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  1. *Looks at date of last post. Checks today's date.* Yes got them done within a month that's good for me. I will say though after doing the daemonettes and now these girls... I am not doing any painting using purple or pink as the base for a while those are annoying combinations to work as a base... White still wins for being the worst though and still can't believe a mate of mine is doing his sisters as white/green as the base.
  2. Besiege which just released out of early access and have to say I enjoyed early on when it first came out but really loving it not that is fully fleshed out. Just something amusing about getting a challenge and going right the ideal build... and then trying again with something completely over the top and ridiculous. For example kill 80 sheep. The ideal build was okay build a small armoured buggy thing with spikes on all edges and just run them down no hassle... then I went back and built a 10x10x10 vehicle with 60 cannons on it which after luring the sheep closer to it pressing the fire button and watching the sheep exploded but the vehicle also managed to tear itself to pieces because of the power of firing 60 cannons on a basic frame at the same time. Still was success and now trying to destroy tower by creating the medieval version of a b-52 bomber.
  3. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. Been nice to get into this again with some new story stuff and the new infinity mode. Have to say though Gaea kind of breaks things a little with her first charge attack with the slay attribute as it fires two quite homing missile attacks that even against the powered up final boss it killed him 4 hits. Also MHW on the side but that's just getting parts for layered armour now.
  4. Well just a article and yep the change is confirmed. His turret is gone but the gun from it is his main weapon and instead of the turret he now has this. So.... I apologise in advance before I accidentally kill the hostage with this thing.
  5. I can sort of see that with Amaru vs players actually as not exactly subtle as even the bots sometimes have their guns on the window just as I burst through so even they register it. Also yeah Clash in PVP makes some sense as is still a shield and not as many targets to worry about plus her shield disables some tech stuff as well. Any mention on that rumored Tachanka change?
  6. Well that's because like things such as Division, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls etc they are designed around a multiplayer framework as the main thing so pausing time is not a possibility and they are replaced by safe zones instead such as camps, bonfires etc. As for the Division 2 eh tried the first one and didn't do anything for me so not to bothered by this one.
  7. Nah I don't have it. Case of subscribed to enough other stuff and got enough going that don't have the time to invest in it really.
  8. Been playing the RE2 cross over event in Monster Hunter and have to say hunting a Elder Dragon as a zombie has been enjoyable especially as heavy bow gun/gun lance user the negatives didn't really affect me. Also Mr X as the handler... I have now seen him smile... Mr X should never smile it makes him creepier then he is in RE2. Still have now finished the guiding lands and fought the high level monsters within... and now can say my favorite and least favorite ones are... Favourites- Zinogre, Namielle, Brachydios and Shara Ishvalda Ones that annoy me, find boring to fight or just piss me off- Velkana, Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian and Jyuratodus... okay the last one is from base game but he was weak and boring back then and even with old stuff getting updates he still sucks at least the other two fish have some interesting gimmicks he's just a big fish.
  9. Currently hunting the crap out of all the new stuff in Iceborne waiting for the Rajang and RE2 crossover event stuff to come the PC version over the next week so I can get that stuff.
  10. Yeah I play Slay the Spire every so often as it helps scratch my deck building itch occasionally. Don't really play much of the original classes anymore though as play a few modded characters now a days with the Necromancer and the Cursed being my two favorites with their mechanics.
  11. Started work on my new kill team having finished the Daemonettes last week. Based on the Sister of Battle but these are the Daughters of Slaanesh so have some daemonette bits with my Arco Flagellents being full possessed. WIP piccies. Painting starts tomorrow/
  12. Not bad but the statue is eh.... now if it was a Nemesis statue I would be all over it.
  13. Been on a KI binge at the moment and reminded me how much I love it's soundtrack.
  14. Perfectly fine with board games being done as spending most of my social gaming time playing them with mates now a days then online stuff.
  15. Well curious about this as while the legendaries look a bit ... eh a couple of the pokemon coming back have my attention. Still am curious if this will be replacing the standard extra addition they usually release a year afterwards because if so that is a step in the right direction as never understood that ... now if we could only get them to stop releasing 2 versions of the same damn game in the first place but that's whole other issue.
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