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  1. SW Jedi Fallen Order is surprisingly good, rocking a Dark Souls vibe which I didn't expect.
  2. Picked up Death Stranding, it's $79 at The Warehouse so figured it's worth a punt at that price as I can sell it for about the same on TradeMe if I don't like it.
  3. I got to the final boss in Sekiro but had to call it quits, just too hard for my reflexes and it stopped being fun after 20+ failures. I enjoy a challenge but that final boss is a bit too spicy for me! Moving on to Days Gone :)
  4. got back from a 2 week trip to Japan, incredible place!
  5. Sadly not, the grappling hook is mostly limited to either hiding or following reasonably linear vertical paths. It's not a bad game by any means but it is very tough (verging on unfair in places) and never really rewards you for your victories quite in the same way as previous Souls' games.
  6. Called time on Sekiro, got about halfway from what I can tell and the difficulty has just sucked the fun out of it. There's little by the way of exploration which was part of what I loved in the previous Soulsborne games, instead it's just (mini)boss after (mini)boss so you never really get a reward for progressing other than another brick wall to run into. Younger me might have enjoyed that more but I don't have enough gaming time to spend 4 hours on one boss who can kill me in 2 hits. Not sure what to try next, heading off to Japan on Friday so probably going to leave games alone until I get back and try something a bit more cheerful, maybe the new Yoshi game...
  7. There are only a handful of proper dungeons and they're not dungeons in the traditional sense (will make sense when you get to the first one). The shrines do have some very cool challenges thought and it's the exploration that really makes it a great game. If that part isn't your cup of tea then you might struggle to really get into it.
  8. Sekiro - it's bloody hard, I worked through Dark Souls 3 without too much bother but this is brutal.
  9. Very kind of you, I've used the Rainbox Six code, thanks very much!
  10. Finished painting some small models from one of my kid's boardgames, first time painting miniatures and enjoyed it a lot, very calming after a day's coding
  11. There are an insane number of cosmetics, must be 100+ per character so if you like a particular one then you'll need to buy it (although it seems you can under credits/tokens for everything without needing to buy IAPs). Seems good so far, you have to play as a squad to have any chance especially because of the abilities. Ammo seems pretty rare which hopefully they will tweak at some point as you really have to ration your shots or risk running out of ammo in anything but the shortest of firefights. Will give it another whirl later if anyone is about
  12. Anyone fancy trying a few games? (XB1) Seem like it'd be much more fun in a proper squad
  13. Will definitely give this a try as I really like Respawn as a developer and loved Titanfall 2. Not having Titans is a bit of a shame but I imagine the balancing would have been very hard, perhaps in the future it might happen. I'll be on XBox if anyone fancies giving it a try later in a squad.
  14. ricky1981


    The flying and the height of the world are probably the best parts as they feel fresh (even if they aren't genuinely new) but the gunplay just feels mediocre. There's no weight to the weapons, enemies don't react to being shot, there's no personality or oomph to the sound of each gun. Those are the things that Destiny absolutely nails and what kept grinding from feeling like a total chore. The missions are just the standard "go here, wait for AI to do some stuff whilst fighting waves, repeat until a bullet sponge boss arrives" stuff and despite it being very pretty I just didn't feel it was much fun after the initial gloss wore off. Throw in loading screens that feel like they're from the last generation as well as sub-30fps even on XB1X and it's hard to get excited about it. I'm with Spawn, I'll take a look in a month or so but personally I think it'll be one best enjoyed in 6-12 months when it's been tweaked, rebalanced, and most likely has some extra content.
  15. ricky1981


    Any thoughts on the demo so far?
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