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  1. ricky1981

    Rainbow Six Siege + Gamepass Giveaway XB1

    Very kind of you, I've used the Rainbox Six code, thanks very much!
  2. ricky1981

    Today I...

    Finished painting some small models from one of my kid's boardgames, first time painting miniatures and enjoyed it a lot, very calming after a day's coding
  3. ricky1981

    Apex Legends

    There are an insane number of cosmetics, must be 100+ per character so if you like a particular one then you'll need to buy it (although it seems you can under credits/tokens for everything without needing to buy IAPs). Seems good so far, you have to play as a squad to have any chance especially because of the abilities. Ammo seems pretty rare which hopefully they will tweak at some point as you really have to ration your shots or risk running out of ammo in anything but the shortest of firefights. Will give it another whirl later if anyone is about
  4. ricky1981

    Apex Legends

    Anyone fancy trying a few games? (XB1) Seem like it'd be much more fun in a proper squad
  5. ricky1981

    Apex Legends

    Will definitely give this a try as I really like Respawn as a developer and loved Titanfall 2. Not having Titans is a bit of a shame but I imagine the balancing would have been very hard, perhaps in the future it might happen. I'll be on XBox if anyone fancies giving it a try later in a squad.
  6. ricky1981


    The flying and the height of the world are probably the best parts as they feel fresh (even if they aren't genuinely new) but the gunplay just feels mediocre. There's no weight to the weapons, enemies don't react to being shot, there's no personality or oomph to the sound of each gun. Those are the things that Destiny absolutely nails and what kept grinding from feeling like a total chore. The missions are just the standard "go here, wait for AI to do some stuff whilst fighting waves, repeat until a bullet sponge boss arrives" stuff and despite it being very pretty I just didn't feel it was much fun after the initial gloss wore off. Throw in loading screens that feel like they're from the last generation as well as sub-30fps even on XB1X and it's hard to get excited about it. I'm with Spawn, I'll take a look in a month or so but personally I think it'll be one best enjoyed in 6-12 months when it's been tweaked, rebalanced, and most likely has some extra content.
  7. ricky1981


    Any thoughts on the demo so far?
  8. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Put about 20 hours into Dragon's Quest XI but it was just getting very dull so have called time on it and going to revisit Horizon Zero Dawn
  9. ricky1981


    There are quite a few preview videos up in the last couple of days, it looks gorgeous in places but the actual gameplay doesn't look that great. All the stuff so far looks like the generic "go here, wait for magic AI to unlock something whilst fighting off some waves of enemies, repeat until big enemy arrives". I agree with someone else who mentioned a MH vibe, I'll be holding off to see what reviews say but at the moment it looks a bit too generic for a day 1 purchase. Also it's EA so they will inevitably find a way to shove in-app purchases in there for new javelins
  10. ricky1981

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Had the potential to be my GOTY, marred by heaps of bugs (including hard crashes over a dozen times) and a crappy cliffhanger ending but despite that I'd recommend it to anyone likes XCOM-style games. Characters were fantastic and it mixes in some stealth in an interesting way. It's free on Game Pass
  11. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Played a couple of hours of Life Is Strange 2, not really feeling it so far to be honest. The younger brother is annoying rather than endearing, going to leave it until all of the episodes are released (most likely 2020) and see what the consensus is on the whole story.
  12. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Life is Strange 2 is heading to Game Pass today/tomorrow so very glad I didn't buy the season pass!
  13. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I really enjoyed the original and before the storm, I haven't picked up Life is Strange 2 as the wait between episodes (3-4 months) is too long for me and it's inevitable that the full season will be on sale when episode 5 is released. I've been burnt too many times supporting episodic releases on day 1. Hitman was the worst, I bought the full season pass and then they release extra paid DLC and then a GOTY edition with more stuff for less than I paid for the season pass.
  14. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    There's a big sale on the PS store so a great time to pick up some more PSVR games, I bought 8 last night so I should be set for quite a while now! Tried Astrobot and the VR implementation there is excellent, can't remember the last time a game made me smile so much
  15. ricky1981

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Beat Saber on PSVR, it's blooming awesome