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  1. I thought Sunday went on to being red dead night
  2. Lyger

    Lets Game

    At that price Ill give it a go. Downloading now. Another game with no Pause option though ; ; lol
  3. Lyger

    Lets Game

    I have it (Got it for $1 for 3 months), but have a newborn in the house, I havent even got very far in Monster Hunter sadly. Mainly because it has no option to just pause. I really wish games would let you pause when not in multiplayer. Main thing I play on it is Forza, and the daughter plays Dysney Rush which I think Ill have to buy if I dont keep the Subscription going.
  4. Mad Max. A good fun game, and damn the Storms were terrifying at the start.
  5. I don’t think I have a single platinum. Even on 360 I only ever got complete achievements on 1 game I believe, and that was just through playing it. Not grinding anything.
  6. I saw it and assumed it was his pre-January stats. what he started with.... lol
  7. I think this was free on Epic a little bit ago too. Daughter plays it, seems to enjoy it.
  8. Looks like you need to upgrade that Ribena >< Hope it gets sorted this time.
  9. I don’t think they will ever stop releasing 2 versions of the game, as the intention was the developers used it as a way to force/encourage trading and collecting. it also has the incredibly positive side effect of a bunch of people buying multiples.
  10. Iron Man- 9/10 I love this movie. Its awesome, I always feel the first half is way better than the last half though. The Incredible Hulk- 8/10 Great movie, I am amazed I have not seen this before now. Iron Man 2- 9/10 Again really great. Stark is amazing, and this feels like awesome progression from the first. A shame they did not keep the same actor for Rhodes. I liked the first guy, but I feel the second guy could have pulled it off too, if he were in it from the start. Thor 8/10- I don't know why, but having this in the timeline feels far fetched, but they seem to be pulling it off nicely. Really enjoyed it, Loki needs a punch in the teeth, so he pulls that off nicely. Captain America- 9/10 Great cast for this, I always welcome Priscilla Queen of the Desert as a Villian. Soo good. I love how it all ties Stark etc into everything. Loving this series so far.
  11. Lyger

    Lets Game

    This could be the start of something beautiful https://www.pcgamer.com/horizon-zero-dawn-PC/?utm_content=buffer25383&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb&fbclid=IwAR0OjWcUbweMA40gye4oVgqCBb9PniB5aFTLFSamOp7mpgZM_2ssuCOaWMs#article-comments Horizon Zero Dawn rumored to be coming to PC this year By Andy Chalk a day ago It would be the first big exclusive from a Sony-owned studio to be released on PC
  12. Takes a lot to scare CD project but FFVII will do it
  13. Mad Max is fricken amazing so far. Loving the atmosphere and the brutality of it all. World is amazing too. Great game so far.
  14. Just completed Pokemon Shield. I acutally really liked how the Dyna max battles gave the candy to level up different Pokemon on the go, though my team still consisted of Growlith and a Shiny Garados, and Gengar... So I guess I did not experiment as much as it felt like I did lol. I think I will leave it after the story, rather than getting into Competitive battling. Too many games to play. And 5 star Dynamax Raids suck with npc's that use freaking Magicarp and Togepi..... Shame its behind the Online Paywall to enjoy that content. Would be nice to just use 4 of my pokemon.
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