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  1. SpawnSeekSlay

    Free Stuff, Humble Bundles, Steam Sales

    Annoyingly its a download and not a Steam Key... Also: OXENFREE is FREE as the next free game on the Epic Store, live now...
  2. SpawnSeekSlay

    Any console gamers in Auckland?

    Haha The meme of so many uses! Probably my fav meme of all time, definitely up there.
  3. SpawnSeekSlay

    Any console gamers in Auckland?

    Why limit it to Auckland and personal interview? You have the internet at hand and would have a wider reach using it, rather than doing what you've done below but limiting yourself again. Why not create an online survey - like surveymonkey - and then reach out to a place like this forum, you'd reach alot more, I'd be more than happy to fill one out (but i live in chch so couldnt help you otherwise). But you seem a smart guy/girl/non-gendered person so I'm sure you thought of that and must have reason(s) you want to keep it face to face? Anyways just a quick thought. And Welcome to the Forums btw
  4. SpawnSeekSlay

    News & Current Events

    Yeah I'm on the outer CBD, and live in north Chch, so about to leave work now after everything was in Lockdown. Have to drive around the CBD to the airport to get home. Despicable act, that you wouldn't expect in Christchurch. I doubt they are locals? Sounds like one of them is Australian.
  5. SpawnSeekSlay

    I Just Bought...

    Geo needs to sort a party down here in chch if he ever has booze to get rid of, invite all the Destiny 1 boys for a meet and greet and free piss up.
  6. SpawnSeekSlay

    I Just Bought...

    Don't know whats more of a monstrosity... the size of that thing (its huuuge), or that cable management to your tv!
  7. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    #childhoodruined #disturbingAF
  8. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    Not sure if you're calling my gender retarded or you've simply and mistakenly missed my gender all together? #IamApache #Addit
  9. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    I remember those days... So many choices we all have today compared to back then.
  10. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    So true...
  11. SpawnSeekSlay

    Marvel Spoiler Talk

    Not seeing it till Tuesday night, I'm sure I'll give my 2 cents then. But seeing mixed reviews, some hyped that I question it, and some give the reactions I feel from the trailers. I've been pretty underwhelmed with the trailers (though they have got alot better over time). I dunno there is something about what I've seen from trailers that just feels dull, and emotionless - particularly from Brie Larson. BUT sometimes going in with lower expectations are good for me though, as I normally come out loving it (ala Alita Battle Angel I saw 2 weeks ago)
  12. SpawnSeekSlay

    RBL's Character Battle

    Myers Yoshimitsu Malboro Gohan
  13. SpawnSeekSlay

    The Division 2

    If you were referring to me about the sheild, then nah bro you just needed a maxed out classified gear set, and weapons maxed, dont need to be exotics (not sure where you got this from), nor any shop items. But a max loadout. I only have my Lightweight M4 and The House maxed (and pistol), and my Striker set maxed. The sheild popped as soon as I got into the game, didn't even have my full gear on at the time i noticed. Funny thing is I opened the Sheild Cache, and it gave me the exotic i needed (Thomson M1928) for the other sheild, so got that too. So finished Tier 3, and thats all I wanted as Tier 4 was impossible to finish with that 3000 Commendation score shield imo. Played a bit of the Open Beta last night (didnt play on sat/sun unfortunately), only 1 main mission actually, even in that mission I had 2 people clipping through walls, and quest markers bugging out on the final boss (marker stayed on the boss and never progressed to the next 2-3 things - had to do them manually.) Overall it looks good, graphically its improved, gameplay was a bit same same (which isnt a bad thing), not sure Im a fan of some of the UI menu changes but its just different and you'dget used to it in time. I'll be skipping it initially as I burnt out on it playing hard this time last year, and played it throughout the year, definitely my 2018 most played game was Division 1. I'll give it some time to improve and get myself freshened up by playing other things for awhile. Might pick it up on special later in the year, as well as Anthem (which needs alot of improvement for me to pick it up though).