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  1. need a new controller soon , purple one is my favourite , shame its not slightly darker. might them them out in store when they arrive and try make a decision
  2. wish I could stomach a vr. tho never had a chance to play one I just don't expect id like it for the motion problems. thunderstorm was a good un tho
  3. Dvst8u


    dont forget the NPC starts tonight
  4. Dvst8u


    tis a shame , going to be a few in a row in the next 10 years or so i think
  5. id only buy if for California games and chips challenge, looks cool tho finding it harder and harder to appreciate older games now tho
  6. the tatto fest is down here again in november , could be worth a drive if your for something in particular. never been but always hear super awesome things.
  7. Dvst8u


    last 2 ppvs have been alot better. guess thats the benifit of competition. hopefully they can keep improving and build on this momentium. a slightly more adult product world help. bring back the bra and panties!!
  8. yeah thats abit of a shame , now what does dunedin have?
  9. Dvst8u

    BF Hardline , MAM

    Join Dodgy and the Crew as we play hardline pew pew pew
  10. Dvst8u


    im excited for tonight also. dodgy i checked before we played india and we were $5.25 to win that game. before we played england we were $8.00 to win the world cup. i believe we need to bat first. hope we can top 300+ runs then work on the scoreboard pressure. that way , it will feel like we earnt it with a full all round effort and not relied on 4 people. i didnt mind either way if it was oz or england in the final , beating england at home would be awesome. beating australia in the final would of been way awesome. to lose to england in the final i can accept wouldnt of liked losing to oz in the final again tho goodluck!!
  11. can i please gauge interest in a Fortnighty Sunday night CTR challenge event over 3 weeks? as in , next sunday , then sunday 2 weeks from that , then sunday 2 weeks from that? 21st July 4th of August 11th August
  12. just bought virtua tennis 4 for ps3 $2 the order 1886 ps4 $2 a dvd on the history of minis $2 wizard of oz collectors 2xdvd $2 4x nutella dip stick things 0.40c did well for my $8.40 i thought
  13. nerd. i studied Japanese for 3 years. didnt do very well
  14. how about sundays?
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