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  1. siamesedreams

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    MW was my first console COD. Before that I was a pc gamer with counterstrike mostly. Remember playing COD and COD2 on PC but didnt play multiplayer (did they even have it then?)
  2. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    This is the 2nd, no more planned. Both kids were one hit wonders so probably going to get the snippety snip haha!
  3. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    That pic says starting in March - Battle Royale Firestorm. Where you getting June from? I know NZ82 always stated March and everything I saw about it indicated March, but yeah I'm like you - dont care. New baby then as well so doubtful I will get much time in it.
  4. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Sweet as, Ost, Quack, Madcant and I had a pretty long session on Friday night and knocked them out. Happy to play that mode tonight though if that's the consensus.
  5. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Not heard any delay - however perhaps they are just laying low while Apex cleans up the battle royale scene at the moment. Drop some info once that has died down? Its not really my mode so I dont care much about it really.
  6. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Should be on tonight to do some ToW if anyone is keen.
  7. siamesedreams

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Thats a good price Ati - I don't have it but it looked interesting. I enjoy arcade type racers.
  8. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Few rough games last night, that Tides of War challenge really distracts from PTFO. I went a whole round of panzerstorm with Ost without getting one kill while in a tank/mobile ground vehicle. Lots of hitmakers, not 1 kill! Ost managed to run over a few people so all wasn't lost. That Hamada map that I was shocked to have come first in and Yahoo sarcastically called me out? Checked my footage and when I was trying to do the tank stuff I had gone half the round and was 5 kills for 10 deaths. Probably about 15th or so on the scoreboard. Got annoyed at being killed as top gunner or staring at walls as front gunner and switched to sniping/PTFO and ended up somewhere in the 25 kills for 13 deaths so clearly turned it around. Didnt mean to sound like a whining kid but was astounded that I had come first when the start was a complete cluster**k. Perhaps it goes to show just how many people were distracted from PTFO while trying to complete these ToW challenges? Looking forward to the challenges for the Ross Marksman rifle. Level 34 ToW at the moment so probably dont need to focus so much on the ones I find to impact gameplay too much.
  9. siamesedreams

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Gotta get up to 3000 hours
  10. siamesedreams

    Switch gaming news

    Never played Links Awakening (I'm a late Zelda convert) so I'm keen on that. I had a Zelda watch when I was a kid sometime in the 80's. So that technically was my first Zelda game. I dont remember much about it. Twilight Princess on the wii was the first one I played and completed. Then I started Skyward Sword but never finished it - it just didn't grab me like TP. Then I finished the remaster of Windwaker. Then it was Breath of the Wild which was just an awesome awesome game, only gripe for it is the lack of dungeons in place of the shrines and divine beasts.
  11. siamesedreams

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    I've still got it installed - but not played it since finishing the campaign yonks ago though
  12. siamesedreams

    Apex Legends

    Damn thats criminal man. I'd be spewing! Join up with NZ82 and Seraph I got my win with them. Not played again since then though, but I'm pretty sure NZ82 has been playing heaps and has racked up quite a few firsts.
  13. siamesedreams

    Apex Legends

    I'd actually enjoy it way more if you launched in with your chosen weapon or something like that. Would make it super fun for me. Finding a sniper rifle but not finding a scope to go with it is the definition of no presents on xmas morning!
  14. siamesedreams

    Apex Legends

    Had a couple more games last night, mind not changed at all. I got some kills and we came first but I'm sure that the battle royale mode really isn't my cup of tea. I still have not played the tutorial or really used my legends special moves etc yet though. I should really do that and perhaps that will bring more fun to it. I'll have a few more games while the irons hot but I cant see myself sticking with it longterm. Especially if the BFV squad battle royale mode is more to my tastes.
  15. siamesedreams

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Yeah the 3x was all I've ever used on the ZH, but there's a lot of defensive play in breakthrough and I found that the 6x on those were getting the job done. Can usually get 2 shots off before they get one. Only annoyance is the better players who you hit once then they run behind cover and never come back. Especially the ones you get with a headshot and know that with a bolt action they would be toast already.