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  1. Where do you find the 12months for $60?
  2. Not black Friday deals as such but as mentioned on the chat dick smith have death stranding and nfs heat and i think it was modern warfare for $69 each. Medievil remaster also $39 Edit: NEW star wars also $69
  3. welcome. please try and be a community member. and have fun!
  4. Looks awesome. Would of been crazy to sit at the meeting when this game was pitched.
  5. Dvst8u

    Tv Help

    did the power down and everything you guys said. nothing helped i'm afraid. thanks for the thoughts. its just a tv for the bedroom but i'm missing my nightly family guy haha checked through my receipts and found it and it had a 2yr warranty that expired last week. they still said bring it in so hopefully i'm lucky and we can sort something out.
  6. Dvst8u

    Tv Help

    hey team, does anyone have any experience with tvs and issues? my shitty konic 40" tv started flashing the red led , like the power led. im guessing its faulted somehow. theres no patten to the flashing just constantly flashes. not a super expensive tv so i guess its not worth sending in for repairs , any thoughts anyone? thanks!
  7. Dvst8u


    Is a sad situation. Only game for me that really matters is the Japan Scotland game. If that doesn't go ahead it will put a black mark in the history of this tournament. Safety tho. It's not just players it's the 50000 people that have to get to and from the game on public transport etc. Bloody spark sports.
  8. Dvst8u


    wwe is supercrazy right now. i dont watch it all the time but , its not as easy as it used to be.
  9. Yeah I quite enjoyed it. Mad was going to play I thought. Tato will be back soon he might join?. And dodgy if we can twist his arm
  10. Dvst8u


    just hope for a good game really. taranaki vs hawkes bay tonight should be a cracker: ARRRUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAA
  11. Dvst8u


    hope it runs well for you guys out there who bought the spark coverage. what about the shield game we had against Otago??? cracker of a game right??
  12. so , who here is going to school night metallica? could be fun guessing the setlist
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