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  1. djkicks


    Welcome to the forums!!!
  2. djkicks

    News & Current Events

    Nz media needs to stop talking about that family having a holiday in nz. They keep churning out the same articles with a little bit of new info about them. Is there nothing else going on in nz? Might as well let them live here and give them a reality tv show if we are gonna keep hearing about it. At least its a nice change from all the Ardern articles and her baby or whatever she does instead of running the country.
  3. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Batman Arkham city. Its pretty good so far. Not sure if ill be bothered getting all of the riddlers stuff. Ill see how i go
  4. djkicks

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finished the evil within DLC. I really enjoyed this game. The story was a bit confusing but it slowly makes sense of wtf is going on. The game play was good. Especially the stealth. Will play evil within 2 soon
  5. djkicks

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry xmas everyone. Hope Santa brings you all the cool stuff you want. I asked for razor blades. They are expensive
  6. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Silent assassin on the latest elusive target in hitman 2. This one was lame not a lot of options
  7. djkicks

    I Just Bought...

    Went to PB tech with my gf to get her a new laptop cos they are having a sale. Saw the one she wanted was on sale. Said to the guy we want this one. So he got us the laptop and scanned and and did his computer thing and then said take the recipt to the counter to pay. Checked the recipt and we didnt get the sale price. Went back and checked. The laptop is on sale wtf. Then noticed at the bottom of info on the sale sign it was the blue version of the laptop. Ok cool. Ask the guy why this laptop was on sale not ours its exaclty the same computer but the colour different. He didnt know. Says he will go check... He just wanders off and deals with other customers instead never returned. Nice. Another guy asks do we need help. We explain hes confused and goes off to find out about it then goes away too. Very good. 3rd shop guy comes we explain again and ask can we get this one at the sale price. He said no head office sets proces. ...ok can we get the blue one instead then. He said ok and tries to find it on their system. After searching for a while he said the laptop does not exist. Awesome. Gf really wanted this one so we bought it anyway. So in conclusion they put computers that don't exist on sale and put a sign for it next to the real stock and then say they wont sell the real laptops to you on sale because its not blue. Some micky mouse BS going on there. Id have just walked out but she really wanted it and the savings was only $22 which isnt much money but would have covered lunch. So just bought a new hp laptop woo.
  8. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    https://haveibeenpwned.com Give this site a go
  9. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    The company director came over with my bonus and pay rise numbers. He was like give me some paper and then scribbed some numbers. Then he flew over seas. He has shit writing and i cant read what he wrote properly. Its not official until jan pay so i will get an official letter but still...
  10. djkicks

    Today I...

    Die hard best xmas movie! Ive never seen lethal weapon before. Is it a good xmas movie?
  11. djkicks

    Today I...

    Since i work in town now its easy to get to some meeting place but Not sure who else has come from nzg to here that would wanna meet up. Im always down for a meet after work. Anyone else is auckland wanna come have a meet? Maybe in the new year?
  12. djkicks

    Today I...

    Today i was waiting for the bus and then i saw a dude who got on another bus and it looked like Biscuit. The end
  13. djkicks

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finished my first play through of hitman 2. Managed to make my final kill a nod to the credits of hitman blood money. Very cool. First game ive ever played with a level in new zealand. An America voice actor trying to say kia ora was great Now to go back and kill every npc in each level
  14. djkicks

    TV Shows

    Was on a plane and they had rick and morty. Never seen this show before or know anything about it but was meant to be good. Watched a random ep and was the one that made people want that mcnugget sauce. Ep was meh. Didnt watch any more eps Instead the plane had a tv show called Barry. The guy kinda looks like dexter. Really good tv show, smashed out the whole season during my to and from flights. 10/10
  15. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Killed Sean Bean with a Silent Assassin rating. Almost goofed up and had to quickly improvise. Sadly i only killed him with a subdue and neck break. Nothing creative.