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  1. Gone Home and Hob are your Free games on the EPIC store this week.
  2. Rayman Legends free for next 3 days on UPLAY
  3. I just got in at 3pm today after a week on the GC. Back just in time. Man customs was manic here in Chch with thousands of people, probabaly with so many people catching early flights back. Had 1 guy in our van back to the car came back early, was meant to come back tuesday but got an earlier flight.
  4. I picked up the Coasters. Yeah that light is complete ugly garbage. Maybe it looks better in person than the picture.
  5. It just wasn't the same without our Raid Leader...
  6. Its also $3.49 on the EPIC store I just bought it Friday night on the US PSN store for $2.99 (its $15 on the NZ store) I enjoyed Division 1 (but I picked it up like a year later when 1.8 patch came out that made it a great game), played right through most of it, was my new looter shooter after I dropped Destiny 2 after 3 months or so.
  7. Anyone here played Slay the Spire? I downloaded it last weekend, and damn I dont play much on the PC but f*ck me I've had two 1am and and 2am finishes this work week because I got stuck in the "just one more.." routine. Simple but hard to master roguelike pick-a-path card battle game. Damn addictive...
  8. Farming Sim 2019 is Free on EPIC this week. Looks like 3 board game'esque games next week.
  9. Funny seeing this as I scrolled up....My wife past me my beer glass like this last night, I was like WTF you doin? lol
  10. Yeah terrible news, seems to surreal that it feels like fake news or a hoax. Even more tragic his oldest daughter was with him and died also (as well as one of her friends and parent). And more surreal it comes less than 24 hours after LeBron passes him for the 3rd All time scoring. RIP Kobe
  11. Seems like many maaany people have the same error... only thing I can find is this might be the problem causing the issue. Knowing me I probably did turn this off. Strange that I got to do a similar wrap up a year ago without a problem and haven't changed any setting before or since that time.
  12. Yup I got the same error last night on my phone and computer, and again just now on the work computer. Seems like it might be a US thing? Is yours a NZ account Lythium? Wonder why it worked for you but no-one else.. must be a logical reason.
  13. Jeezus mate! Its like your overclocking the latest gear using that thing, the CPU probably can't even warm up with that thing running on it LOL Next up your case fan...
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