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  1. Trine 1 was good, 2 was excellent and 3 was meh. Infact I never finished 3. Glad they went back to 2.5D Will pick this up down the line sometime.
  2. Bad Religion coming in December (Auckland) Lagwagon coming in March 2020 (Auckland and Wellington) Both shows gonna be awesome.
  3. Was quite fun last time we did, bunch of dudes crouching down shuffle walking around waist high barriers with their bow and arrow primed - was pretty hilarious. Always preferred the MP in Uncharted though - would be in for a Monday of that.
  4. Yeah you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wants to play the Last of Us who hasn't already played it, bit of a fizzer for me this month. Would have been keen on NBA2k19, or NHL19 but baseball isn't for me
  5. Modern Warfare Remastered - Finally got round to doing the campaign for this. I remember absolutely loving it when it first came out on PS3 back in the day but I didn't get the same feeling with this. Probably just showing its age. Felt like I flew through it too. Maybe had the difficulty too low.
  6. Did you get the code for the Blackops 4 Captain Price skin? I got that a few weeks back but disregarded it since I dont have BLOPS4. I went to the COD site and entered that code in and it gave me a code for the Open Beta. Added it to my download queue now.
  7. Picked up Yoshis Crafted World - its simple but really fun. Kids will love it when they get old enough to play. Downloaded and played a few of the SNES games but its basically the SNES classic at the moment so hoping for some different ones loaded soon. I loaded up other roms onto my SNES classic so that's my go to for SNES and Megadrive gaming currently. TMNT Turtles in Time for the win! Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion always good too, not to mention Lion King and the megadrive version of Aladdin. I see they are doing a physical release of those for the switch soon (Aladdin and Lion King)
  8. Have you been sent a code for the beta yet Outlaw? Tossing up whether to contact JB for a code.
  9. Detroit - Played it on the harder setting and made it to the end with Connor and Hank as friends, Luthor, Alice and Kara made it to Canada, Marcus and North free the androids. As Marcus I played with a peaceful protest style up until the government agents/cops boarded Jericho and started killing androids. Then I decided to make an assault on the camps to free my people. What annoyed me is that after I chose this I got scolded by the game for doing so "violence doesn't solve anything" blah blah blah. So after I got this ending I restarted from the choice Marcus makes on whether to march peacefully to the camps instead of an assault and played that out to completion as well. I kept Josh alive this time but everything else was the same - wasn't really worth it.
  10. Ben_Aus sent me like 5 requests in a row to play Star Trek with you fellas last night - had to send him a F OFF message When are we getting back into the Ninty nights? Need to drum up the interest.
  11. Wipeout and Sniper Elite 4 are Augusts games. Kinda bummed as I bought Sniper Elite in a recent sale. Its pretty average to be honest, but thats just my opinion. It got really decent reviews - just doesn't do it for me. Only played the first 3 or so missions.
  12. Got an email with a code for some BLOPS 4 stuff due to the pre-order. So looking good so far....
  13. I've played and thoroughly enjoyed 1 and 2. 3 I have played some of but I dont think I finished it, I didnt like it as much as the others. Need to go back in and see where I am at with it.
  14. No takeback email from JB so far. So i guess I just have to wait until release and see if I get it for $59 or not.
  15. The new Modern Warfare game has been listed at JBHiFi for $59. Theres also the remastered version for $59 so I think someone has made a mistake. With the new single player campaign looking good this seems like a pretty sweet deal. I've pre-ordered so lets see if they honour it or send me an email saying its a mistake and refund me..... https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/playstation-4/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/366715/
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