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  1. Ahh Daughter is 5 so this one is pretty good. I have heard bully is good though and do want to get it for myself down the line. Just have so many to play, and so little time lol.
  2. I was literally thinking last week we need an open world like gta game but for kids. This is cool ty
  3. I love that World War Z is free atm. Great timing
  4. Also Rabbids Coding game is free on Uplay
  5. From March 24 at 6AM PT - March 28 at 6AM PT, Child of Light will be available for free to download and keep on PC via Uplay. Set in the fantastical, watercolored world of Lemuria, Child of Light stars Aurora, a princess on a quest to save her kingdom with the help of a mystical companion named Igniculus.
  6. Ya they can take their sweet ass time sometimes. I suppose theres alot of people waiting though. Hope it gets sorted soon man.
  7. You all good Dodgy?
  8. Oh damn that sucks man. I was hoping it was just a couple days sort of thing not weeks.
  9. How long ago did this happen? Hopefully something just came up.
  10. I thought Sunday went on to being red dead night
  11. Lyger

    Lets Game

    At that price Ill give it a go. Downloading now. Another game with no Pause option though ; ; lol
  12. Lyger

    Lets Game

    I have it (Got it for $1 for 3 months), but have a newborn in the house, I havent even got very far in Monster Hunter sadly. Mainly because it has no option to just pause. I really wish games would let you pause when not in multiplayer. Main thing I play on it is Forza, and the daughter plays Dysney Rush which I think Ill have to buy if I dont keep the Subscription going.
  13. Mad Max. A good fun game, and damn the Storms were terrifying at the start.
  14. I don’t think I have a single platinum. Even on 360 I only ever got complete achievements on 1 game I believe, and that was just through playing it. Not grinding anything.
  15. I saw it and assumed it was his pre-January stats. what he started with.... lol
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