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  1. Cortez72

    Ape Out Review

    I watched the trailer, which itself or the game styling as a whole has taken influence from the opening credits bike scene from Takashi Miike’s ‘Ichi the Killer’. Obviously that film isn’t about an ape escaping. It’s far from it. And pretty out there.
  2. Cortez72

    It's On! 24 hours charity GT Sport race

    It went well. We raised $1200 in the end. The 24 hour drive was killer, I had moments of near loss of consciousness. Crashed a bunch of times. The McLaren F1 which was introduced a couple of weeks ago, is pretty OP in its GT3 class. I lapped it after 4 hours, and again at 6 hours, but lost a lap to it after I was struggling to stay awake- crashing etc. so when I finished it was only a lap behind. While the 3rd place car... after all that crashing etc, was 8 laps behind (32 minutes behind). I was running to the bathroom on pit lanes, eating while holding X on the Mulsanne straight. That second place car kept me on my toes.
  3. Hi team, Sorry this comes on short notice. This weekend Streaming live from Arkham City Comics 6pm Saturday 9th to 6pm Sunday 10th, Impact Pro Wrestling will be running a gaming session for our cause 'Mitch-to-Mania'. We started raising money last year to get our number one wrestling fan, Mitchell Fells to Wrestlemania. Details about Mitch's condition and donations can be made here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/get-mitchell-to-wrestlemania-35-part-ii?fbclid=IwAR0v-i4oBr1ajQxrysvBFLVHfxuISnS48B_zMcih7YQCnB5z7GUOoH_n0Ww Donations can also be made through Liger, one of the owner operators of Arkham Comics, twitch channel: I myself will be doing a 24 Hour Race in GT Sport, the banter should be top notch, particularly as the 24 digs on. There will be many appearances from random wrestlers and general delinquents. The store will be open for a special sale from 7pm - 10pm Saturday night, and 10am-4pm store hours on the Sunday, 2/885 Manukau Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland. Come and meet crazy people, hopefully the place will be buzzing. The schedule of games being played are as follows:
  4. Cortez72

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Go go gaming addiction. Ati, put that diet in place and get into the gym and you'd be ripped too! A project for you and your Sim.
  5. Cortez72

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I’m back to Skyrim. 2000+ and counting across two consoles. I need help. Haven’t even platinum either version.
  6. Cortez72

    Far Cry New Dawn announced for Feb

    They are Negan... Far Cry pump out games, it’s amazing. I’ve only played 3, and it was amazing. But since then: Blood Dragon, FC4, Primal, FC5. Detailed open world games with great acting. I have 4 to play. Do they get ‘same-y’ or?
  7. Cortez72

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    I had no idea there was a cap... and now it’s out at a reasonable 1.5million. So I’ll just walk away. and come back when the IROC or Mitsubishi GTO emerge!
  8. Cortez72

    Just Cause 4 is out now!

    I’m here because of the pun. But the blurb may have sold me on the game- so the pun was highly successful
  9. Cortez72

    Opinion: Review bombs can be a good thing, if we don't ruin them

    There is also the opposite phenomenon of pre-stacking scores before launch. On Mighty Ape, Super Smash Brothers has 7 entries of 5* reviews... game doesn’t come out until next week. I don’t know which practice angers me more? One Man’s Lie had a slew of 5 star reviews before it launched, which skewed the user score for weeks after launch (on Mighty Ape), until the overwhelming negative experience chewed into the strong hold of pre-release fanboys! Only way to solve it is for Thanos to click his fingers. Click twice to be sure.
  10. Cortez72

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    That Firebird! I wish it was a Camaro, but I'll settle for the Firebird.
  11. Cortez72

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    Good spotting. Given it’s one of the most expensive cars around, I’m guessing it will have a $20million+ price tag. Maybe the new most expensive GT Sport car? Could be.
  12. Cortez72

    RBL's Character Battle

    Deadpool Vegeta
  13. Cortez72

    Fallout 76 Review

    I had only read headlines and sentences about the game until your review bro. Sounds like your experience has been the same feeling generated by those few words I’ve seen. You hit the nail on the head regarding the Elder Scrolls Online... why has their previous foray not armed them with the knowledge to provide a better experience? We know their games as a solo experience. Why can’t they recreate that feel in a world populated by players? Thanks for the review!
  14. Cortez72

    EA Announces Command & Conquer and Red Alert Remasters

    Everyone gets a like for being enthusiastic about this! And Zombie gets a like for honesty. EA... they’ll charge real money to build units in game.
  15. Cortez72


    I don’t recall Scorpio being in the job squad! Good find that picture.