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  1. I remember now why I don't do exercise... Still, should be worth it in the long run I suppose
  2. Merry snowballs free on STEAM
  3. Seems things are changing in the gaming world, this would make the 3rd PlayStation game to surprise me with a PC releases if it does.
  4. I'd be down, I like board games. Don't play enough. Gloomhaven has been on my list for awhile if you have a review for that.
  5. As mentioned the other day, won't be on tonight but back to normal Sunday's, Wednesday's hereafter
  6. I got the "good" ending I think. The flipside to playing that game tho is that now I lost all symphony towards Bethesda's buggy shit
  7. Not a bad idea, but gonna stick with standard Noctua for now. I will probably be overclocking to limit once I get my custom case setup done but for now it is a bit excess to requirement
  8. Lol yea, micro ATX with the NH-D15 cooler, that cooler alone is massive big but strapped to a micro ATX... I needed the micro ATX to fit my custom case build the way I wanted but the case itself was large enough to fit pretty much anything in so best air cooling it was, hence the massive cooler strapped to a motherboard only slightly larger lol
  9. Well it's also provided case cooling for the past however long, but yes technically it's just the CPU cooler (for an at current non-overclocked CPU) Noctua NH-D15. Probably overkill, Mostly sits at idle speed, but hey why not
  10. Yea, keen. Was just about to ask this Rainbow six tomorrow at 19:30 then?
  11. My system, mostly heatsink and fans with a bit of motherboard, CPU, SSD, GFX etc for "flavour"
  12. Headsnatchers free on humble Sundered Eldritch Edition free on EPIC
  13. Well that sounds shit. Hope you find some healing items soon
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