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  1. Scuba Steve

    Free Stuff

    Anno 1602 is free on uplay till Dec 22
  2. Scuba Steve

    The Parental Thread

    Solution to all your kid problems... (Even works on adults)
  3. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    People keen for the latest GTA V DLC tonight? @JorDogg @darklordfoamy @Citysoldier
  4. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Yea, there's prob as much chance of that happening at this point as there is BlueHole fixing that game (or not being twats)
  5. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    If anyone's keen for GTA V tonight I'm gonna be on as the wife will be at work @darklordfoamy @JorDogg @Citysoldier
  6. Scuba Steve

    Share Your Rig

    3hrs I spent last night soldering up the front panel on my beast, plug it in today and... it didn't fucking work! Luckily the fix wasn't 2 hard, had to swap FW ground to a diff ground on MB & the USB ground had disconnected itself (problem with thin wires)... Needless to say the ease of the fix stopped a massacre from happening
  7. Scuba Steve

    I Just Bought...

  8. Scuba Steve

    The Parental Thread

    ah good to see you using teh interwebz rule #9 "Pics or it didn't happen"
  9. Scuba Steve

    Lets Game

    Works been hell, I just realised it's Tuesday. We good for GTA or something?
  10. Scuba Steve

    The Woohoo Thread

    "Enjoy your holiday. Don't come back"
  11. Scuba Steve

    Today I...

    Better late than never
  12. Scuba Steve

    Share Your Rig

    Yea I've always loved the look, was originally gonna go sleeper, keeping the silver aluminium look but decided to take a chance with black and so far I like it not sure what colour to make the Apple yet, might even just go a diff shade of black. I'm also thinking I might try blue light on the inside to see how it looks with a blue glow through the perforations. If I like that I might also laser cut the Apple in the side panel and replace with tinted perspex so it'll look black when off but again glow blue when active
  13. Scuba Steve

    Share Your Rig

    Couple cosmetic things to do and have to wire the front panel but she's getting there...
  14. Scuba Steve

    Bitch Thread

    Fuck me! this computer building thing is a constant 3 steps forward 2 steps back... Keep reassembling in the wrong order, it's bloody annoying especially since some parts have to be manipulated into place.
  15. Scuba Steve

    Share Your Rig

    Don't know just accumulated over time. Didn't know I had that much, but if you need another in future... Lol Yea only piece of my comp in waiting on is my m.2 SSD... apparently Newegg are slow, well slower than Noctua anyways