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  1. Citysoldier

    Switch gaming news

    Links Awakening. Loved that game. Not sure if work the full price for a remake but I'll probably cave lol
  2. Citysoldier

    The Division 2

    Yeah it looks good and runs good. Unlike the first game which ran pretty shit to begin with. Haven't run into the bugs ppl have had but not that far in. It is very samey but time to kill is better at least at this stage. I dunno, I was more excited about it before playing the beta lol. I will probably give it a go but maybe not a day one purchase
  3. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Yeah ill try not to work late tomorrow but that's how its been lately
  4. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Dunno I installed it recently but haven't jumped on yet. Also apparently now going to be on the epic store lol. Its f2p so could possibly get that going
  5. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    A shame I missed it. Its probably a game my cousins will play. Will have to try it with them. Lyger have you played Dauntless?
  6. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    And jinxed myself. Fucking finished at 7
  7. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Yeah hopefully not home late. Ill join ya
  8. Citysoldier


    How long do you get to play for?
  9. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    I guess try it when everyone returns
  10. Citysoldier

    Steam Games Free to a Good Home

    Can I grab Dawn of war III. Haven't heard great things but would like to try it out.
  11. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Oh damn read that wrong lol. I can probably jump on today.
  12. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Sorry can't today. Whats plan for 2morrow?
  13. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Yeah claimed it. Was going to post that on here but you beat me to it. Huge download though
  14. Citysoldier

    Epic Deals & Sales

    Battlefield 1 for sale on origin for $6.24 and you can grab premium and dlc free too - https://www.origin.com/nzl/en-us/store/deals/scarysavingssale
  15. Citysoldier

    Lets Game

    Can do payday 2.