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  1. Lyger

    General Gaming News

  2. Lyger

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    Im down for that. I need to get the PS4 chat app working on my phone again lol
  3. It was the first game I played that wasn’t SEGA WWF games or Gameboy Pokémon. The graphics were incredibly realistic
  4. Lyger

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    If it was gta it was probably me
  5. Looks just how I remember it, but they sound funny.
  6. Lyger

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    I couldnt get into the first Bioshock either. Thought it was very average, weapons were pretty meh. Story was intriguing but not enough to suffer the gameplay when theres so many other games.
  7. Lyger

    Lets Game

    I still have not done a Elder Scrolls run on PC yet... I modded it then got sidetracked by Warhamer about a year ago lol
  8. Lyger

    Lets Game

    https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/monster-hunter-world-pc $44 for MHW atm. Worth every penny.
  9. I looked at it twice, once was Man vs Shotgun, second was Man vs Train.... Made me queasy enough to not go back lol Brutal enough that I still remember almost 20 ish years on....
  10. That’s gone? Wtf is wrong with the world
  11. Lyger

    Free Stuff, Humble Bundles, Steam Sales

    Humble Bundle Monthly is US $12 for Cod Blackops 4! Referal Link Incoming https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=MZOZJv
  12. Lyger

    RBL's Character Battle

    Good to see we agree. Max is awesome! It is hard voting against the Carp though.
  13. Lyger

    TV Shows

    Thank You!
  14. Lyger

    Bitch Thread

    Oh that sucks man. Hope ya get better soon. Does not even sound like something you can enjoy the week gaming with
  15. Lyger

    What are "must have" ps4 exclusives? - New to ps4

    StarOcean Integrity and Faithlessness! Have not actually played it myself yet.... lol. Oh and Persona 5 is supposed to be great.