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  1. Just ordered Spider-Man for $29. cant wait
  2. I still can’t get ffx to register my controller without unplugging my keyboard first. Not sure if that’s game or windows though
  3. Also Do not forget to convert Mighty Ape Banana Points before december 31st, for Primeape (Free Delivery) before you order anything from Mighty ape
  4. I have Astro A40's and Hyper X Clouds. Astros are super comfortable Can have them on for ages, and forget they are on. Hyper's have slightly better sound, if using the shorter cable, and not the extension, Not Uncomfortable but you know they are there, Oh and a Turtle beach set for 3DS/Switch in the car. I love my headsets. Astro Mixamp is amazing for running Discord/Music through USB, and Game through Optical Audio, and having the option of turning one up/down on the fly. Also good for PS4
  5. Ya Yamper is awesome! I just started playing this and hit the Wild Area, damn I have wanted this game since Pokemon Stadium on N64 lol. Loving it so far.
  6. Could you get a video of it, if its that bad, and post it to something like rock radio, saying "Is anybody elses courier this bad"? No publicity like bad publicity? Might make them do something about it.
  7. Dracula 4 and 5 must have finished. Or Im blind... Either is possible. Thanks though.
  8. Damn Doing a stress test on Prime 95 with D15s cooler, just 1 fan, its abou 8-10c cooler than my captain 240ex... And I don't have to keep wondering if the back of my mind if it will leak now that its out of warranty lol. Its win win. Just fits in the case. Now I need to look at getting the mesh front. Will hold off on the front fans, The ones from the radiator seem to do a good job, so Ill see how it goes.
  9. I think I’ll go for more air flow and lower temps. I can also chuck on a 120 to the cooler I believe as long as it clears the panel it will be a tight fit.
  10. Im torn between 3x 120's fpr inlet or 2x 140's for Inlet. The P400 lets you remove the bottom shroud top, so the bottom fan puts air nicely on the GPU. I just ordered myself a Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler and am looking for some Inlets.
  11. Dude that sucks, sounds like something out of a bad tv show
  12. Lyger

    Fallout 76

    Fallout first website looks legit http://falloutfirst.com/
  13. Lyger

    Lets Game

    You can still transfer I just got around to doing it tonight
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