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  1. sassydot

    Rainbow Six Siege + Gamepass Giveaway XB1

    We have a code for R6 Siege as well if anyone missed this one and wants it let me know
  2. sassydot

    Epic Deals & Sales

    Was just at the warehouse this afternoon and they had a bunch of their download tokens for Xbox reduced (the ones that come bundled with the consoles) We scored Assassin's Creed Origins for $9.97
  3. sassydot

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    500+ achievements and over 15k gamerscore before I broke my streak. Not bad, especially considering I was finishing stuff I already had, not especially buying quick completions or anything
  4. sassydot

    Gaming Nights!

    If you need any boosting for the multiplayer achieves in 2, let us know. We have some playing going on tonight, but after 10 so might be too late for you. Also 1 as well, although those servers can be a bit touchy.
  5. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    Sweet. mvon is up for that. I'll be in zzzzzzzland or not far from it @Dkindahouse if you want to install and play. Also maybe @Jenesyde and @flukestah and @SkylineObsession?
  6. sassydot

    Today I...

    Don't trust that it's closed.
  7. sassydot

    The Backlog Support Group

    Oooh, nice tidying I let mine expire and just piggyback off mvon's via home consoling. Gonna have to renew it long enough to finish x360 Horizon 2 though, as it's a cloud save and now I can't access it I suffered a bit of Telltale burnout, and only finished Tales From the Borderlands Still have a few from my February list left, but it was a fair joint effort with mvon and I both working on it, then in April we tackle his! - over 15k gamerscore gained in February and definitely knocked a few of the bastards off! Going to take my time through March and do a few more that remain. 1. God of Light 2. Valiant Hearts 3. The Walking Dead (TT) 4. The Walking Dead 2 (TT) 5. Game of Thrones (TT)
  8. sassydot

    Gaming Nights!

    IMO you're not missing much
  9. sassydot

    Gaming Nights!

    Ollie would be up for Tfall2 if you do that.
  10. sassydot

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    302 Achievements for February, and counting https://www.trueachievements.com/winstreak.aspx?gamerid=540199&start=070219
  11. sassydot

    Gaming Nights!

    No one here plays games any more... I didn't even bother renewing Gold Did anyone actually buy Horizon 4? :lol: I think we all free gamepassed it, then just passed on it after that.
  12. sassydot

    The Backlog Support Group

    Well I've had a bit of a Backlog Blitz™ for February, and it's not over yet Had two weeks off work, and finished Motorsport 6 in that time as I planned. Also polished off Pneuma, Submerged, Never Alone and Beyond Eyes that were just missing a few achievements. And The Crew 2. Nabbed a few more Dragon Age Origins achievements. Am currently playing Thomas Was Alone, God of Light, and Tales From the Borderlands. Valiant Hearts and finishing Abzu after that. Motorsport Apex, Age of Empires Definitive, some Halo MCC and some Killer Instinct got in there too, but those were never on my "backlog" so they don't count here Some windows games for funsies. Both versions of Ori and the Blind Forest were finished for me. Again, not on my backlog as I never intended to play them, but hey, I'll take the gamerscore! So.... where does that leave my backlog list...? Hopefully I'll knock off in February: x. Thomas Was Alone 1. God of Light x. Tales From the Borderlands (TT) 2. Valiant Hearts x. Abzu 3. The Walking Dead (TT) 4. The Walking Dead 2 (TT) 5. Game of Thrones (TT) x. Hue x. Song of the Deep 6. Gone Home Going forward from there, in no particular order: Forza Motorsport 3, 4 & 7, Horizon 2 (x360) Dragon Age Origins, Inquisition ESO Morrowind, Summerset, Murkmire, Elswyr Graveyard Keeper DiRT Rally Spyro Reignited Azkend 2 Steamworld Dig Oblivion, Skyrim (360), Skyrim SE ALL OF THE ASSCREES
  13. sassydot

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    You must have got them on skills maybe? My son only got the 2500 races/ultimate skills one!