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  1. Lyger

    Lets Game

    Na i didn’t really like that one. Thanks though. Wreckfest or Monster Hunter would be good fun though.
  2. Just curious, whats the deal with these? Are they Paid for adds, Product supplied Reviews, or someone just really like the Chinese Oppo phones? I remember thinking the other one was odd, and wondering if someone was doing phone reviews, but seems to be just Oppo?
  3. Hopefully they copy that Rumble trigger from Xbox. Its awesome for racing games.
  4. If you want to jump into MHW one night let me know I be rusty as all hell now but keen to jump back in at some stage
  5. Humble has Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3, Spyro 1,2,3 and COD World War II up for grabs on this months bundle. Be nice and use the referral link lol. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?refc=MZOZJv
  6. Sweet, good way to get free trials of Starwars and Need for speed next month. I was thinking about getting that Premier access thing.
  7. Free Space 2 free on GOG.com
  8. Damn thats awesome. Loveing the Epic Free Games. So many goodies.
  9. Sweet hopefully this means they might start releasing their older games such as Red Dead Redemption and the New one wouldnt hurt either.
  10. That’s ok I still wouldn’t have started it yet. It would be sitting by crisis core
  11. I almost bought this on trade me a year or two ago till I noticed Drunk was leading the bid. Guess I’ll get this one then lol
  12. Monster Hunter World $28 For anybody interested. Expansion is coming out Feb I believe on PC https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/monster-hunter-world-pc
  13. Lyger

    Lets Game

    Sorry Not I, but have fun!
  14. FFXIV a Realm Reborn. Amazing story so far pacing is off abit but great over all. Into the expansion I go.
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