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  1. Is this thing alive again? I miss possibly pissing people off on here
  2. I’ll take a side of leftsies if it isn’t too late . Yes I’ll be “that guy” and show up to vote either late af or seconds after you post
  3. Crap how did I miss the last round? Though the results are shit Tyrion and Rico would never die. Right Right? Weird looking Sam L Jackson motherf**ka Kratos
  4. Oh shite this ones tough Jason and Wolverine are both pretty much invincible and both equally awesome......... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... well I guess Wolverine would always win the battles due to adamantium skeleton he’d only take flesh wounds while he can slice up Jason every time so based on that Wolverines my pick Fiona was pretty bad ass from what I remember.. only played the first episode the buggy looking dude on the left Alucard hands down
  5. Theseus Freddy Lara Wonder Woman.. if it is the Gal Gadot version then wonderful woman
  6. This coz Charlie Sheen = WINNING
  7. Boourns no picture? Now I have to read Jin Sam Velvet? Da nahnahnah nahnahnah BATMAAAAAN
  8. Pfffff Rocket Asterix Elizabeth? Serena? the last 2 idfk any of them. Hell I only know Rocket and Asterix so easy votes
  9. This man quotes wisely. I’ll have what he’s having. Er I mean I’ll vote how he’s voting. This time round, might be a dumbass next time
  10. If I’m only killed 3 times then you all got really sucky
  11. I’m not mad at this (not you Mad.. sorry) Glad Pool won it. Might celebrate with some “Chimi-fucking-chungs”
  12. Jesus devs you had to screw it up again Pooly Vegie
  13. Come ooooooon bunny vs pool rabbit deadpool OMG devs we agree on something for once what evil unholyness has befallen this battle?
  14. Ohhhh... I’ll go right side this time bunny has no metal so Magneto is screwed Trevor just coz he’s part of the first (and only) gta I ever finished Chewie coz I like Star Wars more than DBZ Deadpoil coz he’s damn near immortal and I never liked Piccolo
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