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  1. Ion Fury. Man with this Dusk and Amid Evil I've been getting my 90's fps fix all sorted this year. Still think Dusk is my fav out of them but this is still good and just shows how good the build engine is... and what 3D realms could have been doing instead of making Duke Nukem Forever.
  2. Gotten into Assassins Creed Odyssey and enjoying it... bar the Lynx's... those things are just evil especially in packs. Also a bit of Inquisitor Martyr levelling up my character before the expansion drops at the end of the month.
  3. Inquisitor Martyr. Diablo meets Warhammer 40k. Really enjoying it though seeing as the Inquisition is one of the only parts 40k imperium stuff I like and the Death Cult assassin Inquisitor is so well done with how she is portrayed having this attitude of just not really caring about threats like chaos worshipper can start going on about how powerful it is and she just goes "ahhh how cute you're trying to be intimidating... I'm going to show you how to be intimidating." Also loving the customization and while currently gone this quite powerful sniper build am curious to go a CC build next time as those parts of the tech tree I haven't even looked at yet and doubt I will with this character. Just gotten to the part of the game where Dark Eldar have appeared and they have some interesting changes to it compared to the Chaos and IG stuff so far and always nice to see them in things as I do like them. Also this a 40k lore thing for me but man got the grim dark bit of the Imperium down as well as the medic professional you find has the usual sort of tech-priest stuff yeah makes sense, got a hand on her belt okay weird but still fine and.... what is that next to her... why does she a brain in a jar with eyes... it doesn't have any servo skull properties or anything it's just a brain she has for some reason which just gives her this vibe with how she speaks that if you anger you will end up like that.
  4. Not so accurate with me anymore. Mainly because ever since the 2 hour/14 day steam refund became a thing I tend to give them a go for that period and see if they interest me and if so they will get played eventually usually when I go on leave next unless one really catches my attention otherwise back to the store they go... now if this was humble bundle yeah I think a few of them are in there somewhere from the past.
  5. Hollow Knight, Vermintide 2, Inquisitor Martyr, Space Tyrant, One Finger Death Punch 2 and Katana Zero. ... yeah Steam summer sale has begun.
  6. Switching between Amid Evil and CTR at the moment and enjoying both with CTR... being CTR and Amid Evil being a really good FPS in the style of Hexen/Heretic with a staff that fires planets as a weapon.... because why the heck not.
  7. Yeah currently using it with a few with it's addons. Has made WOC better but feel they need a greater overhaul still and believe it will take the Daemons of Chaos and some of the stuff they are still missing to fully flesh them out.
  8. Total War Warhammer 2. Doing some campaigns with each of the races starting with the Warhammer 1 one's and man going back to Warriors of Chaos again makes me hope the rumors of them getting a major overhaul are true as I forgot just how boring they are to play with most of the chaos god stuff being absent with the Norsca showing how it can be done. Moved onto Brets and have to say the recent changes and have made them better and currently conquering the southlands with the Fay Enchantress.
  9. Dark Eldar Grotesque. Will the Kill Teams now allowing Elite units and my Wychs needing a boost decided to get them one of these guys as damn they are super tanky in Kill Team and can act as a nice bullet sponge while the girls get in close.
  10. Send me a message if you me online and I will try and help out.
  11. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Overall really enjoyed it did like the combat system though kind of wish I could change my primary weapon as side stuff... I rarely used bar a few times prefering special techniques but I understand the reasoning why but god I wanted a spear so badly sometimes. Got the Return ending which nice to see that sort of ending is as confusing to get as ever with me wondering what I was meant to do with this stuff till I started a quest chain and went oh this what it is all for. Boss quality is really mixed for me in this one as some are brilliant like Gyoubu who is an excellent opener and Isshin at the end who basically says "mastered counters, dodging and blocks yet? No? Tough Shit your dead phase 2." Then you have one of the last bosses the Divine Dragon which involves dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, THROW LIGHTNING and just repeat that for pretty much the fight and both the monk fights where they telegraph there attacks easily and are so large it's easy to smack em back. So yeah enjoyed it but no real need to replay it any time soon compared to the Souls series stuff as only missed 2 bosses on a different ending route and can't be arsed dealing with them.
  12. Huh... so they went with the MK movie design for Shang Tsung... I like it and fits with the Krypt as well also feel like Netherealm is trolling the people who wanted Smoke, Ermac and Reptile added a bit with him. As for others Nightwolf... meh, Sindel... interested and HOLY SHIT SPAWN IS BEING ADDED TO THE GAME OH HELL YES!
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