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  1. Started the Batman telltale series after having it installed forever. Almost through 3 episodes in a couple of days. Enjoying the story so far.
  2. Sounds like it could be a fun to meet some NZGC members. I’ll try and make it if I can.
  3. Lol what kind of trolling reply is that? Also it seemed like there was several $71 transactions so hardly “pocket money”. Working 12 hour shifts sounds super fun though!
  4. Electric. Just in the depot for now.
  5. Drove a train for the first time.
  6. Easily the highlight for me. Such a great moment. So wholesome. Was disappointed with the lack of gameplay shown for the Avengers game, especially since they had a gameplay demo at their booth but didn't show it at the conference! Sounds like those who saw that demo were much more impressed. I think it'll be a fun game but I need to see more!
  7. iLythium

    Destiny 2

    Yeah not sure if "all year one" content means the first 2 expansions only.
  8. E3 2019 is upon us! What is everyone most hyped for? I'm still disappointed that Sony are absent and that EA aren't doing a traditional stage presentation but there could still be some really neat stuff shown.
  9. The PS Store deals are live now. $62.95 for 12 months of PS Plus. Worth the extra $0.95 to save me having to leave the couch to get it.
  10. E3 seems to be officially kicking off as EA have started dropping some trailers in lieu of doing a stage presentation this year. One of my most anticipated releases is Respawn's "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order". I think it looks pretty decent. Definitely looks like an Uncharted/Tomb Raider Star Wars game with wall running but I'm on board with that so far. I like the roughly before "Rouge One" time period, I think they can tell some interesting stories in there. Also I know @Outlaw213 usually makes these threads but I saw this trailer this morning and just wanted to share it asap.
  11. iLythium

    Destiny 2

    The cross save feature is massive. It doesn't affect me as I only ever played on one system but will be a godsend for many people. One of the main problems people had when Destiny 2 was fairly new was they started on consoles and then when it launched on PC a lot of people migrated to playing on there and had to abandon their console characters so they would end up not being able to play with their friends still stuck on consoles. Also does the f2p thing mean Forsaken will be free? That might actually make me wanna jump back in eventually.
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