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  1. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah I read that it's generally accepted as the most difficult level in any of Insomniac's Spyros
  2. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    damn, treetops is awful poor lil dragon, just being yeeted off ramps all over the show and that chaining of them to get the last two areas... good god
  3. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    You know you can change the camera active/passive in the menu?
  4. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Nice. I'm at 50% now. This is my first time though so it's all learning! Trying to 100% each level as I go through Had the second one on PlayStation, but never got far in it.
  5. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Spyro! It's so good! Apart from the flight levels which I'll go back and do last, have 100% the first two worlds, plus magic crafters home & wizard peak. Now working on Alpine Ridge.
  6. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    We've let game pass expire, no more Horizon here unless the expansions are just THAT good Which seems unlikely given that we're getting Storm Island Remastered ™
  7. sassydot

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    My daughter is home sick today and I'm a pushover, so... we got the Spyro trilogy It looks wonderful Turns out if you jump in the ponds, you drown That's all I saw before I left for work
  8. sassydot

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    Scored a 6-point achievement in Dirt Rally, so now finally have my gamerscore back onto a multiple of 5! (I screwed it up playing Threes) I know it's a meaningless number and I shouldn't care... but dammit, I cared!
  9. sassydot

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    Waited a few hours after seeing online while I was having breakfast, to be sure it was true and not just TMZ misreporting again Sad I guess, but gosh it was almost a case of 'any day now'. Marvel goes on and they're probably got enough cameo footage shot to keep him in them with CGI and such until the franchises burn out
  10. sassydot

    Bitch Thread

    If they're coughing or sneezing into their inner elbow or shoulder,, that's actually the 'cleaner' way of doing it. If they're just slobbering all over you or public surfaces directly tho, then yeah, that's gross I'd almost prefer people don't cover and simply turn away, than use their hands to catch a sneeze/cough Unless you can wash your hands right away, all you'll be doing is spreading that shit even further, as now it's in the air AND all over everything you touch.
  11. sassydot

    The Parental Thread

    lol before I had my son, my sister told me the tale of her friend who had 3 boys and their having to replace the entire floor (coverings and boards) in BOTH their toilets after 4-5 years of boys standing to pee and missing the bowl / dribbling and it rotting Mine was never given the option of standing.
  12. sassydot

    General Gaming News

    Been out for a couple of weeks now, but we just remember about it yesterday! Stardew Valley is now (released 24th Oct) available on iOS, $13.99. It will be coming to Android at some stage. Full game (no multiplayer), no microtrans or anything like that. Just good old Stardewness. My daughter bought it this morning, so if anyone wants to know anything about how it works on a touchscreen, I can find out. Between the three of us, we've now bought this "cheap" game 4 times on xbox, both kids bought it on Steam, and now the girlchild has it on her ipad too.
  13. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    Thanks for that. I was hoping for an expanded map e.g. via a bridge that is blocked off or not, but not surprised they have just gone this way. Again. Already pretty much over it anyway. Think I'll finish those stories before our free 2 months of gamepass run out, but that might be it!
  14. sassydot

    Now Playing

    I liked that, thanks!
  15. sassydot

    Now Playing

    Simulation Theory I'm a big Muse fan, but... I'm not sure about this one