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  1. You can check a cars wof history on carjam.co.nz I think you have to pay to get full details though
  2. Indeed i am. Ill pm you the advertisement
  3. North shore. 15-20 mims to CBD so pretty close to where people need to get to. Plus they get to live with meee You should give it a go anyway. If you dont need the ro rented but happen to find someone cool then thats just a bonus.
  4. Maaan looking for new flat mates but not getting much response. That whole auckland flat shortage and people having to sleep in someones lounge for is bs. I think its made up by the news websites. No one wants a big ass room with their own bathroom and 2nd bonus room in a massive house with big kitchen and lounge and heaps of other space for $205 a week. Boourns.
  5. They are using the actor who played him in the movie to do the voice acting too. Thats pretty cool.
  6. That was just an awesome trailer.
  7. Looks promising. Havent got a new cod game since mw3. Price sounds like a new voice actor though.
  8. Hooning around mexico in RDR. Been doing all the challenges and side stuff along with maim main missions about 50% completed. Also Bonnie has stupid pants.
  9. Finished GOT. i liked how it ended. Good stuff
  10. Started playing Red Dead Redemption. My last game save was 9 years ago.
  11. Finished Bioshock Infinite. Was average. For a flying city the levels were not that interesting. Game play was ok. Once i got the hand cannon i pretty much stuck with that pretending im dirty harry. Yeah.
  12. I thought it was a weird decision to make. Its not like their articles and news are amazing and exclusive and worth paying for. I mostly use the facebook version of the herald so i can read comments. Comments on news articles are more interesting and entertaining than the content of the article.
  13. Finished MK11 story. I enjoyed it and thought it was cool having the time lines as a way of getting dead MK characters back into the story. My fave mk is MK9 with the original tournament stories and i think it has the best game play and challenge towers plus all the OG MK characters but i like MK11. Now to get wasted in some online matches.
  14. Watched Shazam. I dont normally care about comic book movies wont be seeing that avengers one everyone is excited for but wanted to see this since im a fan of the main actor after watching chuck and hoping for a similar style of comedy he did in that which it was. I really enjoyed it. There were lots of stupid kids in the theater though which kind ruined things. Kids not knowing to stfu in movies or getting scared and hiding under the parents jacket. Ffs
  15. I hate opening a chest and its just lame level art or something thats the worst. I like how they have changed the krypt to 3rd person and i run around with a hammer smashing walls and stuff though.
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