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  1. Biscuit

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    I watched The Greatest Showman the other night. It was quite good.
  2. Biscuit

    NZGC Help Thread

    Okay cool. Do I then have to pay directly to IRD what should have been paid to them? It's like $500 or something for my first three weeks.
  3. Biscuit

    NZGC Help Thread

    Yeah that might be my best option. I'll contact my payroll and IRD once the payment actually comes into my account though, just to be sure it's not some glitch in the payslip.
  4. Biscuit

    NZGC Help Thread

    My new job forgot to take out my student loan deduction in my first pay. What do I need to do in regards to contacting IRD about it? Do I need to or just the payroll team at work?
  5. Biscuit

    Super Mario Party

    I played this with some friends over the break and it made me want to get a Switch. It was really fun!
  6. Biscuit

    The Woohoo Thread

    Last day at my job! New job Monday!
  7. Biscuit

    Today I...

    I signed up for a German language course today. I've been doing the Duolingo course and decided that I like it so I thought I should do some proper classes.
  8. Biscuit

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    What's everyone up to this New Years Eve? I'm still trying to arrange something to do. I've been a bit slack about organising anything.
  9. Biscuit

    Bitch Thread

    I tried to put credit on my partner's phone via the 2degrees app. I specifically put in her number on the topup screen, but it just put the credit on to my account instead. Smort one, 2 degrees.
  10. Biscuit

    TV Shows

    I managed to get back access to American Netflix so have been rewatching The Office. It's so good. Hard to watch sometimes though with Michael Scott's total lack of awareness.
  11. Biscuit

    The Woohoo Thread

    An article I wrote got curated by Medium and so is being suggested to a bunch of people in a few categories!
  12. Biscuit

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I played it on the Vive I think it was? It was super fun.
  13. Biscuit

    Bitch Thread

    Could be some idiot using the wrong email? I keep getting emails for one of the other hundreds of people with my name. It's consistently the same guy too. Some guy who lives in the UK and keeps ordering pizza.
  14. Biscuit

    NZGC Help Thread

    I have some friends who have been through the process, so I might ask them about it. I wonder if I can get my degree re-issued in the name i want? It technically is, just with an extra name i want to get rid of at the end (my mother's surname is my middle name). Maybe I should white it out. Just kidding of course.
  15. Biscuit

    NZGC Help Thread

    Anyone changed their name before? I'm thinking of doing it. Unfortunately you can only take your partner's name or a combination of yours and their's when you get married. I'm wanting to change to use my Mother's surname and for my partner to take it too. What would be the procedure? Do I change it, then she takes it when we get married, or is there a special way to do it at the same time?