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  1. sassydot

    NZGC Help Thread

    I'm not 100% but I believe you will need to do it before, and before you apply for the license It seemed a fairly simple process from what I saw of a flatmate doing it years ago ( similar sort of thing, he went from his birth /father's name to his mother and stepfather's) Going back to using birth (maiden, but I hate that term) name is another kettle of fish entirely. Despite being legally allowed to use it whenever I like, without any "name change" certificates and such, even before divorce, you'd be surprised the number of places that insist I need about ten different documents to use the name I already have. 4 years later and my driver's licence is still in my married name because it was just too hard. Power and broadband accounts, too. NHI has been a nightmare as well. Banks I haven't tried yet
  2. sassydot


    I prefer the radio for tests! Looking forward to it I'll have to remember this thread is here! I tend to just mark Sports read without going in as it's usually rugby and wrestling, neither of which interest me
  3. sassydot

    The Parental Thread

  4. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    A fair few hours yesterday on Graveyard Keeper Starting to figure it out now!
  5. sassydot

    Family Questions

    As she won't be working, you'll only qualify for the subsidy for 9 hours a week, not 50. Once she guess back to work it can be for up to 50 hours, but So you're talking a difference of $11.70 here, minus whatever that $10 a week after tax works out to be. The only way to reduce the parental leave payment is for her employer to declare her usual weekly income to be $10 less than it is. If that paperwork is already in the system, that's a heck of a hassle to change and is going to be scrutinised more than if it was just submitted that way. You could potentially take an hour a week or so pay cut to the same effect, as it is your combined income that counts on the subsidy. But again, you'll only be qualifying for 9 hours a week in any case - it is a very small amount you are 'losing' and most would say, it's not worth the hassle of trying to get up into that next tier!
  6. sassydot

    General Gaming News

    Ooooh that's exciting!
  7. sassydot

    Games & Deals With Gold

    I do recommend Never Alone. It's pretty cute, and painless (for a platformer) The stories explaining the tale behind the game, and the making of the game, are interesting too.
  8. sassydot

    Elder Scrolls Online

    This weekend sometime?
  9. sassydot

    NZGC Meta

    Chrome on 7.1 and mine is fine! How odd!
  10. sassydot

    Now Playing

    Agreed on Algorithm, Blockades and Pressure. Not a fan of The Dark Side, but I also don't skip it like I do Propoganda and Break It To Me, so I guess it's ok. Those two are still on my playlist but I don't know why, I should actually go and remove them I really like Something Human (and Blockades). Thought Contagion is just ok. Dig Down I can't tell if I like it or if it's just familiar now. The Void I don't like at all. Get Up and Fight I like, but it's not Muse, iykwim. As a song I like it the more I listen to it, but as a Muse song it doesn't do it for me. I feel like it was maybe cut from Drones, and remixed a bit for this? Just feels like it belongs to that album's story, without the electronic stuff. (As does Dig Down, somewhat)
  11. sassydot

    NZGC Help Thread

    We wouldn't have spent any more than $400 on my wedding to my ex lol I didn't want the whole thing anyway (registry office is more my style), so I had no issue telling everyone who decided we had to have a show for them that they could pay for it. We paid for the license thing. The celebrant was a family friend *just* 'qualified' and had to do a supervised ceremony to finish off anyway, so we reimbursed her for travel. It was "no gifts" - invites stated that afternoon tea would be provided, but in lieu of gifts, we request that guests who choose to attend the dinner please cover their own costs. Some people still brought gifts, but they were small and more personal. A lot of people request money in lieu of gifts these days, but it's still often badly received by guests (and then there's the issue of how much they're 'expected' to contribute causing conflicts, both internal and external). my mother bought fabric and made my dress which was very basic, my sister did my hair. I printed invites myself on the computer. my stepfather drove me. my ex's siblings paid the photographer (which we got cheap cos it was in the middle of winter and he had nothing else likely to be booked), his brother did some videoing his parents bought stuff for an afternoon tea, we hired a couple of crates of crockery and glasses everyone who wasn't local enough to do a daytrip, paid for their own damn accomodation ceremony and afternoon tea was at our home, we bought a few decorations (like some ribbons and stuff) from the warehouse. naturally there was no "rehersal", pre-event shenanigans or bridal party bullshit I don't like jewelry and can't wear gold anyway, so bands were just sterling silver for a grand cost of $68. I think I borrowed some shoes, or maybe already had some... not sure later in the evening we had a dinner at a local restaurant where we had pre-arranged them to allow multiple bills per table - that worked really well as there was a full menu, it was kid-friendly and had a play area for them, and a full bar I'm not sure where the cake came from or who paid for that (but it wasn't us). I never got any of it though cos while we were out in the freezing cold getting photos done, my new SIL decided that what was left was spare as everyone had had some, and bundled the rest away to take home for her kids' school lunches. My ex is still sore about that. I joked to him at his second wedding in March, hey, at least you got some of your cake this time! --- So those are probably all impractical ideas for your situation, depending on how locked in you are to venues and such, and what your girlfriend's expectations are... but might spawn some other idea where you might be able to cut costs. Failing that.... get invites out, THEN ask for financial assistance. You can't then invite people you don't want to, cos that's already been and gone! A lot of stuff that seems trivial and small in the grand scheme of costs, they all add up to quite a bit in the end - assuming you haven't already decided to forgo them, these will either be things that will blow your budget (if you haven't thought of them yet to factor into costs) or are things that will really save some $ if you have and decide to do away with them. Stuff like professional invites/save the date letters etc, table favours and bridal party gifts, decorations, flowers...
  12. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    Some of the best fun we had in 2 was finding our own jump areas, not having them handed to us on a plate with some arbitrary target, that, once met held no appeal to do it again. Crashing or landing funny results in a "fail", not a clip opportunity because of how hilarious it was, making the whole thing feel like a chore, not fun and road trips across a *less* open map were more fun, all heading somewhere, going different ways and laughing when people found themselves up against car meet walls, lakes and other impassable barriers. You learned the map, because you had to. Now we can go anywhere, but it all feels the same.
  13. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    It was just boring. Once I got through the initial completing the roads and finding the boards, it was all just the same old same old. Too much focus on tricks still. I liked the idea of the stories, until I realised they're just the bucket list repackaged. The Online SUCKS and Forzathon was boring The AI/drivatar/difficulty was broken No direction. Progression means squat. Apart from the lake freezing over in Winter, seasons changed NOTHING. It was fun changing my outfit to suit the season for the first couple of weeks, but that was it. It's just a gimmick I don't give a fuck about the cars, in fact I spend most of my time trying to get them OUT of my garage, so don't care about credits. I am over the cheesiness of it ("it's your dream LIFE" oh, fuck off), the formula and it all just being repackaged again and again and being sold on the graphics while the gameplay is stale toast.
  14. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah I read that it's generally accepted as the most difficult level in any of Insomniac's Spyros
  15. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    damn, treetops is awful poor lil dragon, just being yeeted off ramps all over the show and that chaining of them to get the last two areas... good god