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  1. SkylineObsession

    I Just Bought...

    I didn't buy it but a workmate gave me her original Xbox the other day, complete with box etc too. Apparently it still works. I was late to the (Microsoft) game, so the first Xbox i bought was the 360. Previously i'd just played on my younger brothers Xboxes.
  2. SkylineObsession

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    Yeah, the Xbox store and GWG have been pretty crap for me for the past few months (barely any specials compared to PS Store sometimes), haven't downloaded a thing. Only really keeping Gold so i can play with you peeps, but i never seem to do that either!
  3. SkylineObsession

    NZGC Meta

    1 Post?!?!! BANNED.
  4. SkylineObsession

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just started Far Cry 5. Holy freaking crap this game looks good/realistic! Easily the best looking game i've ever played.
  5. SkylineObsession

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    I loved Fallout 4, especially the fact you could build a settlement/structure in whatever way you wanted. I had to almost force myself to stop playing it. And put hundreds of hours into 3 and New Vegas too. But anyways, finally finished (and platinumed) Far Cry Primal. Still wish there was a DLC pack that featured dinosaurs, wee bit of a missed opportunity but oh well.
  6. SkylineObsession

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    (copied from another forum) Mercedes SLR Toyota Supra Mazda Roadster NA McLaren F1 GTR, appears to be the Le Mans winners with the extra headlights Pagani Huayra
  7. SkylineObsession


    Hello personfromthesameforummostofuswereontoountiltheybaleetedit.
  8. SkylineObsession

    Gaming Nights!

    Still haven't bought Horizon 4, because haven't seen it on a decent enough special. Same as FM7. I'm struggling to get through games on PS4 as it is, so have barely turned the Xbox on in the past six months or more.
  9. SkylineObsession

    Bitch Thread

    Our cat used to bring them into the house. When they died, she got bored. So we had to clean up the mess. But that was the old house, no such problem at the new one! Because now she brings lizards inside.
  10. SkylineObsession

    GTA Weekly Updates and Sunday Funday

    Meh, that means i'd have to install the game again.
  11. SkylineObsession

    I Just Bought...

    We got lazy and just deleted a lot of game installs from the hard drive, went from a day and a bit down to a few hours.
  12. SkylineObsession

    NZ's Control over opinion - No open Social Boards

    I find a lot of places have rules and restrictions (forums, facebook etc) to try keep relative order. Namely to try stop e-arguments, insults and hate talk. I tend to avoid places that don't have that sort of protection as life is too short to waste time defending your points of view with people who force theirs on you, and e-arguments just lower your IQ level.
  13. SkylineObsession

    Today I...

    Today we drove to the albatross colony and back with our noisy cars.
  14. SkylineObsession

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    Yeah it'd be nice to have all those SEMA and Pebble Beach (or whatever) car show award winning cars in GT at the same time. So far they're spread out over the past 3 or so GT games. There's already two or more in GT Sport.
  15. SkylineObsession

    Grand thread of Gran Turismo

    Integra Type R (bottom left) interests me the most so far.