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  1. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order $68 at EB Games and $79 at JB.
  2. Yup that is a fair point. Two out of the three occasions I have seen it happen, one was parked down one of the main streets in the city, and another was pretty close to a shop entrance.
  3. Jeez I should really get back into this. I have almost gotten 50% of the main trophies. I recently got the Day's Gone and Pac man Platinum trophies, and I am only 6 spots behind iLythium on the NZ Leaderboard for trophies/points
  4. Playing a number of games at the moment, such as Assassin's Creed 2, Siege, and Mark McMorris Infinite Air. I just started Sleeping Dogs on PS4 and I play to get Bully since it is only $12 and has a platinum trophy too
  5. Similar to those paranoid a-holes who think their car is the hottest thing ever and parks on the line between two parks so that other cars park no where near them. The only thing I see when someone does that is a big target with a 'I'm a prick, feel free to key my car' sign hovering above it.
  6. Yessss so happy about MLB. I didn't get last year's version and I was looking at getting this one when it comes down in price, but I guess I don't have to now.
  7. Nice! Where abouts did you go? What kind of food did you eat (please do not say balut!!!)? I just bought Days Gone and Anthem.
  8. Days Gone $39 at PB Tech (Just paid $49 using a gift card at JB dammit). https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/GAMSNY1058/Sony-Days-Gone---PS4 Anthem $19 at JB HiFi on PC/XBone/PS4 - https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/playstation-4/anthem-legion-of-dawn-edition/350352/
  9. Thought this was the Epic Deals thread. My bad.
  10. Ubisoft Australia messaged me on Twitter the other day asking if I wanted a Rainbow Six Siege package, which I gladly said yes to. The package arrived today, along with the season pass and some R6 credits. So damn awesome!
  11. Nice I think I'll give this one a go. I have always liked Lillard (especially Scream and Without a Paddle). I watched a review of this and they guys said that making PG totally ruined it. Overlord - 7.5/10 Pretty awesome horror movie set during WW2.
  12. He was one of my favourite characters on Riverdale (I was a bit too young to watch 90210 so I don't know much about that). Rip.
  13. Damn forgot about this. Messaged you now.
  14. Master of the Wildlands - Ghost Recon Wildlands Platinum trophy. This is also my 50th platinum! Just like Assassin's Creed (by Ubi too), you have to collect pretty much everything in this game (except gun attachments and every skill point). If you are going for this platinum, make sure to tag every single convoy you come across. I didn't do this so I spent many hours at the end doing this.
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