyans history, then the second part explains what is happening the present and the final part is a good ol dragon ball fight. It even had some parts that made me laugh and that would have been something I expected to see in DBZ abridged rather then a actual DB production. Still my only real gripe is that the CGI parts of the fight scenes still don't look quite right though are better then the other films ones. But yeah if your a DB fan this is worth watching.
  3. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently going for the master difficulty Sniper Assassin challenges on Hitman 2. Got the first 3 missions down and now India and I know one of the targets is going to be a right pain to do.
  4. darklordfoamy

    Bungie has left Activision and taken Destiny with it

    Well this is going to be interesting to watch as it will be interesting to see what Bungie does with Destiny now and shows if the recent monetization actions have been a Activision pushed thing or not. Still I think this is a sign that Activision as well as hopefully others are starting to feel the backlash to pleasing Shareholders over gamers. The Shareholders only care about profits and Activision has tried to help support this by including more microtransactions on things, chasing trends, pushing the Mobile stuff etc but the gaming community has slowly started to respond to that which resulted in Call of Duty, Destiny and Blizzard as whole doing worse and worse each year with the recent yearly finance report that went out for Activision being pretty damning. Now we are seeing the effects of this with Activision deciding Destiny and Bungie aren't worth hanging onto, Blizzard going through some major staff changes and the E-sports scene for Heroes of the Storm being abandoned with Hearthstone starting to look similar due to a recent survey gone out and COD microtransactions just getting the point of ridiculousness. Think we may start to see more things like start to happen with other partners and publishers as time goes on but for now it's a wait and see but I do feel this is good sign at the very least just don't stuff it up Bungie.
  5. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Played the 30 min RE2 demo... yeah can the 25th get here already I want to play so much more of this. The details on the zombies now as the more damage you do to them shows makes them quite disturbing to look at some points... the fact they refuse to stay dead and chase you through rooms really ramps there challenge now.
  6. darklordfoamy

    Now Playing

  7. darklordfoamy

    Top 5 Games I played in 2018

    Decent list can see why with most of them though have only played one on the last myself. For me would have to go with. 5. Smash Bros Ultimate 4. Dusk 3. Project Warlock 2. Hitman 2 1. God of War
  8. darklordfoamy

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finally completed DUSK and overall really nice little throw back to FPS games like the original Quake and Unreal. Pretty decent length and just really fun combat bar a couple of bosses who one was just a cake walk and the other was annoying because of his arena more then anything.
  9. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Finished off Dusk and now moved onto Project Warlock. Also doing a bit of DW8 empires again on the side.
  10. darklordfoamy

    Today I...

    Started a new 40k campaign with a mate with us starting with small forces and building up. Playing my good old Ork Boyz and Nuffles the dice god was with me in the first game as I was a bit concerned by the Leman Russ Battle Tank showing up so early in the campaign but it was clearly rushed out of the factory as it failed to do anything and got killed by grots. So first win to the orks but still a fair few games to go and the powerful stuff on both sides still has to show up.
  11. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Assasinating people while dressed as a pink flamingo in Hitman 2.
  12. darklordfoamy

    I Just Bought...

    I just couldn't help myself with this one as while I don't really play large scale Warhammer anymore I just couldn't say no to getting my Orks a Squig Buggy.
  13. darklordfoamy

    Lets Game

    I'm not going to be available for gaming till New Years as going to be away.
  14. darklordfoamy

    Lets Game

    Yep can do.
  15. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Unlocked everyone in Smash and just finishing of the world of light stuff before doing some of other stuff. Also being playing DUSK now it's finally out of early access and it is a really enjoyable FPS definitely paying a homage to original Quake game though references others of the time like Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal etc. Love that even though there is no reloading as it can be a reflex for some the reload button just makes you spin your gun around is a nice touch along with the akimbo shotguns.
  16. darklordfoamy

    My PS4 Life

    *Looks through his one* I am noticing a couple of specific trends with mine. Mylife
  17. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Picked up Smash Bros this morning so been going through the single player to get some characters unlocked so when I go round my mates tonight we have a decent roster to play with. Got 30 so far so going well but annoyed Bayonetta hasn't shown up yet. Bloody tease.
  18. darklordfoamy

    Crash Team Racing Remaster Teased

    I'm down for this especially if they can give it a functional online and offline multiplayer.
  19. darklordfoamy

    I Just Bought...

  20. darklordfoamy

    Lets Game

    Same opening a new site at work this week so working nights to get as much ready for it beforehand.
  21. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Been replaying Hitman again with varying success with my plans. Some go spectacularly with me luring the target to where I want them to go and them dying as planned... and other times... this happens. *Watches from a closet as the target moves to a poisoned glass of wine. "Drink it" *Target just looks at the drink. "DRINK THE BLOODY WINE!" *Target goes for the win* "Finally" *Target puts it down without drinking it and walks away* "GAAAAAAAH" *Jumps out of the closet and throws a screwdriver at the targets head in frustration.* Didn't quite go like that... but the ending was pretty much accurate.
  22. darklordfoamy

    Lets Game

    Down for doing a heist tomorrow.
  23. darklordfoamy

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    40K Sanctus Reach. While fairly simple in terms of how it works is a fun little turn based game. Currently going through the campaigns in order and so doing the Space Puppies. One thing that has made me raise an eyebrow is when the AI which is quite smart e.g. it sacrifices weak units to overwatch fire before using it's strong ones for some reason decided on one mission to send 8 units of boys into combat with my Venerable Dreadnought which basically went like this. Ork Boyz: WAAAAGH *Strike the dread doing about 2 damage to it's 400 HP pool* Dreadnought: *Says nothing just swings it's great axe and slays the entire boy unit.* Next lot of Ork Boyz: WAAAAGH *Strike the dread doing about 2 damage to it's 398 HP pool* Dreadnought: *Says nothing just swings it's great axe and slays the entire boy unit.* And this just continued. Still one way to get XP for it without expending much effort. Also why is it the video games make the Space Marine Whirldwind so good when in the Tabletop it's usually rubbish.
  24. darklordfoamy

    I Just Bought...

    Jalopy, Mothergunship, Warhammer 40,000 Gladius, Warhammer 40,000 Sanctus Reach and RWBY Grimm Eclipse from the Steam Sale.
  25. darklordfoamy

    RBL's Character Battle

    Deadpool 18