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  1. Outlaw213

    NZGC Meta

    @SpawnSeekSlay @argsy Thanks for the feedback - I've got more of these little changes / fixes planned soon, I'm just waiting for the forum software to release their update already, they're doing a major upgrade from the current 4.3 to 4.4 so i'm holding off on making any changes at the moment. Hopefully the update will be available in the next week or so
  2. Outlaw213

    Next Gen NVIDIA GPUs

    I'll have to see if my monitor is supported, XG35VQ, not that it matters I don't play any PC games lol
  3. Outlaw213

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    I haven't played in a few weeks but might jump back on soon, I think we get another patch tomorrow.
  4. Outlaw213

    General Gaming News

    Makes sense, I mean we all have phones right?
  5. Outlaw213

    NZGC Meta

    Yeah sorry guys more changes / fixes coming soon finished study and now on a bit of a holiday mode lol Soon!!
  6. Not sure if we have a thread already for this or not but thought I'd wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone for signing up here and keeping our little community alive, sorry I've not been as active last few months, have been swamped with work and study but luckily I'm on study break until July 2019 so will have some more free time to also work on the site. We've got another year of big games to look forward to in 2019, and I think it'll also be the year we start hearing about the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
  7. Outlaw213

    My PS4 Life

    The game hours played seems wrong, I guess it's counting the times I've left the game running in menus etc. First game: Battlefield 4 Played 3912 Hours of PS4. Most played games: 1. Battlefield 1 - 923 Hours (648 in game hours according to Battlefield) 2. Destiny - 681 Hours (440 in game hours according to Destiny) 3. Battlefield 4 - 655 Hours (594 in game hours according to Battlefield)
  8. Outlaw213

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    Yeah you don't really need zeroing to be honest, better off learning the bullet drop for rifles, you'll be quicker and more accurate that way.
  9. Outlaw213

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    @quackdog @siamesedreams Those clips are old now so yeah its the Lee-Enfield (SMLE) which is the very first sniper for Recon, I'm sure you've used it? Now that I have all of them unlocked my goto sniper rifles are the Kar98k and Krag–Jørgensen, the Kar98k seems to be the best for long range as there isn't much bullet drop and Krag is good for close quarters since the fire rate is higher. I do have "Auto-Aim Rotation" off always but have the "Aim-Assist Slow Down" on, hard to use controller without the sticky slow down effect but unfortunately the target tracking is also linked to Aim-Assis Slow Down, which is annoying when someone else runs in front of your aim and it tracks them instead. I play on 55% sensitivity but under advanced settings I've reduced the sensitivity for 6x Scopes to be 70% of my base sensitivity (55%), this way you can still acquire targets quickly while not aiming down sights and have the slower scope sensitivity for ADS to make smaller adjustments like aiming for the head.
  10. Outlaw213


    Story Trailer
  11. Outlaw213

    General Gaming News

    Crash Team Racing!
  12. Outlaw213

    Battlefield 1 NZGR/NZGC Nights every Tuesday 7:30pm

    I don't use social media platforms much but have started using Instagram recently to post some Battlefield clips, I got so many saved, thought I'd start putting them somewhere to view! Here is one from BFV, normally I don't snipe much but am enjoying it in BFV trying to go for headshots, got 7 or 8 in a row along with a collateral.
  13. Outlaw213

    General Gaming News

    Another FarCry - Looks to be nuclear apocalypse / fallout setting this time.
  14. Outlaw213

    NZGC Meta

    I'll look into it, haven't noticed it before. Thanks for letting me know.!
  15. Outlaw213

    Battlefield V Review

    Definitely missing features at launch but honestly enjoying it more than I did Battlefield 1 on release. The gunplay is alot more satisfying, think i've already played for 30 hours since the 15th