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  1. argsy

    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Announced for PlayStation 4

    And you still do the same thing!
  2. argsy

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Geroutta here man. I was trying to figure out whether Ati left out the 'P' or the 'L' in doe, sounds like he was probably on both!
  3. argsy

    RBL's Character Battle

    Yusss Thanks @SpawnSeekSlay for the meme!
  4. argsy

    Battlefield V

    I know @JorDogg would be keen - think he has pre ordered and pre loaded game ahead of next weeks launch.
  5. argsy

    RBL's Character Battle

    I was actually looking forward to your meme reply, kinda disappointed now
  6. argsy

    RBL's Character Battle

    Crash Chewie Hulk Deadpool (just to piss off @SpawnSeekSlay)
  7. argsy


    I hear ya! I managed to get media accreditation to WRC for a couple of years, was always so much fun driving right to the head of the spectator spots into the media reserved parking, and standing right next to the water splash in Manukau. I even managed to grace the WRC magazine one year, Marcus Gronholm rolled at Hella Bridge right in front of us in the media spot and I helped right him - Happy to send autographs, just need a self addressed envelope and non sequential $100 bills. Think I've still got some of his wing mirror somewhere as well!
  8. argsy

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    I see a little silhouetto of a car There is nine, there is nine, coming soon to GT Sport!
  9. argsy


    I think if you just sat down to watch Bathurst and didn't follow the rest of the V8 season it would lose a lot of its power. The sub-plots, misery, mechanical failures and unexpected results over the years and understanding the history of the driver or team or their fortunes that season goes a long way to adding to it. I could name at least a dozen incidents that I can recall from the last 5-10 yrs of Bathurst that had an impact on the result and made the race that much more exciting. I was lucky enough to go this year and can honestly say it is even better and more impressive in real life than on TV. Seeing the elevation of the circuit from the main straight up to skyline is something else and really can't be appreciated on TV. Even driving the circuit on GT Sport doesn't show the height involved. As the others sad though, each to their own - I'm not a Nascar fan, hardly watch any MotoGP or anything on 2 wheels, but closely follow the V8s, F1, WRC, Indy cars etc.
  10. argsy

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    If you are friends with EathinNZ on PSN you should be able to find them through the screen down the bottom where it has updates on friends activities. The you can add the livery to your collection and apply to car from there. Not sure whether you can search for the livery any other way? @MonkeyManmight have another way to get them ?
  11. argsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    First person mode looks cool! Will definitely be giving it a good go to start with.
  12. argsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Got good speed now, normally about 50/50Mbs but the kicker is data capped at 200Gb/mth, so anything big, especially towards the end of the month I might be close to maxxed out!
  13. argsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Wonder how big the Day 1 download will be, I'll get a hard copy, but still expect there will be some sort of download, only 50Gb or so on a PS4 game disc. Might have to take console in to work and get the download cranking early
  14. argsy

    Destiny 2

    Did you find it? I was having a look (for a friend) at it last night on PS4, and if you haven't already got Expansions 1 + 2 then you need to get those first, before you can find the Forsaken add on for $70. I think all up it would be $100 for me to upgrade as I didn't get the expansions. Otherwise the only option was to buy the $110 dollar which includes everything (D2/Expansions/Forsaken)
  15. argsy

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    @MonkeyMan, not sure if I'm comfortable with the opening scene on your video, no-one should be subjected to rear-end abuse like that! ?