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  1. Damm! good day today. Think I might have even got sunburnt a bit
  2. Batman's up for free on the EPIC Store And by batman I mean there's batman, batman, batman, batman, batman, and batman for free (Arkham and Lego)
  3. You're unlikely to ever see red dead on PC outside of emulation. From memory the engine was such a cluster fuck it was miracle enough it worked on the consoles so they have no interest in supporting the hugely varied HW of PC. Might see the second one tho, and that's what people are speculating this is in prep for
  4. Upper Hutt school has their annual Fiesta this Saturday of anyone's looking for something to keep the kids entertained.
  5. GTA San Andreas free if you download the Rockstar launcher... Cause the world needs more launchers /s
  6. Endless space is free on humble bundle Conarium is free on EPIC store
  7. The annual spring festival in Upper Hutt on the 14th. Always a fun day out for the kids.
  8. The End is Neigh & ABZÛ are free on EPIC Store
  9. Should have signed up to Uplay+ before gaming tonight... I now have Rainbow Six ultimate edition free till end of month ... along with other games like All the Divisions, all the Far Crys, all the Ghost Recons, all the Assassins Creeds, both the Watchdogs, both the South Parks (& apparently if I want to keep them it's only 1AUD/mth thereafter to keep the subscription) So I'm good for pretty much any UbiSoft game this month & at that price possibly a couple more months too
  10. Uplay+ (UbiSoft subscription service) is currently free for September
  11. Ubisoft has rainbow six on free trial at the mo so thinking Wednesday be a rainbow six Circus How say ye @darklordfoamy @Citysoldier @JorDogg @Lyger or anyone else.
  12. Violence doesn't solve much but in situations like that it could keep you or others alive. Best defence is offence
  13. @Citysoldier @darklordfoamy Vermintide installed, working & ready for tomorrow @Lyger Looks like you have it too, you in for tomorrow?
  14. You could try restarting the ONT (assuming you're on fibre) if you ain't tried already. Not a likely solution but always a chance. And if you really want to go the extra mile you could try a factory reset on the router but depending on your setup that could be a headache especially if not necessary Interwebz brings up alot of "maybe try this" but quick search doesn't provide a "this is how to fix"
  15. Have you tried restarting the router?
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