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  1. Coffee Addict

    TV Shows

    I watched the first episode of the Umbrella Acadamy and dayum that was a good first shot. Kinda like X-men - rich bloke gathers kids together, special powers, trains them in a mansion. Pretty violent, dark and I can't wait to see where it's going.
  2. Coffee Addict

    Switch gaming news

    So 4 hours into FF9 and though I enjoyed myself there are a few silly things that detract some of which I hope can be patched (Though I'm not sure they will bother). The characters are much sharper, crisper and more colorful than the original this leads to a stark contrast with the prerendered backgrounds. These seem almost like the soul has been drained from them by being a bit tired. The addition of a way to pass the game quicker (battle assist and general speeding up) both don't work how you would want them to. The other options I've avoided as infinite gill and maxed out MP/HP are more cheats.
  3. Coffee Addict

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    FF9 on the Switch - really enjoying getting back into this awesome game.
  4. Coffee Addict

    Switch gaming news

    Nintendo just announced that they've remade the first ever console game (Portable granted) that I owned as a child and I seriously cannot wait. I got it the year after release along with Donkey Kong for the Gameboy. They also just dropped Final Fantasy 9 on the switch (Downloading now)- probably my second favorite FF. I also just got offered a job. Today is fecking amazing.
  5. Coffee Addict

    Doom & Destiny Review

    Loving the Pink Floyd nod!
  6. Coffee Addict

    Putting the Fantasy back into the Final Fantasy Franchise?

    Final fantasy 9 is coming to the switch this year - an amazing fantasy heavy game which I can’t wait to get my mitts on. More like this please.
  7. Coffee Addict

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Picked up Reverie on the Switch for something to play on the go and man its a pretty cool game.
  8. Coffee Addict

    Déraciné PSVR review

    I really, really enjoyed it and man that ending was great.
  9. Coffee Addict

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    That is the single most annoying thing when I'm trophy hunting. Especially if they're locked out later in the game, hence the reason I never platinumed Murdered Soul Suspect.
  10. Coffee Addict

    Déraciné PSVR review

    During my childhood and adolescent years, I would often find myself exploring historical sites such as Roman ruins, ancient castles, and stately homes. Not only did it give my exasperated parents something to keep me busy during the holidays, but it also fueled my love for history. My strongest memories are the fantastical stories told by local people (often gardeners and housekeepers) that had been polished and refined with the generations. Stories about faeries leading fine people astray, devils waylaying travelers and princes locked away in towers fuelled my imagination. I was skeptical as a child but the environment in which the tales were recounted would ground the tale in real life and make it harder for me to push aside the ghost stories so lavishly told. Déraciné (from the makers of Bloodborne and Darksouls) has magically captured these stories and lovingly crafted a beautiful little tale that is perfectly told in VR. In Déraciné you take the role of a brand-new Faerie born on the grounds of an English boarding school. No one can see you as you pass hauntingly through the corridors of the school. You can move in amongst the inhabitants as they are frozen in time interacting with them in order to help them. You are rewarded with cutscenes showing how your tinkering has either aided or worsened the child’s plight. As you unlock these brief cut scenes you discover more about the mysterious past of the school as you unlock and open new areas you heartily want to explore as Déraciné is clearly the most beautiful game on PSVR. The School, chapel and surrounding grounds are so well realized in VR, with nooks and crannies that beg to be explored. The game maintains a dark and eerie sense as it progresses that constantly made me feel on edge for the children. The tale is tightly woven and even hours after putting the game down I would realize another branch of the intricate plot. With Déraciné, the team from Software utilized the move controllers for locomotion. A combination of teleportation to predestinated spots, click turning and gesturing with the headset control your movement around this world. Turn and look and you will see blue hotspots where you can teleport to. Circles that glow and have a greater aura surround points of interest where you get to investigate up-close and interact with characters and the world. Though I am a strong supporter of smooth motion in VR (I’m one of the fortunate few who doesn’t get motion sickness) this system works well in this setting. By highlighting certain areas, it streamlines the experience allowing the story to flow rather than getting stuck for hours when you either can’t find object A or you don’t make the connection. The one downside is it can feel slightly jolty having to haul yourself from one side of the school to the other. This does occur often as you suddenly find the item you’ve been searching for but overall, I felt it didn’t detract from the game. This is a point-and-click adventure game at its core, find item A that works with B and outcome C will occur. It’s a simple mechanic that is well worn in the world of adventure gaming. If you are used to the genre you will breeze through the gameplay and be able to focus in on the story as this game has decided to avoid the mind-taxing puzzles that you would find in games like Grim Fandango in favor of more beginner friendly ones. Though I would have liked more of a challenge, the intricate story and astonishing environment kept me firmly on track for the six-hour run time and brought me back for a second run. What I love is how VR and the proven team at From Software have taken this classical (some may say old) style of gameplay and elevated it to something new with the ability to be fully immersed into this fantastical world. 9/10 Coffee received a copy of Déraciné for review.
  11. Coffee Addict

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Got the Platinum for Marvel's Spider-man last night. Really great game but completing all the street crimes got a bit tiresome. Next on the list for finally playing 2018's greatest PS4 games will be Detroit Become human.
  12. Coffee Addict

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Finally put God of War down and have moved on to Spider-man. 2019 the year to finally play Playstation’s Greatest games from 2018.
  13. Coffee Addict

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just 100% World of Light for SSB. Currently trying out the online with mixed results. Going to look at playing a little spiderman later
  14. Coffee Addict

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    EDIT - Had no problem with 1v1.
  15. Coffee Addict

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Has anyone else tried the 4v4 online battles? There is some serious lag issues. Ive had one decent match where lag wasn't an issue but most of them ive either died or been partially successful by just managing to jump around the arena without falling to my death.