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  1. good start all round. its a nice feeling to start a new game and then pop pop pop been playing abit of burnout and theres alot of trophies there that pop seems like one every 5mins
  2. i only tend you use any available exploits in games if it helps with time. time based trophies arnt skills based so im happy with that. so yes, i used the exploit.
  3. yeah , still off work till this monday. hope your coming along and feeling better , knocking off some of your backlog i hope
  4. think we and ilythium were in a race to platinum motorcross , which i just did a couple of hours ago. question is , do i play some old ps3 games or continue with ps4 for now...hmm outlast burnout paradise remastered or i could finish off ratchet and clank on ps3 only 5 trophies away from a plat or spyro 1 on ps4....about the same for plat...
  5. shit man , if you need anything shout out. a good customer of ours died last week , funeral was today. not fun at all.
  6. I was 2050 earned and 10 plats.
  7. Feel like clearing the backlog before the next gen? Too many games to play? Join me and others as we have a small race to 500 trophies for this calendar year (then maybe see how many we can get by the end of the year) and oh...Plats count as 10. Rules? no rules. Just be a dear and post updates when applicable! Cheers and Goodluck!!
  8. dont think i could answer this with much certainty. GTA5 was def my most played game i imagine, but not a favourite
  9. so it. sounds like a shitty situation to be in. i have a few pops one came delivered damaged but not bad so i didnt worry about doing anything about it. but i always notice the slight box damage. that was mightyape tho who i have had nothing but awesome service from.
  10. Parts of me are tingling that have never tingled before
  11. they do their best of the week on sundays if your also interested for $20
  12. Dvst8u

    MediEvil review

    nice review. am going to pick this up one day as i played the hell out of the demo on ps1 back in the day but never bought it.
  13. Dvst8u


    feel Razor wasnt the man for the job but i cant really give a good answer as to why not. will be crap if the hurricanes lose plumbtree tho. least foster has abit more of a talkative attitude than hanson. used to piss me off with the way he talked to people. but anyway , as long as they win games doesnt matter who coaches.
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