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  1. NZBigC

    Apex Legends

    I also got my first win yesterday with a buddy and a random (who did about 60 damage total haha). Definitely feels good!
  2. NZBigC

    General Gaming News

    Fortnite giving away the next season pass for free if you can complete a handful of challenges within the next few weeks. Trying to stay relevant perhaps?
  3. NZBigC

    TV Shows

    Convinced my friend to watch Big Mouth, one of the better shows on Netflix. He tried to get me to watch Paradise PD but I could only stand about 5 minutes of that crud. Totally not funny at all. Halfway through The Punisher 2 and it has been rather slow/dull. I feel like a lot of the Marvel shows have been that way after the original season.
  4. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    It's the only time I can/want to play since my kids and wife are in bed by that time. Do you all go to bed at 10?
  5. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    Thanks mate! I can pretty much play any day after 10 (but can make it earlier just after 9 if that would make it better for some people). Similar problems with RDR2 where certain side missions get locked out/disappear after each chapter. Also I just recently got: Full Moon - The Wolf Among Us Platinum (PS4) Master Assassin - Assassin's Creed Syndicate Platinum
  6. NZBigC


    40/6! India are batting...
  7. NZBigC

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Nice PS4 line up. Can't believe Hitman, with 69 trophies, does not have a platinum (Hitman 2 with 118 does not have one either!).
  8. NZBigC

    I Just Bought...

    I bought Windows 10 last night. For the last few months my Pc has been pretty shitty, and for the last 4 days or so, my computer would randomly spike and stay at 100% disk capacity for no good reason. I tried a lot of things to fix this as well as transfer my data to a new hard drive but I kept getting errors, so I finally decided to just buy Windows 10 and install it on my new hard drive. It now feels like I have a new computer as it runs so damn smoothly!
  9. NZBigC

    The Backlog Support Group

    Just like me haha. I'll go back and try to finish this one game, but while I am doing that, I will also start three new games... Like Dvst8u, I think it is best that I do not make a list
  10. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    Good as, I got the Batman one a while back too. I take it you mean Onrush? How is the game? Easy enough to play and platinum? I just got the platinum trophy for Steep which was surprisingly easy even though not many people have it (4.57% on PSProfiles).
  11. NZBigC

    Today I...

    Cheers peeps! I guess my trophy hunting is gonna take a hit haha.
  12. NZBigC

    Today I...

    Today I witnessed the birth of my second son He looks identical to my first son too when he was first born.
  13. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    Awesome thanks so you, Byrdman and myself. Now all we need is one more. I can of course help you guys with any trophies you guys want/need to get. AO Tennis looks like hot garbage and is glitchy as hell too without any patches (Each win counts as 2 wins, points are worth double in your stats, etc but this does mean it is a lot easier to get the trophies). Haha nah I just copy and pasted my last 6 platinum trophies. There are a number of games in between with a few trophies. You can also hide games (done on your PS4) so that those games that you tried out for 5 mins and got a trophy for can stay hidden.
  14. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    A few trophies I have earned recently: If anyone is thinking of getting the platinum for AO Tennis, do NOT install any updates as some of the trophies were updated so that instead of getting 100 forehand/backhand winners, 100 aces, and 250 winners, you need to get 1000 forehand/backhand, 1000 aces, and 5000 winners (what an insane increase!).
  15. NZBigC

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I think I will get Get Together next during the next sale. They just recently finished their X-Mas sale where all the expansions (including the latest one which hasn't been out that long) for $25nzd. They had this bundle deal where you could get one of each pack for $50 total so I got Seasons, Parenthood, and the laundry pack. I heard Get to Work is not very good? Not sure how I feel about the Get Famous one either.