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  1. that_black_guy


    Against all odds, we (Highlanders) snuck in.... but I dunno if we deserve it after some of the games we fluffed throughout the season
  2. Weird. I started tales from the borderlands on Monday night because I had all those telltale games from ps+ and hadnt started any of them. Then I started reinstalling borderlands 2 last night on the PS3. Tales inspired me to give it another go because I lost interest back when I first played it.
  3. I was prepared for the worst with the last episode, so I wasnt as pissed as almost everyone else. Didnt mind it at all. Wish they took a bit more time though. Last season could've easily been two seasons long
  4. that_black_guy


    Iggys try really highlighted the lack of fucks given by the Panthers d. No idea what Kikau was thinking on that play. You're right though. Panthers couldnt have played a worse game. Reminds me of the game vs the Roosters last year.
  5. that_black_guy


    The worst part is you could see all the memories come back to him. Really hard not to feel sorry for the guy
  6. Same. Lost was the only show I watched religiously, but I gave up on it when they made time travel a thing. And I wasnt that big on GoT until later in the 1st season. But once it hooked me, I became obsessed. Unpopular opinion, but I really liked that ep3 was so dark. It gave the sense that they didn't know what they were up against
  7. If you like Spiderman, you might like InFamous. It's old, but I can't imagine it'd cost much now
  8. Farcry5. Was ok... not the best farcry imo... but I liked the villans and setting. They seem to always do bad guys well in those games. Main problem I had was the story was too open, as in it allowed you to choose which of the 3 sub bosses to go for 1st, which meant the game never really became harder than it was at the start. And the mission structure really pissed me off.... nothing worse than being in the middle of a sidequest only to be "captured" for the 14th time for a date with a bad guy.
  9. I feel like it wasn't long enough.
  10. Or one nun one preist. High chance you'll go to hell if you watch it though
  11. that_black_guy


    Was a good effort, but I cant get over the lack of anything after that last try. No short kick and no effort to pack down for a last play. Just little things like that really piss me off
  12. that_black_guy


    Our issue, 90% of the time, is attitude. There are teams in the league with some pretty average talent, but you never question their effort. Our team is stacked with talent, but a lot of the time, they just roll over when it gets too tough. The Titans look like they're trying... but they just look bad. It makes no sense cos that team is stacked with guys who can flat out play
  13. that_black_guy


    I dont get how the Titans are so bad though. On paper they are stacked... but on the field they look like they're just so meh
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