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  1. NZBigC

    My PS4 Life

    Hannah Montana The Movie Game - 2345 hours (uhhhh about 2344 hours of that was my wife...)
  2. NZBigC

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    No worries mate! Three games down, many more to go
  3. NZBigC

    My PS4 Life

    4452 hours played in total First game - Infamous Second Son My most played games are: Rainbow Six Siege: 1653 hours played Fortnite: 526 hours played The Division: 202 hours played
  4. NZBigC

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    Done Just PMed you.
  5. I have a bunch of steam keys that I am not going to use (they still say 'reveal/gift to a friend' so I assume they have not been used) so since it is almost Christmas, I thought I would give them away to anyone wants one or two of them. Just let me know what you want and I will send you the key Resident Evil HD REMASTER DreadOut STRIDER Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition Alien: Isolation Punch Out OOTPB17 Prison Architect Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Stronghold Crusader 2 Teslagrad Contagion Abyss Odyssey
  6. NZBigC

    PS4 Games Free to a Good Home

    Cheers mate!
  7. NZBigC

    Free Stuff

    Cheers Spawn! Looks like you have to redeem The Hobbit before the 20th this month too.
  8. NZBigC

    I Just Bought...

    Yeah I am not sure how I got 13 things. I guess I just kept on clicking on items until it eventually stopped me (It said something about having 10 items and to come back and make another shipment to buy more things). Edit: Looking at it now, I guess it means 10 different items since I doubled up on three separate things to equal 13 total. This is what I bought. I also went in store a grabbed a couple of $4 PS4 games too.
  9. NZBigC

    I Just Bought...

    Just did a bit of Christmas shopping on Eb Games website. I think I did alright eh...
  10. NZBigC

    Competition Megathread

    My disappointment was also free
  11. NZBigC

    Competition Megathread

    Damn I won nothing and I had 50 entries... lol
  12. NZBigC

    The Woohoo Thread

    I'd be laid off whether or not I attended the meeting or not haha. They did something like that a few years ago right before Christmas to admin staff, so who knows!
  13. NZBigC

    The Woohoo Thread

    Important staff meeting at 10am on the 19th next week, but that is the day I start my holiday. Woohoo!
  14. NZBigC

    I Just Bought...

    The only mamba you need!