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  1. I haven't finished yet, started a 2nd character a couple of days ago for a change in scenery.
  2. I had hoped they'd at least fix the level scaling from previous games. E.g. I'm level 20, going back and doing missed side missions, only to face level 8 AI and receiving level 8-9 loot. Pretty sure B2s ultimate vault hunter mode sorted that, but surely they could add it to regular mode to make it more entertaining.
  3. You have to set the other console as your home console. I have 3 running in the house, one for the kids in the lounge as my "home" console, which gives them access to any games I purchase including game pass games. The other two, I log in as myself as normal, the One X in the bedroom is my main console and has all my games installed. The One S in the spare room can also download anything when I'm logged in as me and anyone can access the games installed also if they log in.
  4. Yobbo

    Gaming Nights!

    This place seems rather dead for organised online gaming. Seems to be more of a case of checking your friends list and jumping in with them.
  5. Seems Bloodstain doesn't exist for us on either side of the Tasman. Here in Oz, we get Race the sun (again). Switching to NZ, you get Cobalt. Good job MS.
  6. On the Xbox side, my Day One console is still going strong, kids used it after I got a One S. Just bought a One X and retired the Day One until it is required again. I only ever had a launch 360 get RROD. Still have 2 others in working condition.
  7. Pretty happy, got to stand beside Hacksaw at the security check at Chch airport on my flight back to Australia.
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