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  1. djkicks

    General Gaming News

    Yus hes back. One of my mains from.mk9
  2. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    ^ really enjoyed that game. Started Playing Bioshock. Apparently there is a remastered version but this looks great still
  3. djkicks

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Yeah i was thinking of doing that with my gf but shes not very coordernated with fps controls. Shes more of a sims gamer
  4. djkicks

    Games You Have Recently Completed

    Finished Portal 2. Its.pretty cool
  5. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Portal 2 Its ok fun
  6. djkicks

    General Gaming News

    Yeeeeah mash that wishlist button
  7. djkicks

    I Just Bought...

    Bought an xbox
  8. djkicks

    What should I play next?

    Only played batman out of that list. Was pretty good, finishes it recently.
  9. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    Now my xbox has stopped working... aaaarrrghhh
  10. djkicks

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Evil within 2. Im enjoying it. Im liking the open levels of the town exploring houses and taking out dudes with stealth. The story is a bit more straight forward this time around too.
  11. djkicks

    The Woohoo Thread

    Woo. PC seema to be fixed. Played it more an no freezing. Guess i won't get a xbox ps4 and wii now.
  12. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    Been doing a bunch of troubleshooting. I believe its my graphics card. I removed it and reinstalled it and the two times ive tested it afterward things ran normal with no freezing. Hoping its ok now.
  13. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    Froze 3 more times. Thats it now im also getting a wii or whatever the latest nintendo is. And only using my computer for spreadsheets.
  14. djkicks

    Bitch Thread

    Ffs pc freezing again. Everytime i play a steam game it works until load a level and start playing. Then 30 seconds into the game it freezes completly. Have to shut off the pc by holding the power button then turn on again. After that the game works normally no isses. Gonna go out a buy a xbone and ps4 as a fuck you to my pc of this keeps happening. That'll teach it.
  15. djkicks

    Today I...

    My friend goes into the spark shop cos hes having a problem with his phone and the guy says "we dont know anything about the phones we just sell them" and he asked where would be go to get help "I dunno a repair shop somewhere?" Heh.