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  1. Had a bit of a quiet week trophy wise this week. Back to work proper and ended up playing more Modern Warfare. Maybe after I complete the battlepass I'll get back to playing more single player games and trophy hunting.
  2. Haha yeah, I posted that last night and then woke up this morning to find out Cyberpunk was delayed.
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed until April 10th Marvel's Avengers has been delayed until September 4th Means FFVII Remake now comes out 6 days before Cyberpunk 2077.
  4. Yup. NZ Account. Not sure why so many people seem to be getting that error. That sucks. Damn, and I thought I had played a lot.
  5. If you go to https://www.playstation.com/en-nz/ you can get a personalised 2019 PlayStation Wrap-Up. Here's mine: https://www.playstation.com/en-nz/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/?PXP=ff0c1d1ac17900458ae630a6dcea2f6b3d61e34a0487833f9dfb3bd5da74442a #MyPSYear2019 31 Games Played Most Played: - Apex Legends (342 Hours) - Assassins Creed Odyssey (128 Hours) - Battlefield V (82 Hours) Top Genre was First Person Shooter 6 Games 67 Trophies 524 Hours 1049 Hours of Gameplay played on 301 different days during the year. 7 Hours longest Gaming Streak. Prime Time to play is Wednesday afternoons. 553 Trophies - 9 Platinum - 49 Gold - 123 Silver - 372 Bronze 2019 Title is Marksman
  6. Borderlands 2 in the Handsome Collection. Surprised how little of the end game I remembered since I definitely finished it on 360 when it first came out, at least according to my achievements. Was a good way to satisfy my Borderlands itch without having to buy the new one.
  7. Yeah I still have to drive a few more miles for my last trophy. Decided to play some Borderlands rather than grind for the plat. Was mostly doing it using Remote play whilst watching Netflix etc. I assume you used the exploit too then?
  8. I'm so glad we have brick.
  9. Started the year on 5,091 trophies, with 40 plats. Just for reference.
  10. Mandalorian finished very strong. Looking forward to season 2! The Witcher was extremely hard to follow, but once it was obvious they were jumping around in the timeline it all made a little more sense. Laid a decent platform for the next season to improve on. Thought Cavill did a really great job.
  11. Man of Medan Played it really well and managed to keep everyone alive until the very end, until 1 failed QTE button press got them all killed. Annoyingly I felt like I pressed it in time so felt extremely ripped off! Was easy enough to go back and replay that chapter, and successfully complete the QTE and save everyone. Felt easier to keep everyone alive than it was in Until Dawn. In Until Dawn I think I had about 3 people survive my first playthrough. Overall it probably wasn't quite as good as Until Dawn but was still an interesting story with some decent scares. Being a bit shorter will make it easier to go back and see the way the other options play out. I'd recommend it if you liked Until Dawn and I look forward to the next entry in this anthology series.
  12. These are the main games on my radar from that list. Probably won't end up getting all of them cause I just won't have the time to justify doing that. March-May is gonna be insane since I'm likely to want to play all 5 of those games. Good problem to have!
  13. Playing Man of Medan which I got for Christmas. It's basically just a lot like Until Dawn which I loved so I'm really enjoying it.
  14. Yeah as @ZombieRawkMachinesaid it is for anything on Mighty Ape. I think you have to spend over $20 to use it and obviously it's one use per account. Which sucks cause my partner used it on my account cause I have primate subscription.
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