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  1. that_black_guy

    News & Current Events

    I agree.... kinda embarrassing when the 6 o clock news comes on and the lead story (all week) is "People are visiting and they're being dicks"
  2. that_black_guy

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finally finished the main story for red dead 2. The game as a whole is an incredible experience. I dont think I've experinced an open world that is so alive in any other game. The story does a great job of making you feel the way it wants you to feel about the characters and events involved in it... theres so much stuff going on around you, I almost wana play again just to hang out around camp and catch any banter I might've missed. But it's not without its flaws. The gameplay can be frustrating, the game is full of filler and missions can be tedious and repetive ( you could shave a solid 20 hours off the story if there wasnt so much travel.... shit, I'd say you could've cut a whole chapter as it really added nothing to the story on a whole, it was a fun wee side story though). And lastly, while I loved the story, certain things were predictable. I did guess a few key things before I even had the game, but these things happen with prequels I guess. Certain characters seemed under-developed and/or under-utilised. And then just the odd inconsistentcy.... I had a hard time believing that Dutch would allow Micah to be a part of the gang even though he's a prick and constantly treats everyone else like shit. I've probably waffled on enough. But overall, decent game, I rate it highly. RDO sux though (in its current state)
  3. that_black_guy

    Top 5 Games I played in 2018

    I've only played 5 games from last year (that I can think of) 5.Dynasty Warriors 9, love the series, love the concept, hate the execution 4.Ni No Kuni 2, decent enough game... just dissapointing sequel to a better game (imo) 3.Spyro trilogy, knew what to expect, got what I expected. Love it and best of all, the kids do too. 2, Red dead 2, masterpiece of a game. Let down by frustrating gameplay. Still incredible experience. Spider-man, everything about this game just felt great. Story, characters, gameplay, all that. What I feel they nailed was the length. Wasn't too short that I felt short changed and wasn't stuffed with filler and time-wasting nonsense (something Rdr2 is extremly guilty of)
  4. that_black_guy


    Normally I'm strongly against the man of the match going to someone on a losing side. But he really deserved it. Dude just refused to quit. Even when his body was trying to force him to give up
  5. that_black_guy


    Would it be fair to say we have the best bowling tandem in the world right now?
  6. that_black_guy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Happy holidays everyone. I think my dog is the most excited for this day than the rest of the household. After he opened his presents, he decided he'd help my son with a few too.
  7. that_black_guy

    The Parental Thread

    Aw man... I laughed way more than you probably should at a part of that video. On a slightly more productive note. I'd just strip the tree of decorations as a kind of punishment if she keeps at it. She's old enough to understand why. No idea if it'll work tho.... we used a small tree last year for that exact reason
  8. that_black_guy


    I can't help but feel a little hollow when we beat the Pakistanis like we did in those two wins. Because match fixing
  9. that_black_guy


    Not as bad as the celebration on his pick n roll with DJ. I'm fast developing a soft spot for the kid with his goofiness on the court. Even though he's on a team I hate immensly.
  10. that_black_guy


    Thats funny. Kings arent doing so bad atm though. Havent seen Luka play yet but his stat sheet has been impressive. Apparently only Bron and Harden have scored more points off stepback js so far this season. Oh and to embed the video, I think youve just gotta wait a few seconds after posting the link. Doing something too soon seems to bugger it up
  11. that_black_guy

    SEGA Mega Drive Classics (Switch) Review

    Shining force l & ll as well as Landstalker are 3 of my favorite games of all time. I still play the shining force games on the megadrive from time to time, but I think my brother has had my copy of Landstalker. I can't imagine they'd be very appealing to a new comer at this day and age (especially Landstalker), but I'd love to hear your thoughts on them
  12. that_black_guy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Nah, I just got the standard edition. Unless it's some kind of reward from GTAO... I still dunno where to get my golden revolver and tomahawk from the GTAO events
  13. that_black_guy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I dunno if this is a known thing or not, but there is an arabian horse with middling stats for sale at the stables for free. Its listed under tbe superior class. Highly reccomend getting rid of your original horse as opposed to buying a stable slot, because of the extra daily upkeep charge
  14. that_black_guy


    I'm not mad at the idea of offering him less money because of his lack of game management. But the way the situation has unfolded, and now having no Tui, no Hingano, no Lino and now no Johnson... I'm really questioning the front office and the way they're going about business right now.
  15. that_black_guy

    Red Dead Online Beta Launched

    Co-ops fine so far, but it means less loot. The economy system makes no sense and it gives 0 incentive to play PVP... especially when you end up paying a large chunk of your winnings on the ammo you're replacing and restoring your cores