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  1. I've got over 500 trophies for 2020 513 trophies, of which 14 are platinums (639 if Plats are worth 10). February platinums include BioShock 1, Hellblade Senua's sacrifice, Sims 4 and Drowning. I'm one trophy away from both the BioShock 2 and Yooka laylee platinums which I'm aiming to get before February is up. EDIT - Also feeling much better and getting back to full strength.
  2. Completed BioShock 2 and now playing the DLC before going back for a second time to complete hard mode. I didn't get round to playing it originally when it came out for the PS3 but have really enjoyed expanding Rapture's story.
  3. Just finished BioShock remastered, the original was one of my first games that I played on my PS3. It's still a really amazing game to play and the underwater, Art Deco world of rapture is still one of my favourite places to explore. I strongly recommend anyone to have a go especially if you just got it with PS+ monthly games.
  4. Thats pretty good going, alas no such luck with me as both my PS2s both died years ago. The OG had a technical fault and the replacement slim got run over whilst moving after Uni.
  5. Any luck getting it to download? The remake has thrown a few glitches towards the end by crashing multiple times and the Autosave being a bit hit and miss but overall still worth it if you can get it downloaded.
  6. The original bioshock remastered - damn I forgot how much I loved this game!
  7. Sounds pretty awesome, has your PS2 survived all this time?
  8. Prior to starting the game, I'd heard about the collectable trophy and not having a chapter select to go back to after completion. I had a guide for all the of the glyph markers at hand so I could find any missing ones before progressing. I agree - I'm also not a big fan of going back through the entire game to collect one thing for a platinum trophy. Tried it once for Murder Soul Suspect and due to a glitch, collecting the item wasn't recognised and I still didn't get the trophy.
  9. Just completed Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Was playing wearing headphones and the Audio was amazing. Really enjoyed the game and can see why Xbox were to bring them on as a first party studio. Would recommend watching the short documentary that comes with the game.
  10. Vincent was my favourite Character from FFVII, I loved how his limit break evolved before becoming that super badass demon. Never played Dirge of Cerberus. Hadn't heard of it before.
  11. Bought it when it was reduced in the sale - will try it out next week.
  12. Honestly if you’re stuck at home, pretty much curtailed from doing anything and have a stockpile of some decent and some trophy hunter games, it’s achievable. It looks like I’ve been sidelined for February as well so As soon as I’m home I’ll try and see how many I can get this time. I’m hoping in March that I’ll be working and not able to get any.
  13. Game of the year - Star Wars fallen order PlayStation - blood and truth Nintendo - luigi’s mansion 3 might try and get astral chain and give it a go
  14. Back in hospital - requiring further surgery. 2020 is bollocks.
  15. Up to 287 with 10 platinums for January. ps plus - Rime and Goat simulator ( flappy goat can go fuck itself ) Vr accounting plus. unfortunately back in hospital with complications so that’s it for Jan.
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