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  1. NZBigC

    The Woohoo Thread

    Nah no coffee haha.
  2. NZBigC

    The Woohoo Thread

    Ubisoft Australia messaged me on Twitter the other day asking if I wanted a Rainbow Six Siege package, which I gladly said yes to. The package arrived today, along with the season pass and some R6 credits. So damn awesome!
  3. NZBigC

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Nice I think I'll give this one a go. I have always liked Lillard (especially Scream and Without a Paddle). I watched a review of this and they guys said that making PG totally ruined it. Overlord - 7.5/10 Pretty awesome horror movie set during WW2.
  4. NZBigC

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    He was one of my favourite characters on Riverdale (I was a bit too young to watch 90210 so I don't know much about that). Rip.
  5. NZBigC

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    Damn forgot about this. Messaged you now.
  6. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    Master of the Wildlands - Ghost Recon Wildlands Platinum trophy. This is also my 50th platinum! Just like Assassin's Creed (by Ubi too), you have to collect pretty much everything in this game (except gun attachments and every skill point). If you are going for this platinum, make sure to tag every single convoy you come across. I didn't do this so I spent many hours at the end doing this.
  7. NZBigC

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Ghost Recon Wildlands. Pretty repetitive and the helicopters spawning 300m+ away from you constantly was really annoying.
  8. NZBigC

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    Dammit I have Punch Club, not Punch Out(edited now). Do you still want Punch Club though?
  9. NZBigC

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    Anyone want any of the other codes?
  10. NZBigC


    Only one home team won all weekend. Interesting.
  11. NZBigC

    TV Shows

    Looks like Thanos snapped his fingers on all of the Marvel Netflix shows.
  12. NZBigC

    Apex Legends

    I also got my first win yesterday with a buddy and a random (who did about 60 damage total haha). Definitely feels good!
  13. NZBigC

    General Gaming News

    Fortnite giving away the next season pass for free if you can complete a handful of challenges within the next few weeks. Trying to stay relevant perhaps?
  14. NZBigC

    TV Shows

    Convinced my friend to watch Big Mouth, one of the better shows on Netflix. He tried to get me to watch Paradise PD but I could only stand about 5 minutes of that crud. Totally not funny at all. Halfway through The Punisher 2 and it has been rather slow/dull. I feel like a lot of the Marvel shows have been that way after the original season.
  15. NZBigC

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    It's the only time I can/want to play since my kids and wife are in bed by that time. Do you all go to bed at 10?