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  1. Dvst8u


    Is a sad situation. Only game for me that really matters is the Japan Scotland game. If that doesn't go ahead it will put a black mark in the history of this tournament. Safety tho. It's not just players it's the 50000 people that have to get to and from the game on public transport etc. Bloody spark sports.
  2. Dvst8u


    wwe is supercrazy right now. i dont watch it all the time but , its not as easy as it used to be.
  3. Yeah I quite enjoyed it. Mad was going to play I thought. Tato will be back soon he might join?. And dodgy if we can twist his arm
  4. Dvst8u


    just hope for a good game really. taranaki vs hawkes bay tonight should be a cracker: ARRRUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAA
  5. Dvst8u


    hope it runs well for you guys out there who bought the spark coverage. what about the shield game we had against Otago??? cracker of a game right??
  6. so , who here is going to school night metallica? could be fun guessing the setlist
  7. need a new controller soon , purple one is my favourite , shame its not slightly darker. might them them out in store when they arrive and try make a decision
  8. wish I could stomach a vr. tho never had a chance to play one I just don't expect id like it for the motion problems. thunderstorm was a good un tho
  9. Dvst8u


    dont forget the NPC starts tonight
  10. Dvst8u


    tis a shame , going to be a few in a row in the next 10 years or so i think
  11. id only buy if for California games and chips challenge, looks cool tho finding it harder and harder to appreciate older games now tho
  12. the tatto fest is down here again in november , could be worth a drive if your for something in particular. never been but always hear super awesome things.
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