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  1. Nah nothing yet... maybe it's a bit too early, i'll wait a bit longer.
  2. I managed to pre-order one too, so lets see if they honour it..
  3. So E3 this year was weak... Wasn't all bad though, few cool things like: Cyberpunk 2077 with Keanu Elden Ring (From Software + George RR Martin) There were some other interesting games announced but this year E3 we saw no gameplay for majority of the games which was a shame.
  4. It is a new voice actor I think. I'm a bit excited for it myself, I'm hoping they get it right this time - no season pass also sounds good, i just hope Activision doesn't ruin it with crazy pay to win micro-transactions.
  5. Did an update to the site so you should be able to insert GIFs directly from the editor, icon next to the emoji icon.
  6. Soo...almost that time of the year again - maybe a quiet one or maybe we'll get some more information on the next-gen consoles. Sony is skipping E3 this year but they might be hosting their own event at some stage, maybe to talk more about the PlayStation 5. Is there anything you're looking forward to seeing this year?
  7. Yeah...wish it hadn't lol
  8. Although I'm looking forward to the new phase, I don't know if i'll like it as much as the last 11 years.
  9. Outlaw213

    Share your PSN

    So you're not going to change yours to xXX-420-JorDawg-69-XXx ??
  10. Outlaw213

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    Who's changing theirs?
  11. Yeah from the game play it seems very 'bare minimum'. I have yet to play it as I'm away at the moment but hopefully back tomorrow and give it a go!
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