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  1. It was about $350ish (They only took out of the transaction account, my savings accounts weren't attached to PayPal in anyway.) or so I think in the end, PayPal are good and had it all sorted. Not a single cent lost in the end - I knew I'd get it all back I was mostly posting to warn others to be vigilant. Not entirely sure how I was hacked - I have some suspicions but I've heard from others who've had it happen to them too. As for this other guy - yup you've pretty much got it right can't do anything else when your credit card is maxed and you're over $20,000 in debt can you? xD
  2. Someone still hasn't realised that I'm not stupid and have a pretty damn good idea of who they really are.
  3. Junes Games with Gold (copied from reddit): EA Sports NHL 19 (X1 {Xbox One X Enhanced} | June 1 - 30) Rivals of Aether (X1 | June 16 - July 15) Portal: Still Alive (Xbox 360 BC {Xbox One X Enhanced} | June 1 - 15) Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox 360 BC | June 16 - 30) They're doing a terrible job at trying to convince me to keep my gold going past August when it expires (I barely play multiplayer anymore and I only use it now for the free 360 games I get to keep). At least PS Plus, while they only get 2 games got 2 decent AAA games.
  4. Finished all 1000g for Metro 2033 Redux - nice atmospheric and slower paced shooter. Will get around to playing through Last Light Redux at some point.
  5. Someone hacked into my PayPal account (I suspect a virus may have been involved) with my debit card attached and cleared the account with the exception of $0.06 by buying several $71 lots on Chess Candy? Had to leave work 2 hours early (yay less money on that paycheck >.>) but Kiwibank and Paypal have it sorted and I should expect to see it back in my account in about 3-5 days but it fucks me off that there are people that would rather screw hard working people over than get an actual job. At least it was only the transaction account and my savings accounts have been spared.
  6. Pokemon speed paint (<3hrs start to finish) spam, probably going to be it from me for a little bit while I deal with life.
  7. I actually finished this on Saturday night but then the Influenza showed up and I've been too tired/lazy to update it.
  8. The hospital put 2 litres of fluid in me which got rid of the nausea and most of the muscle aches. The throat/coughing is worst at night and gets a little better during the day so I can manage a couple of hours of easy and mindless casual gaming but it's mostly movies for me at the moment.
  9. Influenza A Have to take a week off work because I can't be around anyone as it's contagious. Getting barely any sleep because my throats so sore and I'm coughing most of the night because of it
  10. 3/4 Done on a reasonably big piece that I've spent about a month or two on and off working on, haven't done any mech style in a while so it's both fun and challenging to come back to Just have to motivate myself to finish the rest of it and come up with background of some sort and I'm terrible with backgrounds
  11. Going to sit and wait for the inevitable GOTY Edition to come out. Trying to work on cutting my backlog down and still have to finish most of the Borderlands 2 DLC so happy to wait until then.
  12. Another +1 for Bioshock Infinite xD I enjoyed the first more and haven't yet gotten around to the second but its still an enjoyable game Playing through Lego Lord of the Rings cause I wanted something casual and easy after finishing Ace Combat 7.
  13. Just completed Ace Combat 7 100% Achievements and last week finished God of War (Original on Vita) story.
  14. Xen0m0rph3

    Share your PSN

    I've been wanting to update mine for a while and changed it from GingerLeopard to B787-XenoLiner to try keep it in the theme of my other gaming accounts that I made several years after that one. Unfortunately I couldn't make it Xen0m0rph3 (I think I may have made a random international account with that ages ago with that) and all of the variations I tried didn't work (not even GenoMorph that I use for my art site profiles) and I didn't want random numbers at the end so I had to play around with a bit. I have no intention of changing it completely again and I am almost exclusively single player at the moment so I don't think it will have a huge impact and I can always change it back to the original if I want
  15. Bracket on braces popped off tonight and it has to be fixed asap so have to call the orthodontist to make an appointment tomorrow and then call work cause unless they can have it sorted before 10am otherwise I'm gonna have to take some time out of my shift to sort it out - at least its a 5 minute walk from my work and it didn't happen while I was overseas but it's just so inconvenient. And then I have another appointment for them on Tuesday. Yay.
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