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  1. Back to Marvel's Spider Man for me plus Guacamelee (start of backlog clearance!) and a small amount of BFV for the FPS fix, and some Pinball FX3.
  2. Oh man, the hype is building again for this game! It's been a long time coming mind you, hopefully more details around dates etc. will be release at EA Play this weekend coming...
  3. Did you get a PS4 Pro with it too for the 4k? Or is the step up even noticeable on the vanilla PS4? I've only really been playing BFV regularly at the moment, every 2nd night or so for a couple of hours at a time. I know i need to start working on the backlog but that shit just makes me anxious lol. I've been reading a lot of hate towards the new MK but it looks quite fun on the YT videos I've seen...
  4. Good haul that! Arcade machine looks so good bro, super jelly.
  5. Shit sorry I meant May actually whoops! They split the three different new items across each month in Jan-Mar, and I thought it might have been the same for Firestorm. You're right though, it says starting in March for all of them... so fuck knows now ha ha.
  6. I'm pretty sure BFV BR mode isn't until June at the earliest (based on the roadmap timing). Apex is doing nothing for me either, trying to play it it just reaffirmed that I can't stand BR games lol. The same will no doubt apply to BF BR too...
  7. Played an hour or so last night of campaign and hit level 3 I think (max for beta is 7 IIRC) after first couple of missions. It's very "samey" and I'm not sure if that's good or bad yet (or both). Dare I say it but it's almost like a new map and patch on my vanilla PS4. Sound and dialogue, weapon handling, and gadgets all handle well just like they did in the original. Keen to try out the end game invaded mission with a full squad and all the toys at rank 30, plus mop up the side missions before venturing into the DZ. Should be on tonight, Sat and Sun nights.
  8. Sounds like my thoughts exactly on this! I jumped in finally last night and had a couple of games. The first two saw my squad mates drop out immediately just before launch so I was solo YOLO'ing. Got one kill in my third match and that was it. I think I need to play with NZGC squads perhaps to get a better gauge/feel for it but certainly not my cup of tea at this stage. I've never enjoyed the idea of battle royale modes/games, hated the 10 mins only of Fortnite I played, and I'm actually not even that keen on BFV's upcoming BR mode anyway ha ha. This game certainly won't be pulling me away from BFV anytime soon. I agree though that the game is well polished and full with content (and free!).
  9. 6x ? Wow doubt I could pull that off, I love the 3x on the AR/DMR's though. When are the new Tides of War assignments out, today maybe?
  10. I signed up in August last year for it, I got an email last night with my code. You need to enter the code into the PS store (or XBone I guess) and it unlocks the download etc. It sounds like it feels similar but in a good way? I'm really looking forward to this now.
  11. Private beta locked and loaded for tonight - can't wait! P.S. anyone wanna help me boost rogue kills in DZ so I can finally plat the first one??
  12. Looks quite fun actually. Might give this a whirl if I get any spare time (lol what's that).
  13. quackdog


    I really wasn't sure about this one going into the demo but it's a big fat NO now that I've "had the pleasure" of experiencing it... I'm super keen for the Division 2 now, especially after the very recent game play video of an end game mission. Hopefully I can get into the Beta which I'm signed up for but no word yet
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