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  1. God, who's the asshole driving that thing?!
  2. It's the upcoming one so it'll be free after the 15th, for playing 22/23
  3. My daughter wants to play some of the Pokemon games, but her budget is limited. I think she's willing to go up to $100 at this point. Much more than that and I said to her, you might as well buy new. If anyone has a 2 or 3 DS XL gathering dust, let me know. She wants the foldable type, not the big doorstop one. Even an original one might do if it still goes ok Bonus if it comes with a Pokemon game or two
  4. My Time At Portia. Really enjoying this. Definitely look into it if you enjoyed Stardew. It's a bit more fleshed out with story, and more focus on crafting, rather than planting and harvesting crops. Apparently the Switch version has issues, though, so maybe not on that!
  5. Turns out apart from once going to NZHerald site, out of habit and leaving once the home page loaded, I haven't looked at it at all since they went "premium" and haven't missed it I hope a lot of people have found they've done the same... All that lost advertising revenue each day, even if it's only cents each, adds up. (Heh, adds) Little can be big, right!
  6. home-work-home may be less stress, but does get you stuck in a bit of a rut (unless you're super-duper introverted, but even the best of us like to get out sometimes, just to do less intensely social stuff). Being stuck in a rut isn't much good for depression. I have dysthymia and mostly self-manage as I can't take SSRIs; I was on a tricyclic (nortriptyline) for a few years. Anyway one thing I notice is that when I end up in a work-home-dinner-clean-work etc routine, same thing day in and day bloody out, I get more stressed over small stuff. Kicking caffeine always makes me feel better. It's a week of hell to get there, maybe do it when you're sick as anyway so you don't notice so much. But when I'm off it I feel SO MUCH BETTERER and I do notice I don't get sick with colds and stuff nearly so much. Was off it for a good 18 months when my kids were toddlers and did not catch even one of their assorted snotty noses or tummy bugs from kindy, or from the general public at work. Same with sugar but that's a harder beast to fight IMO. If you can, though. Blah blah blah exercise and shiz, I'm sure you know all that already though. Um yeah, try going decaf. Compare results in a month.
  7. Figure this is the best place for this... Mightyape will be ceasing the Banana Points programme and converting all existing banana points into Primate memberships from the 27th May https://www.mightyape.co.nz/blog/6966/important-announcement-about-banana-points
  8. NZHerald's new "premium" subscription service. Most of the articles on their website are now behind a paywall. Stuff I read for free on Monday is now "premium" content. I generally only go to the trash section (i.e. lifestyle) but even there stuff is paywalled like they don't just rip it from elsewhere Oh well. I guess that's it then. One less site to eat my time. Farewell NZHerald, it was fun while it lasted. Stuff generally has it first anyway, I just hate their autoplay videos.
  9. Damn that sucks I got one of the really nasty strains back in 2001. It ripped through the boarding hostel for the two schools in Blenheim, and the rest of us started coming down with it too. remember the cough and throat all too well
  10. My kids are fans of bread, BBQ sauce, mayo, cheese microwaved Sometimes they add ham
  11. After reading about the stoner toastie I came home and made my own Disappointing Maybe the real thing has some magic to it, but my attempt is seriously less than the sum of its parts. It's not like I'm a bad cook, it's just not as good as mi goreng and a cheese toastie on the side would be, iykwim. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=12225993
  12. A bit late to the party...but if it comes on sale again... We got it on xbox on launch and really enjoyed it, moreso than Horizon 4, which we only gamepassed for the free couple of months then ditched. It was worth it full price, and definitely worth $28. It's very different to the first one, so if you weren't a fan of the obnoxious 'story' that came with that, don't let it put you off. It's much better in co-op than solo IMO, but that's cos I suck and need a partner to win the races for me
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