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  1. Yeah sorry was out. Forgot to jump on and let you guys know.
  2. Sorry can't join today. Carry or or wateva. Catch ya next time.
  3. https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-bundle-pc/ Handsome collection $3USD for any who do not have already
  4. 20 bucks for anthem seems pretty good. Wonder if its worth finding out how bad it is lol.
  5. W353J-RR6RC-X96R9-C63J3-RJTFW - Axton community day skin and 5 keys
  6. Yeah fair enough. I think its just psycho who wanted snipers. I generally have just been leaving everyone to loot though I have grabbed boss drops a couple of times which were mostly under level trash. If anything in particular you want we can give you first choice at them same as with the snipers which mostly call out. Does help to get an idea of what specific weapon types anyone is after. Not sure if can make it anymore fun except if we go do bosses or farm specific things but that can get annoying resetting after killing something.
  7. Might leave you guys to it. While I ddin't really care, I really need to play the first one. Have fun
  8. Yeah I'm not too fussed. I have games spread on multiple launchers already. Still prefer to have on steam. Not again getting on other launchers but taking away options is shit.
  9. Want it but really don't to give Epic money for their exclusive BS lol. Not sure if Ill cave before 6 months lol
  10. Yep all good. Jor should gain levels quick
  11. http://orcz.com/Borderlands_2:_Golden_Key
  12. Could do. Are you guys thinking about today?
  13. Make sure you claim your keys. Forgot to claim lego lord of the rings (can't even buy anymore ) and the maps for grid 2 (oh well)
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