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  1. Looks pretty average to me from the reviews Ive watched from several places. Its just a walking simulator with cinematic movie cutscenes. I'll be bound to pick it up on sale way down the line and give it a nudge, but doesn't look like a game I'd enjoy after paying full price.
  2. Yeah it's finished, I just checked, back to $9.99. I picked it up this morning after seeing scubas post, and it was certainly free then.
  3. I got a Fractal Meshify C, built it just over 1 year ago, so hasn't been opened for a year. I had all the gear to clean the dust out inside when I changed the fans over... and there was no dust in there at all. Go figure. I just had to pop out the front mesh screen and give it a good blow because there was certainly dust in the mesh holes, but no dust on the filter behind it nor inside the rig. Then again I probably only use the computer once a week or something for a few hours.
  4. SpawnSeekSlay

    Tv Help

    Hitting from the side is the other variation that sometimes works, did that once on a CRT screen back in the day, bam no more humming from it. Hasn't been a reliable fix for the other times I've tried it though lol
  5. I just uninstalled it from my Battlenet launcher, and now about to Install the Steam version now too..
  6. SpawnSeekSlay

    Tv Help

    Is there a picture on the tv? or just a black screen? I'm presuming no picture, with the flashing red power/standby led? Have you tried the obvious power cycling? turn off the tv, turn off from the wall, then disconnect all cables from the tv esp power. Wait >1 minute, Sometimes you need to hold the power button if it has one or even push the On button on your remote if thats the only way to turn on (it wont turn on but aim is to release any charge in the capacitors), then just reconnect the power cable and switch back on from the wall, then the remote (if needed). It often works, but sometimes only temporarily. Worth a go though.
  7. "Hey to be PCMR you always need MOAR RGBs" Is that the mistaken acronym that actually means PC Master Retard? "Luckily I'm not PCMR, so imma stick to Noctua" That's a paradox, pc master race use noctua exclusively don't they
  8. Mate I got some RGB Jumbo Jet full speed Case Fans going cheap... I think you mentioned needing MOAR RGB didn't you?!
  9. Had no wife and kids on the weekend, so managed to FINALLY install new fans I've had sitting there since like April. Took out the RGB non-PWM BitFenix fans... replaced with Black Noctua Chromax PWM Fans. Oh man the quiet is so good, actually think I might enjoy using my computer from now on. That constant jumbo jet fan noise was getting to me.
  10. Fair enough, you get a tonne of different and interesting legendaries though which keeps it exciting, including the chance for a good roll you want on a mod. Farming Eridium would kill the enjoyment of the game for me... And the increases this week will be the fact normal enemies will have a chance to drop eridium now, not just bosses and deposits. So just play the game normally and you'll be rolling in it. And Earl has discounted his wares too. Probably a bit late for me i've just dropped 3000 Eridium on heads, skins, room decos etc last weekend so have everything i want. Ready to play another character through i think...
  11. 4 times? Mate that's not farming, The drop chances are still low to get their specific legendaries but they were guaranteed spawns of rare spawning enemies, hence you can farm them easily over and over and they always appeared. I farmed the Force Troopers @ Atlas HQ for legendary class mods, Got maybe 30-40 class mods drop over the weekend, maybe one every 6-7 times on average, must have done them over 100 times, just got to learn how to farm the spawns fast and efficiently. Did i get bored? Answers yes
  12. Have you finished the campaign though? If you finish it it rescales all the side quests to your level. I'm going back and all my side quests, enemies and loot are level 50 If you out level side missions , just leave them there, or leave them in your quest log and they'll scale to your level when you finish the campaign and you start playing in Mayhem modes.
  13. Hopefully it does something this week, not resting my hopes on it. Last weeks event didn't do jack to drop rates imo. Bigger issue though is man they need to increase Bank space. Now that it's account shared and not per character like BL2, 50 spaces isn't enough. My banks full, and I have 2 characters with about another 20-30 level 50 legendaries in their bag. Seems to be far more different legendaries in BL3 which is great but 50 bank spaces isn't going to cut it. I mean Destiny has increased to like 500 now and they dont have anywhere near the diversity in loot as BL and its only going to grow with special events and DLC.
  14. Minit available on the EPIC store as the FREE game for the week.
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