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  1. I'm always wary of younger guys doing jobs around the house. Mainly electrical stuff. Wary about anyone of all ages to be honest. Whenever we find someone good we try keep them. Although my electrician ended up in jail for setting his partners house on fire after they divorced. :s Still haven't found a new electrician yet, and with some stuff needing fixed we kinda need to start looking. Got a good builder at the moment doesn't mind us helping/doing some jobs. Possibly got a decent plumber too.
  2. Hitman, the free PS Plus game of whatever month it got released. Sucked at it at first and nearly uninstalled it. But then decided to follow the tutorial properly instead of trying to wing it (aka 'reading the instructions'), and started liking it. And after making it through every available level, i can see the appeal in this game and the potential it has for replayability. So may go through again at some stage and try some different ways. Then downloaded the free Hitman 2 'demo'/level, which just happens to be the Hawkes Bay location in NZ. You can play through it just like the first (next gen) game/season and the progress etc will be added onto the game if/when you buy Hitman 2. And you can get trophies.
  3. Someone delete that post and remove the member please, don't want this place turning into Gameplanet.
  4. Boo Auckland! South Island is where it's at.
  5. I friggin love trains, especially diesel ones. More horsepower the better. Love hearing the supercharged ones. Naturally when we camped overnight in Arthurs Pass a few months back i had to take pics of and film the coal train coming out of the Otira tunnel. Usually has six locomotives pulling the wagons up the hill. No pic of the six of them as was filming it, but did get a photo of four of them coming back half an hour or so later. These four beasts usually attach to the train as it arrives in Otira from the West Coast, then they help pull the wagons and the other two locos up the hill through the tunnel and disconnect after Arthurs Pass and head back down the hill. I may be wrong, but i think each of these has about, or over 3,000 hp each.
  6. Personally i think it's brilliant that a 'serious' (aka not arcadey like NFS) car game is doing silly things like Hotwheels and Lego expansions. I love Lego, so think this is a must get! Once i buy the game...
  7. Hmmm. That almost sounds like he needs to be fired. Don't give up complaining, and take it as high as you can.
  8. Nup, a little Toyota Vitz RS. Mainly for around town duties. 110hp or so though, so goes alright up the hills.
  9. Hope you've complained about each instance. From my understanding, they do talk to the couriers etc about complaints.
  10. Yep, or let your bosses know that no-one else wants to listen to that shitty station.
  11. Boring. And from this month sometime, the Xbox Live Gold sub goes from $80 to $90. Hmmm.
  12. And by Modern Warfare i mean Battlefield Bad Company.
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