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  1. Also playing Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Only played about 2 hours so far but really digging it! Definitely has a bit of a Tomb Raider/Uncharted influence and I can see the Dark Souls vibe you're talking about. Gonna be dumping many hours into this I think.
  2. Finished Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign. Felt like it was the perfect length. It wasn’t too long but I didn’t think it was too short either. Had some great sequences. Looks amazing. The night vision parts were my favourite. Finished just in time for Jedi Fallen Order to be released.
  3. I like that there’s a hopper and you can just select/deselect the game types you want. Otherwise I would just end up playing TDM over and over. I like some of the other game modes but it was always a hassle trying to find a game for one. Now you get a bit of variety. Always try and play the objective too which can lead to some frustrating games where I die over and over.
  4. Picked up COD: Modern Warfare. Have mostly just played the multiplayer so far but tried the single player campaign out briefly. Production value is off the charts and it looks amazing. Haven't played enough to know how I feel about the campaign but so far it feels pretty bombastic. Multiplayer is pretty much like any other COD multiplayer. I can run really hot and cold. Starting to feel my age when it comes to twitch reflexes.
  5. Finished the campaign for Black Ops III. The story is pretty incomprehensible at the end. Had to read some articles to explain it.
  6. Jojo Rabbit - 8.5/10 Some real laugh out loud moments and filled with great, fun performances. Very enjoyable.
  7. Making my way through it at the moment. It certainly starts going a bit out there. I kinda like that they tried to do something a bit different though.
  8. Just started playing COD. Black Ops III Only a few missions in. Actually quite enjoying it so far.
  9. The Last of Us Part II has been delayed until May 29, 2020. I’m never one to complain about delays cause I always just think it’s more time to finish what I’m currently playing but it seems weird that this delay has been announced not that long after the initial reveal of the original release date. Should’ve just made this the release date and we would’ve been none the wiser.
  10. Gonna be missing Armageddon this year for the first time in like 4 years. Actually going away for the long weekend for once. Probably not missing too much.
  11. From all reports Outer Worlds is amazing so definitely a better choice. The way Fallout 76 has been handled continues to amaze me. Can't believe they expect people to pay that much for a subscription service to such a Mediocre game.
  12. World’s Finest Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham platinum Honestly this trophy was such a slog. This game is drowning in filler activities. Dunno why I am always so determined to get these trophies. Just a sucker for punishment. Was nice to be able to delete it from the console. Now focusing on platinums for other games I’ve had sitting for a while, Fe and Fallout Shelter. Being able to play remotely on my iPad using a DualShock 4 is a big help.
  13. Let us know what it's like. If it's a quality glass I might be tempted.
  14. Nah, totally sounds like a warranty claim to me.
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