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  1. Have a look at Farpoint if you - it's amazing if you're wanting a starship troopers experience. Hopefully, when you tackle it tonight it will be better.
  2. I hear we're getting a pretty good thunderstorm tonight. I've persuaded a few people to lay VR who have motion sickness, it was okay on the stationary ones where are stationary and look around (Akin to moss) but as soon as I added games with movement it definitely did trigger nausea.
  3. It reminds me of the Redwall tales that I read as a kid and wandering through the amazingly scaled mouse towns and castles. I didnt even realise that i was playing the recent extra levels as I went, they're so well intergrated into the existing game.
  4. I finally got to try my PSVR with the PS4 pro last night and i found it to be an improvement, definately not a night and day scenario but certainly smoother, crisper and less blurry around the peripheries. Moss looks gorgeous, loving the gameplay so far and yes hi-fiving Quill is incredibly cute. On a side note, playing PSVR in a lightening storm that shakes your house is pretty awesome.
  5. Fortunately yes, hopefully repairable but worst case I can replace it.
  6. Wiped out on my E-Bike yesterday and crashed into a road sign at 35kph. I'm just a bit bruised and covered in gravel rash but the bike is pretty munted. Update - Just had a chance to look at the bike fully - frame and electrics are intact however the motor seems to be an issue. The back wheel is bent, spokes gone and there are 2 nails at right angles through the tire and wheel that have shredded the inner tube. I wondered why the back wheel suddenly came out from under me .
  7. Just starting the 3rd Episode now and definitely enjoying it. First episode was a little slow whilst establishing story and characters and though it doesn't advance from the standard point and click adventure tropes, the 4th wall jokes and great banter between Ted and Amber is certainly worth the entrance fee.
  8. Okay, so this looks awesome and is now downloading on my Switch
  9. Wow @ByrdmanNZ, that's a decent haul! Let me know how Rick and Morty goes as it's on my maybe list. I'm looking at Blood and truth once I've got my PSVR back and set up (just finishing renovations).
  10. Double post but having a shit day - Broke my bike hitting a pothole at over 50kph - Glass ornament fell on my shoulder, smashing and slicing my arm - gonna leave a scar - Minor head injury - An hour and a half on the phone to Contact energy, ironically a company that is difficult to make contact with - Someone dropped a chair on my little toe and I suspect it's broken - Lost my garage door remote in above crash - My dog chewed up my dinosaur socks - RIP Time to have some beer and ice cream.
  11. @Dvst8u have you found a good builder/Handyman? If not - who should I definitely avoid? Aiming to get a new access point to our attic and currently hunting for the right person.
  12. So, can you like hit the dinosaurs with the golf ball so they turn and chase you?
  13. I really liked the first series, however, the second got put on my to-do list. Point and click adventure games were my favorite genre growing up.
  14. That's cool @iLythium, bit jelly as I haven't driven one since I was a teenager. Today I moved out of my home in order for the final packing in preparation for the big move up north. Gonna miss Wellington but will be back for Beervana!
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