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  1. I loved donut county, played it on the switch and it’s a clever and witty game. Full throttle was a great game too. Have you played many of the other Lucas arts adventure games? Definitely recommend grim fandango if you haven’t tried it yet.
  2. That sounds awesome - how long did it take to get through both playthroughs? This probably going to be my December game that i pick up in the sales.
  3. Great review thanks, on balance I cannot afford the time to take a punt on this one and i suspect i would get pretty peeved with the main gameplay.
  4. I have to admit, my most recent escapades into games that revolve around mutants, tend to be focused on avoiding my gizzards being unceremoniously removed and devoured by said mutants. It comes as a breath of fresh air that even though you play as a girl named Kai, when you venture into Mutazione’s desolate city with its mutant inhabitants, you are warmly welcomed rather than ingested. Mutazione delivers an engaging story of sorrow, loss, and redemption without a hint of cannibalism. Kai is the daughter of a woman born in the mutant zone; her mother had escaped with her grandmother to live a normal life. You’re called to visit your estranged grandfather Nonno, who on his deathbed, is asking for you. He is the last of a group of scientists that arrived to study the island after it was hit with a meteor that triggered the mutations in both the plants and people. You are tasked with helping your grandfather and the island’s inhabitants during this time of upheaval. This is a slow, strange and intriguing game. From the outset, in the prologue, Mutazione combines comedy with a sense of melancholy. Its themes focus on the ostracization of a people, a story with dark and mystical overtones including the fracturing of a community with the way that they hold together. That said it balances this with a levity brought about by some surprisingly deep characters. Each of the mutants and humans has a story to tell, told in its entirety by text as there is no voice acting. With the exception of the gardening, which I will focus on shortly, the gameplay isn’t taxing. You’re directed to your next objective by entries in a diary and these consist of talking to someone or growing something. There not much room to get lost and though there is some exploration at no point in the game did I find myself wondering where to go. The only time things do slow down is when you decide to focus on creating gardens which are where I found myself happily pottering around. In Mutazione you see the mutated plants react to music and the environment around them. Use the right music on the right plant and it grows to maturity within seconds, allowing you to free your inner Titchmarsh, creating living masterpieces. As you explore the surreal environment you collect the seeds and spores from the mutant plants that you can use as the building blocks for your garden. The plants themselves create music and once your garden is complete it fills the void with an orchestra of music. I found it strangely addictive and as you are utilizing music to aid in your garden flourishing, I also found it relaxing. These gardens become part of the backdrop of the game and you can clearly make out your creations from across the village. It’s not only the village that changes; as the gardens grow the villagers open further. Memories are triggered by the revitalization of the landscape and change the direction of the story. It is a great achievement of how interwoven all components of the game are and nothing feels tacked on to increase the playing time. The title describes this game perfectly, Mutazione is a surreal yet beautiful game. The simple art design coupled with the bold contrasting colors and strong story creates a wonderfully bizarre setting. This is a game that has the feels and is certainly not a survival thriller. Those looking for a gorefest can look elsewhere. Those who want to take life at a chilled pace while watching things grow, both flora and fauna are welcome here. 8/10 Coffee received a copy for review.
  5. Currently drinking a beer out of it - Its actually a hefty well made glass and its pretty awesome. Not dishwasher safe apparently. @SkylineObsession you can fill it with Goldschlager for a gold trophy
  6. Darn you, I’ve now gone and bought the trophy glass!
  7. I dropped my iPhone in the ocean, snorkeled and found it after a few minutes. the screen has warped open so i can see the insides, I can see what appears to be salt crystals coating throughout the interior. I think it may be dead.
  8. Coffee Addict


    On a serious note - I hope they can organise the game on Monday if Sunday is a no go. Yes, it's an incredibly massive deal to organize another venue/date at short notice but if there is one country that is ludicrously efficient and quick its Japan. However, I can see WR is in a bind considering its canceled 2 games already so even if they suggested rescheduling Italy will come after them.
  9. Played it, looked good but damn the camera and controls were not great.
  10. Just finished the Medieval demo and id forgot how awful the camera was back then. Going to give the full game a miss.
  11. Coffee Addict


    Today was a very different ball game. No issues at all with the FrancevArgentina and AustraliavFiji match but the coverage for the AllblacksvBoks game was pretty shoddy. Lots of slow down, drop outs, freezing, and voice-overs with no video. Throughout the match, the definition kept dropping though this was preferable to coverage stopping completely. I suspect that their press release about 'small percentage having issues' would be more accurate if as 'a small percentage of people complained about having issues with the stream'
  12. Coffee Addict


    Apart from the occasional 'Sky Sport and TVNZ' slipup, some sound issues in the studio and a nervous start from the cherry blossoms, the first match seemed to go okay at our house. Did anyone have any issues with the livestream?
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