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  1. argsy

    Battlefield V

    Can't wait to give this a whirl, looks pretty well thought out
  2. argsy

    Rocket League

    39 seconds on the clock, 2 goals down, we can win this in regulation!
  3. argsy

    Lets Game

    Should give this a try - https://store.steampowered.com/app/843380/Super_Animal_Royale/ there is a free version, not sure what it includes versus the paid version?
  4. argsy

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Just came in to share that as well! Keen for some community nights in COD, that was my first real introduction into FPS gaming and the COD franchise, spent many an hour playing including meeting some of the fine folk on this site and its predecessor.
  5. argsy

    Lets Game

    Just need to go to jackbox.tv on your web browser and enter the unique room code and your name. Also have to be able to watch whoever is streaming the game so you can see answers, scores etc.
  6. argsy

    Apex Legends

    This! So much better with a squad who communicate. The ping system is super helpful when playing with Randos, but voice comms makes it that much better. My first few games were average, but once you understand your legends abilities and make the most of those it ramps up a notch. If I'm on and your keen to try it in a squad hit me up.
  7. argsy

    Apex Legends

    A few games last night and experienced a couple of issues the ability to track squads when flying in seems off, on more than one occasion all three of us were adamant that there was no one else in the same location as us, only to come across either opened doors/looted areas or another squad almost straight away. Also had one issue where when I got in to the game it had the legends screen showing which legend each of us were across the screen so I literally could not see anything. Tried looking at map/inventory/settings to see if it would go away but no luck. Other than those, the game is heaps of fun. changed my sensitivity up and also changed keybinds to the grenadier option so it was easier to throw out a grenade mid fight. took a bit of getting used to but think it will suit my gameplay style better.
  8. argsy

    Apex Legends

    Jammed a few rounds with Brett and Oh2 last night. First few games were a bit of a cluster f#$k but things improved and managed to grind out a win with Brett and some random guy. Can see this being a lot of fun, love seeing the banners around with your name on when you're doing well. And love the fact that if you catch someone in the open they can't just build some random cover!
  9. argsy


    Will try to catch some of it over the weekend - looks like Sky has it, and I think I read somewhere that there was a live stream as well.
  10. argsy

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    I'm out of town for the week so won't be on tonight, be back in to it next week though.
  11. argsy

    NZGC Meta

    @SpawnSeekSlay - I use the Unread Content button in the top right - shows all posts you haven't seen including a preview of the post - then when finished use the Site Read button and when you log in next time you only see any new posts. Same result I think as what you are asking for
  12. argsy

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    most likely this https://www.gtplanet.net/aston-martin-db3s-wins-2013-gran-turismo-trophy/
  13. argsy

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    From the windshield size I was thinking Morgan, but looking on google images the front end doesn't seem to fit.
  14. argsy

    Bungie has left Activision and taken Destiny with it

    It would be great if they went the way of BFV with no premium pass for D3. If EA/Dice can figure out how devisive of player base these are then hopefully Bungie can come to the same conclusion. I wonder how much revenue the micro transactions in D2 for emotes etc has generated and whether they will build on that model (eg fortnite) instead.
  15. argsy

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    @SpawnSeekSlay We had a couple of squads for a few games but were always on the opposite teams! I think we finished up our last game about midnight so if you can get on about 9ish then should always be time for a good few games.