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  1. Finished Warhammer Space Marine on Xbox 360. Not a bad game, like an inferior Gears of War game. What I did like is that even though I don't know anything about the Warhammer universe, there were enough interesting references to it that I would like to play more games in that universe to learn more about.
  2. Now that Xbox has confirmed there are no more 360 games going backwards compatible I have had to unpack my Xbox 360 to play the 360 games that I had not played yet but hoped would become backward compatible. Started Warhammer Space Marine. It's not bad. Like a Gears of War lite.
  3. Finished Final Fantasy 15. Pretty boring. And the story did not make much sense which is a shame because Final Fantasy games are meant to have great stories. Like FFVII or FFVIII. I actually enjoyed the individual episodes far better than the main game.
  4. Playing Final Fantasy 15. I remember years ago playing Final Fantasy 7 & 8 and being blown away at how awesome they were. But this game seems so so. It was the same when I tried Final Fantasy 13 a few years ago. I got bored and stopped playing that one. Has my taste in games changed or matured in some way? I don't know what it is. I will finish playing 15 but not that impressed at this stage. I'm on chapter 6. Maybe it gets better deeper in? Maybe I'm dicking around on too many side quests that are making me bored of the game as a whole? I don't know.
  5. I wish I could go, can't make it work with the kids and my wife's hours. Maybe next year.
  6. Started playing COD Infinite Warfare. A lot of people hated this game. I think the hate is undeserved. Having said that, it's cool but not great. Like the later Fast and Furious movies. Fun and cool but not great. A good FPS game but not one that will stick out in my mind when thinking about great games I have played.
  7. Finished Assassin's Creed Rogue and Shadow Warrior. Assassin's Creed Rogue was very good, not as good as Black Flag but still a great game. I got it through Games with Gold but I would have been happy to pay for it. Finished Shadow Warrior too. Was not that impressed at first but it grew on me. The graphics weren't great. Not in a nostalgic old arcade game way, just not very good. Looked like an early xbox 360 game. The fighting took a while to get the hang of but after I did it became a lot more enjoyable. It was actually quite strategic as I had the difficulty on hard and you really had to think about what you were doing. You couldn't just spam the fire button as the guns were really under powered. There were secret areas where it showed what the original game looked like. Looked like a Doom clone. Would really like to play the original game. The campaign was quite long too. If I had paid for it, I would not be too upset as the length of the campaign would have made it worth it.
  8. Been offline for a bit because we shifted house and they took a while to get the internet on. Been playing Shadow Warrior. The graphics and gameplay aren't great. They do have secrets on the game where they show what I assume was the original arcade game. Like an original Wolfenstein or Doom game. Would quite like to play that.
  9. Just started Assassin's Creed Rogue. Thanks Games with Gold. Once I got on the ship and heard the sea shanties start up I got all nostalgic for Black Flag. Be interesting to see the Assassin's Creed story told from another perspective.
  10. Wow, I just realised that unless you buy all the expansions for Destiny 2, your level is capped at 20. I hit that ages ago. So no getting good gear, no being able to do good raids, no being able to compete in multiplayer unless you buy the expansions. I have always thought of expansions as adding to a game. But this feels like an incomplete game now without them. That is bullshit. I will finish playing it but fuck this game and fuck Bungie.
  11. Started playing Destiny 2. Got sucked in when they had a demo of the first level before the game came out. I thought it was awesome and bought the game based off that. It looks good. But the story is average. The multiplayer is frustrating as it is populated by maximum level people with the best gear so I get curb stomped relentlessly. Haven't done any big raids yet. I imagine if I had a group of friends who regularly played I could put a fair bit of time into it. As it is, I will finish the story and be done with it. I will keep it for any multiplayer stuff.
  12. Finished The Evil Within. The story was strange and didn't make much sense. The cardio of the main character was laughable. Being chased by a monster and gets so exhausted by sprinting for four seconds that he has to stop and hyper ventilate. Ridiculous. Not very scary for a horror game. Having said that, the game was great. Like a much harder Silent Hill. I really liked the tension in the game. Gear was pretty sparse and no matter how much you had, you never felt secure because almost any encounter could end you if you didn't concentrate.
  13. Started playing The Evil Within. Reminds me of Silent Hill which is great.
  14. Finished Halo Reach again. Still awesome.
  15. Started playing Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. Realised it was shit so started replaying Halo Reach.
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