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  1. Dvst8u

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    batman a tell tale platinum. only 2 trophys away from the inrush platinum aswell. ill be attacking my backlog over the coming months , put myself on a buying games hiatus , well until CTR comes out.
  2. Dvst8u

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    i want a tennis game for ps , so if i pick it up good hint!
  3. Dvst8u

    Trophy & Achievement Hunting

    i also have battlefield 4 , but never played it , but i can help if need be
  4. Dvst8u

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    that car is super fugly
  5. Dvst8u

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    i thought TVR at the start , then shelby but the front windscreen is quite small.
  6. Dvst8u

    The Backlog Support Group

    I don't want to make a list
  7. Dvst8u

    Top 5 Games I played in 2018

    i didn't get to play too many news games this year either but i can make a countdown. 2. Spyro Remastered 1. RDR2
  8. Dvst8u

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    just about finished with onrush , then I need to spend a couple of hours to finish up telltale batman for the platinum trophy. then im commited to giving my backlog a nudge through 2019
  9. Dvst8u

    Muck Around Mondays

    we tried , It just didn't work out. I think we need to see other people, but the server was shit.
  10. Dvst8u


    i was hoping sri lanka would get up to be honest , im always up for a loss in a great game. shame ill miss all of the next one due to work.
  11. Dvst8u


    sri lanka should be more competitive again today
  12. Dvst8u


    bit of both to be honest. malinga aint the strike bowler he used to be , so their batting had to be on song which for the most part was. the neesham over was the knife in the side. our bowlers wernt on song. I didn't hear the reason why southee was out? I would of used bracewell instead of henry but , he will be better for it.
  13. Dvst8u


    im a sucker for a white collar but im digging the new shirts. just dropping off slightly towards the end. my pick tho? sri lanka all out for 174 edit: I was wrong , sri lanka looking alright. makes me happy to know it has potential to not be a one sided series
  14. Dvst8u

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    love me abit of dr hook. RIP
  15. Dvst8u

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    nothing for me , just partying at home with my wife and kids. prolyl playing ps till bed time. young kids = no new years plans