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  1. Dvst8u

    My Republic $62.99 a month

    damn it , missed my chance
  2. Dvst8u

    The Woohoo Thread

    oh dear god no....
  3. Dvst8u

    It's On! 24 hours charity GT Sport race

    it was awesome , expecially the noob getting chopped across the chest , was a top notch night
  4. Dvst8u

    The Backlog Support Group

    I like the way you set it out sassy march goals WWE12 - have about 5 or so more trophy's to get then im done , at least for now Killzone 2 COD BO2
  5. Dvst8u

    Live music

    SECURED my tickets!
  6. Dvst8u

    Live music

    im happy with those prices , need to see a venue map for the seating options but anywhere will be good
  7. Dvst8u


    now with all my tough talk see the chiefs beat the hurricanes this Friday. hurricanes are like taranaki , win the games they should lose , and lose the games they should win.
  8. Dvst8u


    I agree with all your picks dodgy except one.....im not sold on the becky lynch match...I don't think she will win as my gut feeling , but im not sure how they will spin it to get her to mania...not sure
  9. Dvst8u

    RBL's Character Battle

    we finally agree on somthing
  10. Dvst8u

    Live music

    that's what I thought aswell. but then I thought. no , its metallica. the logistics will work itself out. I don't condone kids out of school , don't get me wrong, but 2 days isn't going to make anyone stupid for life...except maybe steele
  11. Dvst8u

    Live music

    super pumped
  12. Dvst8u

    RBL's Character Battle

    crap , I missed out
  13. Dvst8u

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    even id be keen for some COD
  14. Dvst8u


    alot of taranaki play for the chiefs. taranaki is my number one team above all else , hurricanes and abs. not having a working stadium last season didnt help , but we were "promised" 2 super rugby games a year with the chiefs , with proper proper Opposition , not just playing the rebels etc. sure the first year they had the blues i think. Other than that nothing of promise has been bought here. people are able to support which ever team they chose for which ever reason. but, the chiefs were somewhat thrown upon us with not much warning. cant switch loyalty that easily . The leading player personal there , retallick and cane, i dont like as players. I just dont like the franchise. dont think there is anything wrong with celebrating a loss to your lest favourite team. dont most people enjoy a good canterbury loss? or when the wallabys or aussie cricket teams lose? maybe deep disrespect and hate isnt quite right. but more of a hope they lose every game
  15. Dvst8u

    RBL's Character Battle

    ill think of a list and post it next day or so