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  1. There are a heap of issuses going on in Sw/Sh, lots of reused assests, copy and pasted animations from UlSn/Mn, some misadvertising, flat art that doesn't seem finished, list goes on but despite it all I am really enjoying it. Toxtricity is my boy!
  2. Yeah have done that but chick who runs the complaint part in chch just throws it back on me every time. One time he said he yelled out from the road and no one came when there was a house full of people and not one of us heard him. So I complained about it but it was my fault for not hearing him and she wouldn't have a bar of anything and just shut down any and everything I said. I have been in touch with some dude once who said he was going to put it on his file and talk to him only for her to ring me back to say he was out of line in doing those things and no further action would be taken.
  3. The Doctor has been hurled through time to the end of the universe. A virus that threatens to rip apart reality itself has been unleashed. Players can pilot the TARDIS on a journey across worlds both familiar and strange to recover a series of powerful time crystals that can repair spacetime and ultimately save the universe itself. Steam sees a release on the 12/11 while PS4 and Xbox will recieve it just in time for the new year on the 31st of December.
  4. I have this nightmare in which I work in an office, I go there day in day out filing the same paperwork, stamping the same stamps only to make enough to scrap by in a tiny lil apartment to house a bed so I can sleep long enough to go and do it all over again. That is utterly terrifying to me, gives me hives just thinking about it. So when Beholder 2 came up my first thought was ‘So this is how I die!’ but alas, I made it through to bring you this review. If you are just catching up on what Beholder 2 is I shall give you a quick run down of the first title which is funnily enough titled Beholder; go figure. The basis of the game has Carl, the player, living in a totalitarian state in which he is appointed a landlord over several places. The Government has set you the task of spying on them and will have you reporting on their deeds, bugging their houses and going through their property. You can either follow orders or rebel against them with each choice changing the way the story unfolds and ends. The sequel however has you playing as Evan who after hearing of his Fathers mysterious death goes to work at the same company called the Ministry in which you will go to work, complete paperwork and maybe you will find out who killed your Father and why. Or maybe you will just become a full on company man who just swan dives into piles of money at the end of the night, choice is yours. You will spend your days in Beholder 2 listening to peoples problems and filling out paperwork according to what they have to say. It all breaks down to several categories, citizens of the city will come in and its up to you to decide if they are making a request of the Government, complaining about something in a general way, they have come to denounce another of their fellow citizens or are presenting information. Once you have decided that you then need to decide just which department it needs to be broken down into like Social Work, Order, Patriotism and many more. Your goal with these is to get every single option correct and if you do you will just earn yourself some money. When you aren’t making your way through your daily quota of forms to fill out there are many quests to be completed in many different ways. One of your bosses wants to collect all the bribes to take a cut from what is meant to go to the Government, do you do as your told or do you sell him out? A lot of people wont help you if they don’t trust you or don’t view you as having enough authority to aid you in any quests so they will actively leave you to die or on occasion through you in front of a bus to further themselves. It is during these more investigation like stages where Beholder 2 took me a while to grasp as the controller layout is kinda of weird and never actually informs you of it plays. On the console versions of the game you use the left analogue stick to move the character and the right stick to activate a field of vision ring to point things out to click on though this can be a pain. There were many times in which I was trying to overhear what characters were talking about so I could manipulate them into doing what I want later on but instead of selecting the characters talking that I wanted to overhear the game would get fixated on searching a pot planet and never switching to the characters. One key mechanic is time, every action you take will eat up time and you only get so much of it in a day. Filling out forms for example will take 2 hours to do 5 forms while a simple conversations may only take 15 or waiting in line for something can take up to an hour leaving you to decide what is important to achieve each day. After the work day is complete you get 3 hours at home to read books and learn new skills or maybe you just want to watch some TV to catch up on the latest shows so you have something to talk about with your co workers to gain their trust. Again it all costs time to accomplish. At the end of every day you also have to pay your bills through money earned filling out forms but you also need to keep enough money to pay for the TV shows you want to watch and bribe any guards who may want to make your day not so great. Decisions in this game are aplenty and are fully up to you to tackle however you wish. The most striking aspect of Beholder is its art style which is all down in a cool black and white noir aesthetic with occasion streaks of red and brown to remind you of its setting. I really do love this art style but I found it would give me a headache as the whites are very bright and pronounced which took away from the enjoyment of playing the game. The settings in the game don’t vary much with each a reminder that you are being ruled over with statues and busts of the overlord all over the place and general prison feel built into each environment, even when you are out doors. At the end of the day Beholder is really good game the demands time and thought be poured into it over multiple playthroughs. I was expecting the office job and paper filling out aspects of the game to be a bore but instead they won me over and left me constantly debating with myself over what actions are going to be the best. If you like a game that has a more slowburn approach to provide you with just as much style as substance then Beholder 2 is definitely one you should be checking out. Zombie played a review copy of Beholder 2 on the Playstation 4.
