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  1. Scuba Steve

    Free Stuff

    'King of the hat' free on Discord store
  2. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Def some fun, would play again. Apparently they might be getting some titans in upcoming play-modes according to a leak. Hoping they also add a mode with bigger squads
  3. Scuba Steve

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    I'll take prison architect
  4. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Shall we plan for Apex then and have the fallback of Destiny 2 ready should player numbers dictate
  5. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    So this week we assumedly won't have @darklordfoamy (on the assumption Chorus don't cancel on him again) & his collection of JackBox so either I can attempt a stream of the 1st one that doesn't have the "stream delay" mode (best I've achieved is a 4-6sec lag) or we could try something like Geneshift, Destiny 2, Warframe etc How sayeth y'all? (Apex could also be an option if we got a couple teams or couple people (3ppl teams are a little restrictive))
  6. Scuba Steve

    Bitch Thread

    Sounds GFX or RAM related, could also be RGB as that's a pretty common fault too. RAM can be tested by pulling out a stick at a time, GFX will require another card (or onboard) Course you can't go wrong having a PS4 and switch (Nintendo's latest) in your arsenal either
  7. Scuba Steve

    Bitch Thread

    Whereas I prefer not to be deaf. I likes my ability to hear things so hundreds of 100db insects all going hard isn't my idea of relaxing or comfortable for that matter.
  8. Scuba Steve

    Bitch Thread

    Cicadas. That is all
  9. Scuba Steve

    Doom & Destiny Review

    Scuba Steve gives this game his endorsement. 11/10 would play again!
  10. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Hey, we're inclusive
  11. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    For anyone needing the discord channel to join see the quote from Jor right here ^ (most are prob already on it)
  12. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    You can play without seeing the screen it's just not as involving. You still get the important stuff tho like questions and the ability to answer
  13. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Priorities are all wrong, some Chinese will abandon their jobs & families for games & you choose work of all things to do instead!? I am disappoint! Maybee we can text you the game room & you can still answer on your phone lol Guess I'll have to try out my streaming, we shall be victorious!!!
  14. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    That's who I couldn't remember. I knew there was someone from last week
  15. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    How say people for Jackbox again this Tues at 1930? @JorDogg @darklordfoamy @Citysoldier @Lyger @SpawnSeekSlay @Biscuit Give those that couldn't make last another shot at joining, plus it's stupid fun