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  1. Torchlight is now up FREE on the EPIC Store. Next up is Limbo - next friday.
  2. Damn if that is legit, you wouldn't want to stand behind it incase it let go early, or you'd have no head.
  3. Double posted. Went to edit but quoted instead.
  4. As Siamese mentions above, PES 2019 has been swapped out for Detroit: Become Human - for this PS+ July month, should be downloadable tonight/tomorrow. Not read anywhere for the reason behind the swap. I'm pretty happy with the swap, it's gone from something I wouldn't play to something I will (at some point)
  5. Sorry I'm not normally the grammar police type but I couldn't resist lol. And I can use this great meme!
  6. Well ya cant exactly fire off by email all those Destiny 1 and 2 excel spreadsheets you make during work to ya colleagues can ya? lol
  7. How old's ya daughter? I'd be keen to know how she goes, got no idea what age range they are normally when they are both interested and capable. Can't wait till my girls are older (only 4 & 2 at the mo) just so I have the excuse to buy new Nintendo hardware & games . I never owned a Nintendo, so this will feel like I'm also fulfilling what I missed out on lol)
  8. Haha not sure when it comes to mechanic, or panel and paint work - but i wouldn't be surprised, but when it comes to house repairs then yup. Just ask alot of people here in christchurch after earthquake insurance repairs, its why EQC has had to redo alot of them and payout again. The repairs on my house I bought from an older couple has alot of rushed and piss poor plastering, and lining paper work, I couldn't believe the old couple signed off on it - and I told them that too (they even said they weren't that happy with it but were forced to sign off). I am part way through ripping all of it off and redoing it. Alot of insurance work is tendered, some someone always undercut to get the work, then they just do a rushed job to get it done to make it worth the cost, insurance don't care they just want the cheapest to them, not the best quality. But you just have to be resilient and fight it and say it isn't 'like for like'. Have photos of before and after etc. Insurance work will alot of the time be shittier than if you did it yourself or get your own trusted guys in. Like scuba steve said I'd say the problem is more an insurance issue than a generational issue. And in my experience with non insurance work tradesman , older is better than younger. Probably 35-55 age group has a better crop of good ones - especially if they work on their own/sole trader. Don't go with big companies.
  9. Nah not yet, been focused on pre-sequel. I'll probably just do the new DLC closer to B3 coming out, like in late August, just so I remember the story easier.
  10. Finished BL2 years ago as got it at launch, but just refinished it (100%) from Handsome Collection a few weeks ago - and now I've also got onto Pre-sequel, which I never played previous. And just finished that last night, rough road to 100% though, some tedious challenges and a few random trophies. Have to play through with the other characters too so I'll jump into your game if I see you on one night
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