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  1. SpawnSeekSlay

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finally platinum'ed Borderlands 2 and 100% its DLCs Installed the PS+ free game What Remains of Edith Finch, and finished it over 2 nights. very interesting and well made walking simulator with a pretty fck'd up, albeit sad story. Now started up Borderlands Pre-Sequel , which I have never played nor wanted too, but thought I might get it out the way before B3 releases. This one (like B2) will take me a while to 100%. Then the aim is to go back to Spiderman, then start and finish God of War, all before September when Borderlands 3 drops.
  2. SpawnSeekSlay

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    If Argsy got bumped off course it would have been a rage quit "Argsy has left party chat", "Argsy has left the game" lol Would have loved to but I only had GTA on PS3 from when it released (played a couple of community nights then), had FOMO seeing you all play on PS4 Community nights. Sounds like some rules needed to be put down on the forum though, doesn't sound as chilled out as I thought it would have been on NZG nights.
  3. SpawnSeekSlay

    Free Stuff, Humble Bundles, Steam Sales

    And don't forget to redeem it on Steam too after grabbing it from HB. The redemption deadline is May 16, 2019 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. You have 6 days left!
  4. SpawnSeekSlay

    Lets Game

    I just bought Skyrim special Edition today, been $29.99 on cdkeys forever, feels like I've been checking forever too waiting for a price drop. Finally its on there for a cool $20. So bought it, installed it, and already started the modding of it before even loading in the game. Would get MHW but already have it on PS4, only just moved on from it actually/having a break. Started Spiderman, and playing some Borderlands 2 coop.
  5. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    Not sure, but it's not the old man brushing his teeth one is it? Got shown to me over easter break by the mother-in-law of all people, I left the room before he brushed his teeth. I was like.... Nope I'm out!
  6. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    I'm just thinking about it... Even 10 years after it got shown to me I still feel sick like I did in that moment .
  7. SpawnSeekSlay

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    After 3 weeks off gaming. Finally got my new tv (Samsung Q7 QLED). One of my kids broke the other one the night before our family holiday to the GC 3 weeks ago, pulled it right off the cabinet trying to swivel it. I set the new tv up for gaming with the PS4. Damn it is beautiful. Installed Spiderman (took forever) and wow, its gorgeous. Going from a 1080p to a 4k QLED is ridiculous. Only had enough time to give it a taste, got through the tutorial mission before going to bed, looking forward to more over the coming week. Then aim is to move onto God of War. Gotta get through that AAA backlog before Borderlands 3.
  8. SpawnSeekSlay

    RBL's Character Battle

    No any opinion but FFX is wrong I'll let people away with FFVII though, just because its so close/on par for me.
  9. SpawnSeekSlay

    Borderlands 3

    @Dkindahouse So its only a release day list? Alot of the Nzgamer members do use or have used them, more surprised to meet some here who hasn't. They are really good. Always the cheapest initially, but yes because they are UK based you will have to wait typically 1 week to get it. Think the quickest I've got it was 3-4 days after release date, longest wait was 12 days. Used them since they started in 2011. Only time I haven't used them for a day1 was RDR2 (bought at warehouse) because I didnt want to wait a few days. My IRL friends do a list like this on certain games we all like or want, but we also have nzgameshop and jbhifi in our list. Feel free to add them, or not.
  10. SpawnSeekSlay

    RBL's Character Battle

    This too please
  11. SpawnSeekSlay

    Borderlands 3

    Day 1 most likely for me. Ill be getting it on PS4 as have a lot of friends incl IRL friends from PS3 era and PS4 that I've played a huge amount of BL1 and BL2 with. I'll get it on PC way later down the line when the GOTY version is out and it's on sale. Also NZGameShop as usual have the cheapest price, and I see you've forgotten to include it in the OP dodgy. https://www.nzgameshop.com/search/borderlands+3 $80.99 for the Standard editions (Xbone/PS4) $109.99 for the Deluxe editions (Xbone/PS4)
  12. SpawnSeekSlay

    Bitch Thread

    Please tell me you actually did throw the computer like that... lol I just finished at 9pm tonight, no ones working here at the clinic till me solo on tuesday morning, and some dong at reception has booked 2 people at the same damn time at 8.30am for me to see. Called the boss just now and had to say "dude 2 people at once, tuesday morning, sort it, c ya"
  13. SpawnSeekSlay

    [NSFW] Gifs that made you laugh today...

    My computer at work is so old and shit that it looped super slow the first 4-5 loops while it was loading in. I thought it was the normal speed at first lol I was like holey shiet thats definitely NSFW, could see everything lol
  14. SpawnSeekSlay

    RBL's Character Battle

    Wolverine Hendrik Kotaro Ungrim Ironfist