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  1. Yeah currently using it with a few with it's addons. Has made WOC better but feel they need a greater overhaul still and believe it will take the Daemons of Chaos and some of the stuff they are still missing to fully flesh them out.
  2. Total War Warhammer 2. Doing some campaigns with each of the races starting with the Warhammer 1 one's and man going back to Warriors of Chaos again makes me hope the rumors of them getting a major overhaul are true as I forgot just how boring they are to play with most of the chaos god stuff being absent with the Norsca showing how it can be done. Moved onto Brets and have to say the recent changes and have made them better and currently conquering the southlands with the Fay Enchantress.
  3. Dark Eldar Grotesque. Will the Kill Teams now allowing Elite units and my Wychs needing a boost decided to get them one of these guys as damn they are super tanky in Kill Team and can act as a nice bullet sponge while the girls get in close.
  4. Send me a message if you me online and I will try and help out.
  5. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Overall really enjoyed it did like the combat system though kind of wish I could change my primary weapon as side stuff... I rarely used bar a few times prefering special techniques but I understand the reasoning why but god I wanted a spear so badly sometimes. Got the Return ending which nice to see that sort of ending is as confusing to get as ever with me wondering what I was meant to do with this stuff till I started a quest chain and went oh this what it is all for. Boss quality is really mixed for me in this one as some are brilliant like Gyoubu who is an excellent opener and Isshin at the end who basically says "mastered counters, dodging and blocks yet? No? Tough Shit your dead phase 2." Then you have one of the last bosses the Divine Dragon which involves dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, THROW LIGHTNING and just repeat that for pretty much the fight and both the monk fights where they telegraph there attacks easily and are so large it's easy to smack em back. So yeah enjoyed it but no real need to replay it any time soon compared to the Souls series stuff as only missed 2 bosses on a different ending route and can't be arsed dealing with them.
  6. Huh... so they went with the MK movie design for Shang Tsung... I like it and fits with the Krypt as well also feel like Netherealm is trolling the people who wanted Smoke, Ermac and Reptile added a bit with him. As for others Nightwolf... meh, Sindel... interested and HOLY SHIT SPAWN IS BEING ADDED TO THE GAME OH HELL YES!
  7. I'm actually looking forward to that then as from software final bosses... I find to be anti climatic a lot of the time. Dunno what it is but not even counting DLC bosses there is always a boss earlier in the game that kicks the shit out of me to the point when I reach the final boss I just go... was that it? Still have once again learnt that my wandering tendencies have kicked me in the ass again. Basically got to Ashina castle and that game kind of hinted that I should either A) check that buddha statue back at the start out or B) continue up to the castle. I went option C) and went exploring found the opening zone, went underground... and yeah I ended up finding a area where I quickly figured out why it was kicking my arse so hard where after beating it and getting a item it dawned on me that "ohhhhh this is somewhere I am meant to go later once the main quest gets to this point." So I went back to the castle... and yeah it happened again. Pretty sure Genichiro is meant to be the 2nd or 3rd proper boss you fight.... he was number 7 for me... one shot him though.
  8. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Have to say enjoying it. Taken a little while to get used to the parry system but now I've got it down makes combat quite enjoyable being more of blocking/countering type of combat which I am enjoying. Do like I'm 1 for 1 with all the bosses so far as there is always one attack that they do which catches me by surprise the first time but get them the second time.
  9. .... that could apply to half of the trailers and teasers for Death Stranding. Still... yeah I'm just going to wait for someone to get this game and then ask them what it is about rather then trying figure out the trailers and that for this anymore.
  10. ... looks absolutely batshit crazy... so yes.
  11. Right Blood main game done... now onto Post Mortem which I've not played before... if the new Dynamite only tossing cultists I met literally as I turned around the first corner are any indication this is going to be tough.
  12. Was thinking about a month ago it had been a while since we had heard anything about this. Yeah it looks Medievil just as Crash and Spyro remakes looked like them. Well one thing to add to the list in October.
