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  1. Jumped back in to Crash Team Racing just to clean up a few more trophies. Never finished the Adventure mode on Medium difficulty cause I got stuck on the final boss and had no desire to go back to it. So I restarted on Easy. Still jamming Apex Legends Season 2 and have been checking out some more of Battlefront 2 just to see what's new with it. (It's not much)
  2. Beat COD: Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign on Veteran. Got very frustrating at times, but eventually persistence paid off. Haven't beaten the Epilogue yet, but will give it a few tries before I inevitably fail and give up.
  3. Nothing too exciting for me this month. Might check out Wipeout eventually but will be a good month to focus on the backlog.
  4. The EA access thing seems pretty decent. I think it’s like $40 a year if you sign up for the full year. Works out to like $3.33 a month which isn’t bad to have all the games digitally. As I said in one of the PSN chats if I didn’t already own most of the EA games I would want to play I might get it. Although it would be handy to have digital copies of Battlefront 2 and BF4 which I only have on disc.
  5. Yeah mine is doing the same. I occasionally fire it up once every few months when the mood strikes me but the games I had for it don’t really grab me. Started playing COD: Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign today. Had messed around with the multiplayer when it came to PS Plus but wasn’t sure I was gonna replay the story. It’s been so long since I played it it’s almost like a new game. Only really remember little bits of it so it was fun seeing what I did/didn’t remember. Veteran is still a bitch when the enemies don’t stop spawning until you advance.
  6. @Ati https://www.unilad.co.uk/gaming/solve-mysteries-as-a-gang-of-cats-in-this-open-world-game/?source=gaming
  7. iLythium


    It’s been over 24 hours since the final ended and I’m still devastated. Amazing spectacle but I just can’t accept losing on a count back of boundaries. However we should’ve been able to win it before the Super over. They needed 15 off 4 balls and we let them get 14. That deflection overthrow will haunt my dreams. If we had just lost under normal circumstances it would’ve sucked but it would’ve felt fair. The real kick in the guts is that we had it well within reach only to fumble right at the end. I never gave us a chance to get 16 in the super over but when Neesham hit that 6 there was hope once again. Who knows when we will get that close again?
  8. Starting playing "Fe". Cutesy puzzle platformer which came out last year. The puzzles aren't too complicated but it's not always clear what they want you to do. But will be able to scratch it off the backlog soon.
  9. I could probably do Sunday.
  10. Apex Legends Season 2 just started.
  11. Possibly on a weekend would suit me best, or this coming Wednesday.
  12. It’s definitely an improvement from PES but I do already own Detroit. I probably wouldn’t have played PES though. Happy that more people will get to check out Detroit.
  13. I'm Batman Batman: The Telltale Series Platinum
  14. Started the Batman telltale series after having it installed forever. Almost through 3 episodes in a couple of days. Enjoying the story so far.
  15. Sounds like it could be a fun to meet some NZGC members. I’ll try and make it if I can.
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