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  1. Seems like many maaany people have the same error... only thing I can find is this might be the problem causing the issue. Knowing me I probably did turn this off. Strange that I got to do a similar wrap up a year ago without a problem and haven't changed any setting before or since that time.
  2. Yup I got the same error last night on my phone and computer, and again just now on the work computer. Seems like it might be a US thing? Is yours a NZ account Lythium? Wonder why it worked for you but no-one else.. must be a logical reason.
  3. Jeezus mate! Its like your overclocking the latest gear using that thing, the CPU probably can't even warm up with that thing running on it LOL Next up your case fan...
  4. I have 2degrees fibre here in Chch with a Fritzbox (cant remember the model of the top of my head) I don't have an Xbox but ran into the issue with PC Gears of War 4 a few months ago that goes through the Windows Live thing the xbox runs on. I was getting the same issue Xbox people have with connecting through Fritzbox. I couldn't coop with a friend, got the same error each time no matter who tried to join who. Worked out it was me, particularly the 2degrees Fritzbox that has an option in the router settings you have to uncheck. Once i unchecked it everything was all good. From what I read you can't even use Xbox Live, is this the issue you have? With connecting to Live or to others? I remember playing around with the IPv6 but it was a very specific checkbox hidden away in a few tabs. and the setting is found under: /Internet/Filters/Lists ....... at the very bottom of the page is the above setting which comes ticked by default and needs to be unticked in order for the XBOne to make a Teredo Tunnel Source I got it from after about an hour of troubleshooting: https://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=82&topicid=207570 So not sure if its the answer you're looking or was your problem or if its connected to it. I just know the Fritzbox isn't the most user friendly router for xbox/windows live by default. Just make sure that option is unchecked at least.
  5. Skyrim I'd say was my GOTD. That would certainly be my single player game. Honorable mention would be Destiny 1 - some parts perfect, some parts flawed. Spent some 1000 hours playing and made many gaming buddies, enjoyed the grind and the raids - without friends it wouldn't have even been 1/4 of enjoyment. Hopefully there will be another game like it to bring us together and meet more, unfortunately Destiny 2 wasn't it for me (and many of the old raid gang). Off the top of my head that come to mind, the others in my Top 10 - Red Dead Redemption 1 (scrapes in as a 2010 release and is my game of the PS3 generation), Bloodbourne/DarkSouls , Borderlands 2, Witcher 3. Now I haven't played some AAA titles yet - 1/2 way through Spiderman, and Horizon Zero Dawn, then I'm going to God of War, then The Last of Us (I know Im waaay behind) - my goal in 2020 leading to the PS5 is getting those ones above done first and go from there.
  6. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is the FREE game on EPIC game store today
  7. "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator" is FREE @ Epic Games Store
  8. Ape Out is today's free game on EPIC Store
  9. When I saw that yesterday morning GoW was also $9.79. Must have got price hiked as it sold copies. I just bought HZD Complete Edition on 1-day a few weeks ago for $9.99 + $3.50 postage. GoW was the same price but was Sold Out by the time I got on. Weird that a few vendors are flicking these two masterpieces off so cheaply together.
  10. Cheers for that. Weird they must have added it on since the time I got on and did The Escapist, as it was only that yesterday morning (and only that was scheduled to be the free one)
  11. "The Escapists" free on EPIC
  12. SpawnSeekSlay


    Process was all smoke and mirrors. It was already said and done, but they had to show they were doing a process... I think Rennie, and Jamie Joseph/Tony Brown already knew this and hence made their decisions to jump at their offers early in the piece. Foster knows he's going to need to freshen it up (he has already said so), he is well aware of that as an issue and likely seen/heard that from the public and probably even the NZRU. Question is can he keep the general ABs systems and environment in place that the NZRU obviously want, but freshen things up at the same time. The silver lining for me is Razor stays as the Crusaders coach which is good for us. The only long term worry is he might leave and coach oveaseas sooner rather than later - he will be probably the no.1 choice for alot of International teams in the near and far future esp if he continues to do well with the crusaders.
  13. Free on Epic Store - Jotun: Valhalla Edition
  14. Serial Cleaner FREE on Humble Bundle for 2 days Bad North Jotunn Edition FREE on Epic for the next 7 days
  15. Looks pretty average to me from the reviews Ive watched from several places. Its just a walking simulator with cinematic movie cutscenes. I'll be bound to pick it up on sale way down the line and give it a nudge, but doesn't look like a game I'd enjoy after paying full price.
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