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  1. Cheers for the advise @Lyger I ended up going Pro. Was a toss up between these and the cloud II's, in the end price won out. Plus now I'm a "Pro" it says so right on the box
  2. Hey what does everyone use for headset? Considering maybee getting one, just looking for pros/cons/recommendations/keep aways etc Have been considering the HS50 & G Pro so far without much of any research into headsets
  3. Company Of Heroes 2 free on STEAM (I think?)
  4. The messenger free on EPIC
  5. Experiencing the "results may vary" nature of residential couriers is the reason I get everything delivered to work now (used to have the 'can't be arsed delivering the package here's a note' thing all the time too) ... Well that & the "we need a signature you'll have to collect from the post office/arrange re-delivery"
  6. Tales of monkey Island. Finally getting round to some of my backlog
  7. Nuclear throne and ruiner free on EPIC store
  8. Soma and costume quest up on EPIC store Dracula 4&5 free on STEAM
  9. Do you prefer lower noise or more airflow? The 140's should be quieter, the 120's should be able to pull more air overall Nice, I have the NH-D15 (dual fan version) it's good at it's job but it's fucking massive especially since I went with a MicroATX board
  10. And just like that I change my mind and have decided to go industrial. New shopping list is 1x NF-S12A PWM chromax for rear exhaust 1x NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM for HDD/SSD cooling 2x NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM for front intakes
  11. Festival of lights down Lower Hutt ways the next couple nights. Great entertainment for the kids tho does make for a late night
  12. Q.U.B.E. and layers of fear on the EPIC store
  13. Well UbiSoft sorted my problem by running their own sale So Rainbow Six on Sunday then @darklordfoamy, @Citysoldier?
  14. You get from STEAM? I've been to & fro on that; on the one hand it's on special on the other hand for some fucked up reason it requires both STEAM & Uplay to play it.
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