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  1. flukestah

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    Forza Faffery has been pretty quiet lately. Anything planned?
  2. flukestah

    I Just Bought...

    I recently bought a refurbished Dell Inspiron laptop from Dell directly with free shipping with a decent discount. See no problem with the laptop so far so I'd recommend checking it out if anything there suits your needs. Ask them about the reason for refurbish on the interested unit as mine was listed as "return by customer, checked with no fault found"
  3. flukestah

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Inherit a PS4 so started The Last of Us, hope to also do Nathan Drake series too. Got a bit side tracked over the holidays and have gone back to LOTRO seeing my lifetime VIP membership is still working, has been addicted to it again.
  4. flukestah

    Share Your Rig

    I have bought one of these keys couple years ago for my pc and it's still working fine with updates and etc. I got confused a bit by the activation step but it was my error for sure.
  5. flukestah

    I Just Bought...

    this was last Friday, picked up a GTX1060 for $399 to replace my R9 270x.
  6. flukestah

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Infinity War: 9/10 watched the third time. still enjoy it but why Starlord is a dumb a**, felt like the story was rush through a little and certain parts can be edit out to make way for more story. The honest hours: based on true story aired on tv2, surprised it was that good. 8/10
  7. flukestah

    Today I...

    Greetings from fellow blood donator ? did my 12th donation 3 weeks ago. Had the same incident happened to me and ended up walking out with both arms wrapped in big band-aids
  8. flukestah

    Tell us your means of transportation

    Automatic or Manual? Could try pushing the car to jumpstart the engine to see if it starts. If it does, most likely is the starter motor but definitely give it a bit of banging like @Scuba Steve suggested.
  9. flukestah

    Live music

    went to the Comic Con themed NZSO show last Friday and it was amazing to hear them live. Highly recommended. If you're interested, there's another one coming up in Nov in Takapuna celebrating 20 years of Final Fantasy game music. Link to ticket is here http://www1.ticketmaster.co.nz/a-new-world-intimate-music-from-takapuna-beach-new-zealand-10-11-2018/event/240054668CF72B29?artistid=2474273&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=52
  10. flukestah

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Loved the game, it is quite fun and challenging even playing solo. taking a break from FH3 and getting through Recore from Game Pass
  11. flukestah

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    @Dvst8u nah, simply tracing back ?
  12. flukestah

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    RIP Chester Bennington, forever cherish your live performance. we should learnt to speak up more and lend an ear to those who needs it.
  13. flukestah

    Today I...

    Had a major issue at work even though it wasn't my responsibility and still fixed the issue!
  14. flukestah

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Elite Dangerous mostly but switching to Forza Horizon 3 to gear up to the 4th installment soon
  15. flukestah

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Loved the Spartan era, it will be one that I pick up