  5. So I was supposed to recieve a package today, well I did but I was supposed to get multiple. Fastways came with the stuff from overseas crisp and early so that was all good. 2:30 Courier Post arrives, parks on the street, doesn't even bother getting the package, writes up several of those "We have a parcel for you" notes and puts the in the mailbox all the while I am watching this happen. Not once did he try to actually deliever anything. So I rung up to complain cause he always does but his boss always turns it around to it being my fualt whenever I complain. But now I have proof, so I complain and the lady I talked to said I will give a call and see why he didn't and get him to turn back, since it was like 5 minutes if that after he had left. He said there was a vicious dog roaming my property, there wasn't. Yes I have a dog but A he was locked up out back in the sun when it happened and B he is 18 years old hes pretty deaf ad just likes to chill in the sun with a fuck everyone else attitude. He also refused to come back because he was here as he claimed "Hours ago" (though he didn't write it on the card at all) and wouldn't do it until tomorrow. So again I got a sorry not sorry without a care in the world and it sucks because there is like no other option, yeah there are a few other couriers but when Mighty Ape and EB and all that deal straight with them and they pretty much have a monopoly what can I really do about it? Complaining doesn't work. Though the last couple of weeks we had a different courier driver and he was ace, super poilte, always got the packages here early and placed them in appropriate places. But hes left and we've gone back to our normal driver -.-
  6. Sweetheart -7.5/10- It's like Tom Hanks' Castaway only instead of a dude befriending a volleyball its about a chick stuck on an island being hunted by an aquatic creature. Very cool little survival creature feature with a monster designed by Neville Page and pulled of by WETA. There is also some really beautiful creature shots.
  7. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019)-7.5/10- It's 3 40 minute episodes but they begin right where they left off so its basically a movie cut up to last most of October instead of just playing it all on Halloween. There is a lot to like especially in the first two episodes its just the climax is meh that it detracts from the rest of the movie. I feel if it was made like 20-30 years ago when there wasn't so much held back for a kid-pre teen-teen audience it would have improved that finale greatly.
  8. Zombies were once cool, I remember a time before they were super popular and filled with mostly boring or annoying characters yelling at Carl to get back in the house. Those were some good times. The last zombie themed thing that I really just enjoyed was Zombieland, it was just good ole fashioned dumb fun. Ever since the original movies release back in 2009 demand for a sequel was solid, it was a project that was happening and then it wasn’t happening, then there was the TV show which would lead into a sequel and that TV show didn’t even make it passed the pilot stage killing any momentum a follow up movie had, until now anyway. To coincide with the release of the Double Tap Sony tasked High Voltage Software to make a licensed game to tie in with the movies released. If you are aware of High Voltage I dare say you would be wrong as the studio dates back to the 90’s with their first Woody Harrelson tie in game based on White Men Can’t Jump. They have had a rather storied career working on things like Hunter: The Reckoning, The Conduit and hell they helped out with Saints Row IV, Call of Duty 2, even Mortal Kombat X. Now those were so good games, they even gave us the utter brilliance of things like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude and all those half of those Phase 1 Marvel games… Oh dear god what have I gotten myself into. Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip has you playing as one of the four main characters as they travel around America in a top down twin stick shooter. Each character supposedly has a unique trait like damage, speed or accuracy though they all felt exactly the same right down to their super move which is gained from killing enough zombies. You will spend the 10 minute levels (15 if you are lucky) moving through an area completing objects such as going to the bathroom, turning on theme park rides and destroying port-a-potties while collecting various weapons which all feel and function exactly the same. Every now and then you will be interrupted for some dialogue/plot from the characters, though Abigail Breslin is the only actress to reprise her role, full of unfunny and unskippable dialogue from a Jesse Eisenberg impersonator who is actually more entertaining and less annoying than the actual actor. Despite all those flaws and overall mediocrity the game is kinda fun, especially if you can get the full 4 player co-op going on. It doesn’t help make the game suddenly brilliant but there is a level of competitiveness that goes on with kill streaks, end of level rewards to level up stats and dumb things you can do like turn on amusement park rides and coax zombies to run in front of them to get squished. With that same kind of token the game is stupidly easy, I didn’t die once, not a single time and I didn’t have to try very hard to stay alive. The only really bad thing about this game are the load times, my god are they terrible. I feel like I spent more time in load screens than I did in the games 2 (if you are lucky) hours of gameplay. However if you want to grab 3 friends or people who will just put up with you for 2ish hours some beer, pizza and talk some smack in a top down twin stick shooter that feels like it should have been released when the Xbox Arcade first launched. Pick up Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip, but only if you can get it for a cheap price as once you have gotten through it there isn’t exactly a compelling reason to go back for another round trip. Zombie was proivded with a review copy of Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip for the Nintendo Switch.
