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  1. SpawnSeekSlay

    Today I...

    Congrats mate. Hope baby and missus are doing well. And condolences on what will now be less gaming time lol
  2. SpawnSeekSlay

    NZGC Help Thread

    I personally didn't bother. As long as they see you on the right code, or made the effort to change to the right code and pay it back they'll be sweet with it. Don't think of it like tax evasion or anything, its just a finite loan amount that you will pay back. If you are so worried about it though, just make a lump sum payment from your internet banking, or go into IRD and do it. Believe me you aren't one of the people they are hunting to try to get to paying it back mate
  3. SpawnSeekSlay

    NZGC Help Thread

    @Biscuit Nah don't stress about that. Happened to me a few times. IRD just send you a letter saying you're probably on the wrong tax code and make a recommendation to what one you should be on. Just go to your payroll team and tell them what code you should be on, or just tell them you need to be on the student loan one and they'll know. That's all. IRD can't do anything from their end (apart from as bunny said and just call your payroll team, which they didnt do for me, i had to do it myself). And you won't get in trouble with IRD if that's what you're actually worried about.
  4. SpawnSeekSlay

    NZGC Meta

    Cool yeah, never used that Unread Content page, thanks, will start giving that a good go, seems useful. And it has the Recent Posts side widget thing anyway too Still the Recent Topics on the front forum page is still better changed to the Recent Posts version IMHO, it would at least save a click to the Main page or the Unread content section. Not alot of posts go up daily and would all be contained in that section for easy quick viewing. But its no biggie...
  5. SpawnSeekSlay

    NZGC Meta

    @Outlaw213 On the main front page there is an excellent "Recent Posts" section, which I find way more helpful than the "Recent Topics" section on the actual forums. Could this Topics one be replaced by the Posts one, or at least put the Posts one on that side frame in the forums too, and have the Topics one on the side frame but below it if it has to be there? Just a thought to improve the forums alot I think as to get a sneak peak of what someone has posted is more valuable than just seeing the most recent topic threads that have had posts put in. Otherwise you gotta go into each thread just to see no one has written anything since the last time you looked.
  6. SpawnSeekSlay

    The Division

    Apparently the GE is already live! January 14th - GE: Strike The third Global Event, Strike, is returning to The Division! => Summary Scheduled for: Start: January 14th, 08:00 AM UTC End: January 21st, 08:00 AM UTC Classified Gear Sets Classified Path of the Nomad Classified D3-FNC Classified Predator´s Mark Classified Banshee´s Shadow So guess that's what I'm doing this weekend, at least till I get a Classy Nomad backpack to pop from a cache.
  7. SpawnSeekSlay

    Bungie has left Activision and taken Destiny with it

    Who knows, Its Bungie, they love making decisions the players don't want. Nah its been awhile since I played and I forgot they already rotate cosmetic stuff you can buy straight with Silver. I think it'll all stay the same more than likely. The RNG engrams you get from levelling up.
  8. SpawnSeekSlay

    The Division

    For sure, ran them all the time, it was the best way to get Classifieds and Exotics outside the Global Events. Still is from my knowledge.
  9. SpawnSeekSlay

    The Division

    Didn't I already do that rogue kill trophy for you? no worries we can do it if we haven't. Yeah I just need that Thomson M1928 - never had it drop. Had every other exotic forever and several of most things, but never seen that one.
  10. SpawnSeekSlay

    The Division

    New GE announced. STRIKE. Starting next week I think. My last chance to get my last piece of Nomad kit, complete the 3 classy shield also. And would like to do more of the legendary missions to get that shield done too while collecting GE credits at the same time. Who's up for it? Not sure of the exact start date. - youtuber video just vaguely said 'coming next week'
  11. SpawnSeekSlay

    GRIS Review

    Your internet must have gone full potato!
  12. SpawnSeekSlay

    Bungie has left Activision and taken Destiny with it

    Both valid points above, and I like the idea of both. I think it might be a combo of both - paid expansions/season passes, and paid cosmetic microtrans (but no lootboxes). I just cant see how they'll fund the games as service model otherwise.
  13. SpawnSeekSlay

    General Gaming News

    Is that meant to be an out of season April fools joke?
  14. SpawnSeekSlay

    Bungie has left Activision and taken Destiny with it

    Yup it's confirmed Destiny 3 will a mobile game, fully exclusive. lol WOuldn't be surprised if they make a new IP for mobile along side D3, or they may make D3 fit more around a companion app that you pay for , or is heavily ad supported.