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  1. Of you want an [older] kids friendly (but not currently free) GTA like game try Bully, also from Rockstar games.
  2. Hob and gone home free on EPIC
  3. Totally reliable delivery service free on EPIC
  4. Samsung's have a habit of killing themselves Luckily most the time when screens die it's just caps or diodes, easily fixable with a bit of time, patience & a soldering iron
  5. On EPIC today is darwful 2 On STEAM today is the deed
  6. Samsung? Is it under warranty? If not it's prob an easy diy fix tho getting the diodes or caps at this time might be the challenge
  7. Also free on STEAM is 100% orange juice, 200% mixed juice!, and acceleration of SUGURI 2
  8. Between 2 castles free on STEAM World war Z, tormentor X punisher, and figment free on EPIC store
  9. Child of light free on uPlay Oops, sorry. Lyger already mentioned that one
  10. Tomb Raider, Lara croft & the temple of osiris, & Drwaful 2 free on STEAM Marble & the wood free on GoG
  11. Stanley's parable and watchdogs free on EPIC
  12. Goat of duty free on STEAM
  13. Free games on EPIC store A short hike Anodyne 2: return to dust Mutazione
  14. You can definitely see why she's up for a boost tho, that guy is far from a bad player.
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