  9. I’m not sure just how many of you will be shocked to learn this but I am a bit of a Metal Head, in particular 80’s metal. Glam/sleaze, thrash, Goth, NWOBHM but none more so than that classic heavy metal sound that gave birth to Power Metal. Just that feeling of total domination within the depths of my core bands like Manowar, Dio, Grave Digger, Helloween, Iced Earth, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden is just hard to beat. It just goes hand in hand with particular styles that I am so used to, particular artwork, comics and games just bleed je ne sais quoi. All this is just say I needed a segue into the overall atmosphere for the review of Valfaris. Valfaris is a very simple tale belonging right at home in Heavy Metal magazine and the movies it produced the French counterpart which inspired it Metal Herlant. Valfaris was once a intergalactic paradise, a fortress among fortresess that was so grandiose it put the Death Star to shame. Or atleast it did until one day it just mysteriously disappeared, poof gone, only to reappear sometime later in the orbit of a dying sun. Now it is up Therion (the character you play and a proud Son of Valfaris) to return home and find out what evil has taken over the once beloved paradise. Like holy crap that sounds metal right? It gets even more metal when your spaceship is unable to dock on to the planet so you just crash it into a bunch of bad guys within the first 30 seconds of starting up the game. That is the kind of game Valfaris is, I could tell you how it handles, looks and sounds but they aren’t a huge part of what this game is about. Don’t get me wrong, all that I just mentioned is just like a dream, running, jumping, controller lay out it is all beautiful. I found ZERO issues with any of them, they are for lack of a better term perfect which makes it hard to really tell you about as all I can do is apply emphasis on just how excellent it all is. Instead the focus of Valfaris is it’s heavy metal roots, it’s general aesthetic from visuals to sounds is somewhere between Heavy Metal, Judge Dredd and H. R. Giger, which as someone who loves those things is awesome. It’s dark and grimy yet full of vibrant highlights and rockin’ tunes, which funnily enough sums up the game. You get a gun, laser shield and a sword to start with, you make your way from left to right, right to left, up to down and down to up killing everything in your path while making sure you stay alive which isn’t as easy as it sounds as you only get a couple of hits until you die and you head back to a checkpoint. Checkpoints are nicely distributed though so it never feels like you are having to fight and replay your way back through tonnes and tonnes of game. The only real negative I have is that the game can rely a touch too much on trial and error gameplay as there is a chunk of luck involved with enemy spawning. Along the way you will find better weapons, chainguns, swords with better abilities all the good stuff you would expect in a game of this magnitude to make shorter work of enemy soldiers, monsters, robots and bosses. This tiny aspect leads into possibly the coolest feature of the game, upon unlocking new weapons and equipment the game throws some epic head banging metal at you before the character himself turns to the screen and starts headbanging. That is the type of game Valfaris is, again funnily enough that kinda sums up everything you need to know it. If you wanna run around in a 2D environment shooting and slash all kinda of enemies while listing to some killer tunes and have a fondness for Heavy Metal then this is a game crafted for you. If you don’t have a huge fondness for those things, it’s still one hell of a game the plays so damn well. I know a couple of people who have already put it in there top 10 games for the year and at least one of them is putting it up for serious consideration for his game of the year. He also falls into the category of NOT being a metal fan so that goes to show just how great Valfaris is and can stand on its own. Zombie played a review copy of Valfaris on the Nintendo Switch.
  10. Aladdin (2019) -6.5/10- I'll stick with the animated movie. It wasn't terrible but had absolutely none of the magic of the animated. The sets and costumes were really great though and Smith deserves credit for trying, you can tell he really wanted to be respectful of Williams yet do his own thing.