  13. Blood: Fresh Supply. Yeah it's really well done remaster of Blood... I am apparently still as childish as I was back in 90's due to the amount of glee I get blowing up cultists with dynamite and kicking zombie heads around the level.
  14. Bendy and the Ink Machine- ... I have no idea what to say about this one. You can tell it started as a episodic game and as the episodes came out the creator was clearly trying new things as each chapter has it's own new thing with chapter 1 being basic, chapter 2 adding enemies and combat, chapter 3 adding weapon and enemy variety, chapter 4 adding mini games and bosses and then chapter 5 has a vehicle section... the problem is none of these are really that great with combat being a slog and the group fights are just tedious as hell, the enemies range from whats the point as they just die in one to oh just piss off already, the mini games seemed to follow different rules every time I tried them and the vehicle section was just.. hmm. It also seems to have identity crisis as part of it is exploring and then it goes... oh wait I want to be a horror game now *scary sequence* which just doesn't work because of how out of place they are rather being scary its more... what just happened. Hell chapter 4 has random nightmare sequences... you know your scare has failed when I laugh at how bad it is. Story is... confusing like again it being episodic it changed it's mind as it was made and the ending is just... huh? Does look good being done in the old 1920's cartoon style and does work quite well with the whole Ink theme but yeah kind of glad I got it on special as otherwise ugh.
  15. I just feel there was board room meeting that went. "So.... why are newspaper sales down so much? We are the NZ Herald everyone should be buying our paper!" "Uhh sir people can just look online now so don't need to pay." "I see... then lock it behind a pay wall and charge them!" "Uhhh but sir they could just go to stuff or any ot-" "CHARGE THEM I SAY!" "*Sigh* yes sir." Probably not but yeah don't quite get the point of this.
  16. Marv Magikarp just for the sole reason I would find it amusing for this thing to win overall. Diablo Hibana
  17. Three Kingdoms I am keeping an eye on to see how it is on release. Not really getting anything major though seeing as I am going on holiday at the end of the month so saving for that,
  18. Yeah is a pain as they have confirmed Heart Chests and Kronika chests are the only thing that is a) guaranteed to have skins, cosmetics, brutalities, intros and taunts for a character in it and b) are in the same location for every player so know a map is being worked on but it's still a bit incomplete. Koin and Soul chests you roll that dice and while the more expensive ones tend to be more likely to be good stuff it's still hard to say as gotten artwork in a 8k chest once and Brutality in a 1k one. Honestly the Kollector is what annoys me as the bugger never seems to be in his cave unless I use the item that summons him for 1 min even though I know he does show up there normally as it happened in a stream I was watching. Still patch due next week and they have confirmed the following. · Reduce AI difficulty in Towers of Time · Increased Kurrency rewards in Towers of Time · Thank you gift (500,000 Koins, 500 Hearts, 1,000 Soul Fragments and 1,000 Time Krystals) Other bits are platform specific but that stuff is universal.
  19. Currently yes for the grind but will see over the weekend as they are apparently tweaking the reward system so will see how much they do with it. As for the money... you can't buy crap with money in MK11 there are time crystals but there is only 8 items available at a time to spend them on so not much spending money at all. Honestly thing that annoys me about the grind is Brutalities. Fatalities you can do even if you have not unlocked the input for them yet but Brutalities you need to have unlocked them which is a pain. Rest is all cosmetic stuff, concept art of stuff for the tower which is meh. Kind of wish the Krypt went back to how it was in Deadly Alliance where you could find stuff like this.
  20. Yeah saw that and yes she is available on the store for money until you unlock her in the story mode on console as well but you go to buy her on PS4 at least it basically says "She is available in the story mode do you want to continue anyway?" At least in game it does that not sure on the PS4 store itself.
  21. To be fair it's not a genre I play heavily as most have bare bones single player but the Neatherrealm games have been an exception to that with the towers, multiverse stuff etc and they tend to be easy to play. This isn't really different just they made the towers grindy as all hell so not really fun to play.
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