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  1. Lyger

    My Republic $62.99 a month

    Hah thanks. Dont sell that address to @Dvst8u or Ill be in trouble
  2. Lyger

    My Republic $62.99 a month

    Deal runs out at the end of the month. Just noticed it while setting up fiber for new house. 100up 20 down. Good price https://consumer.broadbandcompare.co.nz/compare/index?application_components_DynamicModel[address]=&application_components_DynamicModel[contract]=&application_components_DynamicModel[type_min]=0&application_components_DynamicModel[type_max]=3&application_components_DynamicModel[price_min]=25&application_components_DynamicModel[price_max]=201&application_components_DynamicModel[speed_dl_min]=1&application_components_DynamicModel[speed_dl_max]=1000&application_components_DynamicModel[data_min]=0&application_components_DynamicModel[data_max]=201&application_components_DynamicModel[search_form]=simple&application_modules_site_models_web_FilterRowForm[price]=price&application_modules_site_models_web_FilterRowForm[order]=price-asc Or can call Myrepublic directly and ask about it.
  3. Lyger

    Lets Game

    Wont make it tonight sorry.
  4. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    I get this feeling you posted this just as he finished counting, and changed the outcome
  5. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    Say that 10 times fast
  6. Lyger

    TV Shows

    Been watching Lucifer on Netflix lately. Really enjoying its take on religion and I find it hilarious.
  7. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    Sub Zero Charlie Sheen Codsworth Tsukikage
  8. Lyger

    It's On! 24 hours charity GT Sport race

    Shit howd it go?! Gutted I missed this!
  9. Lyger

    General Gaming News

    Damn I used to play the hell out of Halo on the OG Xbone! Will have to keep an eye on this.
  10. Lyger

    I Just Bought...

    Thats a feature, not an issue. Visitors will blame themselves! The misses too.
  11. https://www.pcgamer.com/au/star-wars-episode-i-racer-has-been-recreated-in-unreal-engine-4/?utm_content=bufferf3f6e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb&fbclid=IwAR2qKun_5wZYxDFK2G4RAt7W9d5fYHCKhVHO7xTb_PGiGyo9heoDL1xWNhc https://drive.google.com/op... or use the following method: 1. Start the download. Once you hit the 'Quota Exceeded' page, go to drive.google.com. 2. Open 'Shared With Me' on the sidebar. At the top of the list should RobJin's file. If it isn't there, wait a few minutes, then repeat step 1 until it is. 3. Right-Click it and select 'Make a Copy'. This can take a bit of time and is important, simply selecting 'Add to my Drive' only adds a link to the file on RobJin's account, which does not let you use your own quota. 4. Select 'Locate' in the transfer propup at the bottom (Or 'My Drive' from the sidebar) and download the file from your root Drive folder. Found that last bit in the comments, worked for me. @JorDogg @SpawnSeekSlay @darklordfoamy @Scuba Steve @Citysoldier @argsy
  12. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    Jin Saotome Samwise Gamgee Valvet Crowe Oda Nobunaga!
  13. Lyger

    Lets Game

    I hate it when that happens! I Paid $12 for it and all I have done is Downloaded it XD. GTA SWBF2 Destiny2 Apex are all ready to go after these patches finish. We could also do some Multiplayer Total War Warhammer? or Monster Hunter World
  14. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    This thanks!
  15. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    The man speaks wisely! Ill have this please, and also nominate @SpawnSeekSlay and @JorDogg for your Graphics guys. The can make the meme skills usefull!