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  1. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V Review

    Definitely missing features at launch but honestly enjoying it more than I did Battlefield 1 on release. The gunplay is alot more satisfying, think i've already played for 30 hours since the 15th
  2. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    Sorry I only just saw the message, all the codes have been used up sorry
  3. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    The game went live a day early for Origin Access members, played a few rounds last night and had a blast. I only have the 10 hour trial on Origin Access, I still have 3 more invites for anyone that wants to try Battlefield V on PC for 10 hours.
  4. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    All 8 Launch Maps - getting hyped now!
  5. Outlaw213


    Javelin Abilities and Movesets
  6. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    Hmm, I think there is enough launch content for me to justify buying it on launch, there is no other shooter for me in the mean time anyway - was looking forward to the BR mode but I guess I can wait till March.
  7. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    Roadmap for the first few months revealed, 2 maps, new game modes, vehicle customization, practice range, co-op mode, and Battle Royale (March)
  8. Outlaw213

    Upcoming Trailers

    Helghast!? Now I want another Killzone game...and a Killzone movie.
  9. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V

    Single player trailer
  10. Outlaw213

    PSN Name Change Coming Soon?

    I was considering changing mine when PS4 came out but now I'm not so sure.
  11. Outlaw213

    PSN Name Change Coming Soon?

    Leaks suggest that developers of multiplayer games are preparing for PlayStation Network name changes. Sony also stated some time last year that we'd be able to change PSN ID's by this year's PlayStation Experience, but recently, Sony announced that there will be no PSX this year. If it is all true, would you change your PSN name?
  12. Outlaw213

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Gameplay Trailer Part II
  13. Outlaw213

    PS4 & Xbox One Cross-Play!

    Looks like Sony is finally ready to talk Cross-Play, starting with a beta test for Fortnite! From the PlayStation Blog:
  14. Outlaw213

    Next Gen NVIDIA GPUs

    RTX 2080 going for about $1599 now...but RTX 2080 Ti is going for $2499! You could build a gaming PC with 1080 Ti for $2499 lol.
  15. Outlaw213

    Death Stranding

    Troy Baker joins the cast of Death Stranding as the Man in the Golden Mask!