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  1. They are great huh?! I love mine, it's great for reading books and handwriting my journal. What do you use it for?
  2. Anyone here got some sick tattoos they want to show off? Or looking for recommendations? This is your thread. --- My usual artist has stopped doing neo-traditional style, so I'm looking for a recommendation for someone who is really great at it in Auckland. Any recommendations?
  3. I know there's a couple of Web/software devs on this forum, so I though we could start a thread to talk about it! I recently started to try picking up some front-end skills as I'm primarily a C#/.Net back-end developer professionally. I am having trouble finding people who want to work on some small projects that require a front-end, so I figured I could just learn and do it myself! I am currently looking into React as I'm wanting to use that more. I'm starting by build a new site for my Dad using Gatsby with React components. It just needs to be a static site. Next I have a bigger project in mind which should be fun. I'll share that once I have something to show. So, what are you working on recently? Got a cool portfolio? Show it off here! I recently put together a blog using Gatsby and Github pages. I used a template and modified it a little. You can check it out at Littlejackcoder.com
  4. How can you assume any of that from what they posted?
  5. Finally finished my full sleeve tattoo last night. Just have to do some touch ups in a few weeks and it should be all sweet.
  6. Totally forgot about Bloons! I used to love Bloons TD on my iPod Touch back in the day. I was really good at it too. I'll definitely pick that up!
  7. Just bought an iPad Pro 2018 with an Apple Pencil. I’m really liking it so far. I opted for the 11” model as the 12.9” is just far too big. Anyone have recommendations for the games I’ve missed on iOS in the last few years? I have already picked up Monument Valley 2 and Bridge Constructor Portal. I used to play so many games on my old iPod touch but have not had any games on my phone for years. So this is a step back into the ecosystem for me. I think I might pick up Hitman Go and Transistor. Anyone had a go with either of those two?
  8. I've been playing Bridge Constructor Portal. It's quite fun! Makes me want to play portal 2 again
  9. One of my favourites, Polaris, is coming to Auckland in August so I got tickets to that at Whammy bar. I haven't really been to see any bands before so it'll be interesting.
  10. Has anyone got an iPad Pro 2018? I'm thinking of picking one up soon. I want to know what real people think of it for drawing, Internet, and games. I want to try learning some better drawing skills. I used to have a lot of fun with an old Wacom tablet when I was in my teens. I know it's a bit expensive but I've wanted an iPad for ages - I had a 4 but it won't charge properly or update to the latest iOS - so I've missed out on a bunch of titles that looked really cool, notably portal bridge builder and some others that just would be better on the bigger screen.
  11. One guy answered this on reddit once. He always showers after.
  12. It must be the site's birthday sometime this last week. Happy anniversary NZGC!
  13. I've been rewatching The Office (U.S.). It's so good. I am having a hard time watching some of Michael's antics and the cringe is just too much to bare sometimes.
  14. I saw detective pikachu last week. It was great! I really enjoyed it.
  15. Yasss, my flight to Sydney this Friday has free Wi-Fi onboard. Also woohoo, I'm away this weekend in Sydney for a holiday. Haven't had a proper holiday overseas with my partner before. Should be really fun!
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