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  1. That's not right at all. I know some managers at Post in Dunedin, might see if they can do anything, or contact someone above the lady you keep dealing with.
  2. We've had a pretty good run with Courier Post, and if ringing up and complaining isn't getting anywhere, try their website, Facebook etc and just keep pestering them until they get it right. I know it's annoying, but i know that down here in Dunedin they do get told off if they screw up a delivery or so on.
  3. What an awesome website, describes how i feel about it perfectly. Hopefully there's enough public backlash to make them reconsider. Haha, dreams are free.
  4. If it was platinum coloured instead of clear glass coloured i'd be more interested.
  5. Fvck. Maybe we shouldn't have wasted our money on two copies of the game...
  6. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/116172066/metallica-cofounder-james-hetfield-enters-rehab-bands-nz-tour-postponed
  7. In some cases that would be true, but if they've parked their nice car over two parks miles away from the rest of the cars, in an empty area, then there should be no problem. It's when they do it where there are heaps of other cars around is when it's annoying. I'd probably do the same if i had a real nice car and there was an area where no-one was parking. Too many inconsiderate people/kids/jealous types who don't care about doors swinging open into other, nicer cars. Then there's windy days as well, doors can catch the wind and slam into the car next to them. I've parked up in plenty of carparks over the years and see this attitude (not caring about other peoples cars) ALL the time. And a number of times to our own vehicle, despite me sitting in it...
  8. Her question has nothing at all to do with the fact i'm now hooked on Generation Zero and got my brother into it too. Nope, not related a bit. Definitely not about trying to get a third person to help us destroy massive robots that are bigger than houses.
  9. And is interesting. Quite like the simpleness of it, even though its hard playing by yourself. Only crappy thing is i didn't realise it was only free on the weekend. Got my brother to buy it, and now i can't play it - so have to purchase it.
  10. I bought it last night too after i left ya's. Mainly because there were three or four car packs and the NASCAR expansion which i didn't have. Appropriate podium of the Bathurst race, the two Aussie cars. An uber close finish between me and Dodgy. And that big truck i mentioned...
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