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  1. Ost


    Aston Martin already confirmed to enter the Valkyrie (Vagner from GTA Online).
  2. Ost

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    We put Dockyard in because everyone knows the track, that gives everyone a fair shot. When we put in new tracks people complain because they don't know them. People don't like hosting because it's complaints or "why isn't there [x gamemode]?" or not putting in the gamemodes that are 2x$ that week or whatever. I would give Steele a hard time about putting in his own race tracks but he's the only person left with the energy to host. So all power to him. Also, L2 is brake.
  3. Here's that map I was talking about, with where the best loot should be in Firestorm.
  4. Works well with squad play, when you are playing with squad members you know well, over party chat etc. Haven't tried solo. While it looks good, I feel the map would do better to have more unique features. At the moment there's a few issues around getting into a lobby and some of the in-game controls. Whilst it seems fun, right now it doesn't look to have the high replay value of a Fortnite/PUBG/Apex.
  5. Hopefully it's all ready to go for Tuesday night
  6. Ooh a Schwimmwagen
  7. Nice one. I need to unlock all the guns I think. Any advice on what scopes to use? I am using 6x on recon guns, but 1.5x or 2x on everything else.
  8. Very detailed but good video on network issues and how it effects your shots registering or not registering, when to lead your shots etc.
  9. I've got family that work at JB so got a copy at a price I was willing to pay
  10. Ost

    My PS4 Life

    About what you'd expect: 4730 hours played across 57 games 2301 hours GTA (to be fair i've left this on all day & overnight many times to accrue stock) 862 hours Battlefield 1 435 hours Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) 747 trophies earned
  11. Cool, i've downloaded Onrush, now all I need is time to play it
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