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  1. Its just a Pilates Ring with switch controller holder, nothing revolutionary. Looks like its an exercise game, like a higher tempo pilates as alot of those movements they are doing are pilates movements. Probably a fun way to get the kids exercising so I'm all for that. Google "Pilates Ring" and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  2. Dirt Rally is Free on Humble Bundle this weekend. Celeste and Inside are the 2 new Free games of the EPIC Store for the week.
  3. Celeste and Inside are the two new FREE game on the EPIC Store. You got 1 week to grab them.
  4. DiRT Rally FREE on Humble Bundle (free for 2 days, and key expires on 5th Sept so make sure you redeem it straight away if you can)
  5. PS+ September Games Darksiders 3 Batman Arkham Knight Great Games, Shame they are in the same month as Borderlands 3, which will likely take up all my limited gaming time for the next 4+ months I'd say.
  6. Yeah Destiny 2 + Osiris (expn 1) + Warmind (expn 2) are coming free. Forsaken, and Shadowkeep are paid expansions. Nice thing is you can buy Shadowkeep on its own, don't need Forsaken. Now the reason I came on. @JorDogg hey man when is weekly reset? From what I'm reading on sites it works out to be Wednesday 5am for us in NZ, is that right? I remember it used to be Tues 9/10pm in D1 days, I vaguely remember it all changed but it's been a while.
  7. Yeah Baldur's Gate is probably near the top of my nostalgic meter, and one of my most loved games, up there with Morrowind/Oblivion back in the day. Spent hundreds of hours playing those 2-3 games. I have these on my GOG wishlist to get on PC, not sure if I want to get them on PS4 with controller or not really. Might have to wait for a review and see if anyone answers the question of how they play with controller vs keyboard/mouse. TLDR: Interested, but might still just get them on PC - cheaper too on PC because they have been out a while now + can play them anytime/any gen on PC in the future.
  8. Torchlight is now up FREE on the EPIC Store. Next up is Limbo - next friday.
  9. Damn if that is legit, you wouldn't want to stand behind it incase it let go early, or you'd have no head.
  10. Double posted. Went to edit but quoted instead.
  11. As Siamese mentions above, PES 2019 has been swapped out for Detroit: Become Human - for this PS+ July month, should be downloadable tonight/tomorrow. Not read anywhere for the reason behind the swap. I'm pretty happy with the swap, it's gone from something I wouldn't play to something I will (at some point)
  12. Sorry I'm not normally the grammar police type but I couldn't resist lol. And I can use this great meme!
  13. Well ya cant exactly fire off by email all those Destiny 1 and 2 excel spreadsheets you make during work to ya colleagues can ya? lol
  14. How old's ya daughter? I'd be keen to know how she goes, got no idea what age range they are normally when they are both interested and capable. Can't wait till my girls are older (only 4 & 2 at the mo) just so I have the excuse to buy new Nintendo hardware & games . I never owned a Nintendo, so this will feel like I'm also fulfilling what I missed out on lol)
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