  11. They did it, they did it, they did one for Scream.
  12. BASEketball -10/10- This movie never ceases to make me laugh. Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 -8/10- Easily the best in the Dude Bro franchise. The Fifth Element -8/10- Been years since I had seen it so thought it was due for a rewatch.
  13. For the uninitiated Trine is a series of puzzle platform games developed by Finnish developer Frozenbyte; who also developed the Shadowgrounds series. The first Trine was released in 2009 to really positive reviews while it follow up Trine 2 was released two years later in 2011 and received an even more overwhelmingly positive reception. After taking a break the franchise returned four years later with Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power which upon released was meet with a rather large ‘Meh’ with most citing it’s incredibly short length making it almost pointless to play to which the VP of Frozenbyte countered saying that to increase the length of the game would have cost an additional 15 million which they didn’t have. Now here we are, another four years later with the newest entry into the series, but have the devs learned from their last mistake? In the Trine series you control three characters which you can switch between at any time; a thief, a wizard and a knight. Each of the characters have their own abilities, play style and leveling up paths which allows different puzzles and platforming sections to be completed in multiple ways. You have a wizard who can levitate and conjure objects, the thief possess a bow and arrow and the knight tends to lean towards brute strength. Each character can use these skills at any time to complete the levels through puzzle solving, platforming and combat which means that there are multiple ways to complete each level. Them levels though, they sure do feel long, I mean they look great with a beautiful coloured art style but their length. Ok their length probably isn’t too bad their is just very little personality going on with the characters or narration, its very very flat in a baby’s first fairy tale way and it makes it all drag. Being both a puzzle and platform game there are two incredibly crucial elements that Trine 4 needs to nail in order for it to be a success; both the puzzle and platforming sections. How do these elements fare I hear you asking, well I am pleased to report that both are pretty good. 45% of your time in The Nightmare Prince will be spent platforming, climbing, jumping, dashing and collecting you know the aim of the game when it comes to platforming, controls are key. Controls within the game for the most part work incredibly well, jumping is nice and direct with very little float to it and there isn’t too much sliding momentum meaning you can move pretty precisely without cheap deaths. The controls themselves however aren’t 100% as it all felt a little too sensitive often leaving me jumping further than I wanted or attaching ropes to the wrong places or at its worst completely resetting puzzles midway through, but its all just a minor gripe. Another 45% of the time in the game is spent solving puzzles which all work logically and are never really too taxing, but there is a hint system which can be set to go off after so many minutes of not figuring a puzzle out. I left it on the default setting at 6 minutes and it didn’t go off once during my play through. Trine tries to pride itself on the multiple ways to get through levels in particular with it’s puzzles, or at least it does at the beginning until it segways into more complex lengthier puzzles requiring the use of all team members. Your wizard will help you avoid obstacles and create platforms, the thief will connect ropes to pull on doors and shelves while also possessing the ability to freeze moving platforms in place which leaves the knight to ram into things or use his shield to block projectiles. As for the puzzles themselves… again they all work and are logically done but there were only a few times where I was left thinking “Wow that was clever.” as pretty much every puzzle is just a variation on the first tutorial puzzle you do which lead to it all feeling incredibly bland and repetitive even when slightly new dynamics slowly get introduced for a level. Right now I know exactly what you are thinking, 45+45 only equals 90 what about the other 10? Well firstly, well done, top effort and a gold star goes to you for knowing math. Secondly the answer to your question is combat! I put an exclamation mark there to show emphases and create excitement which was really a mistake on my part as combat is the weakest element in the game. Combat takes place randomly throughout the levels in little sectioned off arenas where you will be confronted with the same 2-4 enemies at a time which can be dealt with in a single hit. I found myself groaning when these moments occurred as not only where they boringly pointless but put speed bumps in what feel like incredibly long levels. What does all this mean? Honestly I’m not quite sure. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince as a platformer is fun, jumping around and solving puzzles is fun when the momentum allows it and continually carries it forward. The rest of the game around that core however works against taking what could be a fun lighthearted dash through a beautiful storybook fantasy world and turns into a dull drawn out game. There you have it, there is a lot to like about Trine 4 and being able to play it here and there may help break down some of the monotonous aspects that drag it down. Zombie played a review copy of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince on the Nintendo Switch.
  14. My Uncle died yesterday, he was a loner who kept to himself. Today someone strolled into the Hospital where he died and just took everything he went into with like keys, wallet, phone etc. You'd think that would be the biggest fuck up yesterday but no the Hospital lost his fucking body!
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