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  1. Great haul @iLythium, I only managed in 35 in March. Animal Crossing and a very busy work/home schedule have decimated my game time.
  2. I agree, the remaster looks pretty decent and the story was definitely worth another go. Trophies weren't too bad to get...
  3. Today I 1. Built a fort out of 20 boxes and defended it from invaders. 2. Chased a sweetie eating monster around the garden. 3. Made face masks out of glitter and cereal boxes. 4. Baked bread and muffins. 5. Launched a space girl into space. 6. Successfully crossed a floor of lava. 7. Read 19 different books. 8. Cooked a 'good poopy' dinner. 9. Had my slippers stolen and held hostage. 10. Gave into the kidnapper's demands and had my toenails painted. Today has been an interesting one.
  4. Great review boss.
  5. I caved and bough animal crossing so I could live vicariously through my little avatar. Im enjoying it so far though I'm incredibly concerned at the rate that I'm becoming indebted to a racoon.
  6. Thats shit @iLythium, I know flights and accommodation aren't covered but did they at least refund you the ticket for the event?
  7. Some time to catch me up on the trophy count?
  8. Im thinking of getting one of these but can I ask which kind of games did you try this on? I can see this being good for FPS but did any others benefit? The official PS4 dual charging station uses the input next to the 3.5mm output. They're pretty good.
  9. Cheers guys, Its been an awesome distraction and I've had a laugh trying out a huge variety of games.
  10. The Good, the Okay and the Ugly During the first 2 months of 2020 I was unexpectedly given the time to crack on with some of my backlog and to feed my burgeoning trophy addiction. Last year after listening too much to Greg Miller I bought a handful of trophy games which sat hiding in my backlog like dirty secrets amongst games I genuinely had an interest in but hadn’t had the time. Chuck in some PS+ offerings and I’ve played some games that vary from the sublime to the downright horrible so I thought I would give you a heads up. Happy to answer any questions about them. Listed from good to ugly. The Good 1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order – This was my favourite of the bunch. The game made me feel like a Jedi coming into their powers. Starting with only a select few you have to earn the right to be a force wielding powerhouse trying to rebuild the Order. The story and supporting characters were great and genuinely kept me hooked. 2. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – This is one of the first games that after the credits rolled, I immediately went and watched the making of documentary. Really interesting take on psychosis and presented in both a horrifying and sympathetic way. Combined with a well told Norse story and simple but effective battle mechanics, this game is a true gem. 3. BioShock 2 (PS Plus)– I missed this game out the first time round and played the other 2 games in the trilogy. Shorter, more colourful and again the amazing storytelling as seen in the original, this was well worth the return to Rapture. 4. BioShock (PS plus)– When this came out (Granted a little later for the PS3 then the other platforms) this was revolutionary. A shooter with a great storyline and ethical choices that had an impact to both how easy the game was and the end outcome. These may now be more common, but this was a first for me. The remaster showcases Rapture as I remember it though the combat feels slightly dated nowadays. 5. Deponia – I just completed the first game of this point and click adventure series. Gives off a Monkey island vs Discworld vibe which I really like. Puzzles are logical, intuitive and funny. Control system isn’t perfect but serviceable. I bought the quadrilogy for 30 bucks which is a complete steal. 6. The Little Acre – Another point and click adventure game – this time set in Ireland (Mostly) and well worth anyone’s time. Its short but well made with tight story, characters you want to get to know and a beautiful art style. The Okay 1. Accounting+ (PSVR) – Loud, mostly funny and very colourful, the first VR game from the makers of Rick and Morty. It falls into the group of early VR experiences that are short and seem to finish just as you’re getting into it. 2. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible lair – If you played the first game you know what to expect from the aesthetic but this game changes from the 3d platformer to the 2d side scrolling platformer which makes this game, in my opinion better than the first. Platforming was great and the mechanic where you can change the levels by unlocking different environmental factors (Flood, freeze, add hurricane etc) adds a great twist. I don’t know why but it just didn’t win me over like the first one did. At time of writing I am yet to complete the impossible lair! 3. Burly Men at sea – A walking simulator with a simple but beautiful design where the fun arises from repetitive viewing an alternative choices. Short, pleasant but ultimately it runs out of steam. 4. Goat simulator (PS Plus)– Never played one of these before and found it to be great fun. Glitchy as hell but that’s the point, often with glitches being beneficial. However what brought own the experience was that horrifying trophy requiring you to complete a flappy bird like game. 5. Rime (PS Plus) – I had high hopes for this game, I had reviewed the other came developed by tequila works, the Sexy Brutale and that was a masterpiece. This time they made an adventure platformer with Journey feel to it. It felt like it missed the mark with the story being a little two obtuse and the platforming occasionally finickity. 6. Mr Massagy – Okay, its got a slightly dodgy title and its made by the same crew that brought us ‘My name is Mayo’ but unlike its predecessor I found it funny. Yes it’s a trophy grab and a rather lackluster dating sim but I had some fun with it. 7. 36 Fragments of Midnight – Short, unexplained story but well-made platformer. Trophy grab but alright. The Ugly 1. The Sims 4 (PS Plus) – This is not my kind of game; I didn’t really give it a chance as I was in it solely for the Platinum (read addiction above) and did not play it the way it was designed. Unsurprisingly given the above I did not enjoy my experience. 2. My Name is Mayo – Trophy grab and repetitive strain injury to my thumb. 3. Nubla – Tries to be an artsy game and set in an art gallery (I quite like exploring art galleries) Unfortunately the game has poor and highly frustrating controls. 4. Drowning – A walking simulator attempting to give players the ability to experience depression. The story was interesting but the gameplay, art style and sound were terrible. Thanks for reading.
  11. Where are you going to set it up? They're pretty big and you need a decent distance. I First got into it in Queenstown, then moving to New Plymouth I find they have a 9 hole course down the road!
  12. Wow, I cannot wait to get my hands on this.
  13. Coffee Addict

    Dreams Review

    I think I would fall into your group as well of giving it a shot and then just playing other people's creations.
  14. Im definitely interested to finally compare the two offerings side by side. Im liking what the xbox is offering so far but I love the playstation exclusives so Playstation would really have to miss the mark to make me chose the Xbox as my first dip into the new generation. Hopefully will be able too get both eventually.
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