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  1. OMG cuteness overload! You haven't experienced any of the scary problems with saving causing data to be deleted, I assume?
  2. I think GF is the only other one I have played. Need to finish it! Absolutely love the characters and story - just camera and controls make it a bit slow.
  3. Also finished Full Throttle Remastered, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And Solo: Islands of the Heart (a "contemplative puzzler"), which I found a bit painful and couldn't get completed soon enough. TBH, if there hadn't been a platinum, I wouldn't have bothered! Yea, shallow, I know...
  4. Started Death Stranding. I practically never play AAA games, and I've never played a Kojima title before .. so this is quite a novelty for me. Apart from that, I have 2 Atelier games I'm chipping away at. I'm making good progress with CRYSTAR. And I have The Alliance Alive HD Remastered waiting to be continued.
  5. I just platinumed The House in Fata Morgana. What an incredibly long, winding, sometimes irritating and sometimes brilliant visual novel. I can honestly say I've never played one like it before (and I've played many). It is unique.
  6. So it's very much exploration focused, is it? I'm always on the lookout for such games to play with my husband, since he doesn't like combat, but loves exploration and puzzles.
  7. I needed a guide for the very last ending - or else faced some hair tearing!
  8. I platinum'd Late Shift on PS4 this week. Husband and me got obsessed with tracking down all the alternate scenes and 7 endings .. so I just had to finally put it to rest!
  9. I'd say it probably needs charging up. I love my PSP too and still play it.
  10. It's a crying shame. But that's life and Sony! I've got so much out of the Vita and will for years to come (including hacking/modding one). The Vita games I'm playing atm are: Chaos Rings (JP account) Antiquia Lost (Kemco RPG), Corpse Party, Secret of Mana.
  11. Ati I don't actually need any more Vitas - I already have 6. But seriously - are you not gonna use it any more? I can't quite believe that. You were joking, right?
  12. I'm crazy about the Vita. I collect the games, and the hardware too! The Vita has a total no. of 1,500 games released (I assume that includes digital only releases), the majority of which would be Japan releases. And they're still publishing them in Japan and Asia. I don't know the number of Western releases, but estimate about 300+. I have 40 Japanese only games in my collection, the rest are EU, NA and Asia/English. The selection brought into NZ was paltry. I've had to import most of my Vita games, via retailers like Nzgameshop, Amazon and Play-Asia. Excuse me rabbiting on - but I get excited whenever the Vita is mentioned! If you want to follow Vita news and discussion, #Vitaisland on Twitter is an excellent and friendly community. I'm active there as Food4Dogs.
  13. Nice to see people still playing on Vita! I have amassed enough games (reaching 300 physical Vita collection very soon) to last me 10 years easily.
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