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  1. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum -8/10- It is more of the same but that is exactly what you want from a series like this. That ending, super excited to see what the franchise has in store for its future.
  2. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    The Crow to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary.
  3. ZombieRawkMachine

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    Resistance 3! Not gonna stop raging till they bring the servers back!
  4. ZombieRawkMachine

    TV Shows

    Fourth season of Lucifer was interesting, started pretty meh but once the boring standard story got outta the way it improved greatly. Hoping it gets renewed by Netflix, I mean there is a finality to the ending if it doesn't but its still a huge downer.
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    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Dirty Work -7.5/10- 90's Norm MacDonald comedy about a couple of guys who open a revenge for hire business. Was supposed to be this huge R rated comedy as Norm was in SNL at the time, then get fired and black listed so it wasn't allowed to be advertised anywhere and ended up tanking. Was also cut down to a PG-13 so all the really funny parts ended up cut, still if you like Norms humour there is comedy to be found here.
  7. ZombieRawkMachine

    Hellmut: The Badass From Hell Review

    Now class I would like you all to take your blenders and mix Doom along with Wolfenstein to form the base for our other ingredients. Next you will need to add a healthy cup of The Binding Isaac, measures don’t need to be exact as this is to give the previous additions some form but make sure you mix thoroughly before pouring into a glass.. Lastly you will need to take some Altered Beast and you are going to want to be delicate here as we only want to carve out the exciting transformations so the rest of it you can disregard, now we need to freeze the parts of Altered Beast we want until they are nice and solid, luckily we have some here that I prepared earlier. Nice dose of nostalgia there really brings out the pulpiness of our mix and what we are going to do is grate the frozen Altered Beast over the top giving us Hellmut: The Badass From Hell to truly enjoy at our leisure. Those mix of games are the best way I can describe Hellmut: The Badass From Hell. A top down twin stick shooter that allows you to transform into a varying mix of hellbeasts to run through a set amount of procedurally generated levels fighting demonic bosses and collecting loot, power ups and all kinds of differing transformations. Once you make it to the end you do it all over again there is nothing too new to the formula in that regard but Hellmut isn’t trying to set a new standard instead it is all about doing the formula solidly while giving a distinctive flavour that is all its own. There is nothing overly flashy with the graphics but they work, most of the scenery is full of objects and colours you would expect to find in castle over run with demon hordes; a lot of browns and blacks. Hellmut though casts this aside and it has very little focus as yeah the castle itself is a little bland but everything happening inside of it is as colourful as vomiting a rainbow. Bright neon colours forgo accenting the levels and arenas instead they take on a life of their own filling the screen with greens, blues, pinks, reds, purples and oranges granting life to every area you pass through. The controls are smooth and basic, one stick moves you another stick aims while a shoulder button fires, the other firing a weapons special attack, one more to use any medical supplies you may have and the final button allows you to choose a transformation. It’s simple and it works especially when you are in the midst of a bullet hell like arena with enemy projectiles flying at you from every direction. 98% of my mistakes and deaths were purely player error the controls were never factor into it with that 2% being the odd occasion of too much going on at one time that it becomes difficult to keep track of everything or just dumb bad luck. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time when enemies spawn but it just be like that sometimes. What about those transformations I keep mentioning? Ultimately this games key attraction is the ability to transform into varying creatures through out the game all with their own look, feel, abilities and weapons. You are given two to begin with (though you can only choose one to begin with, a Rat King that can fire a canon filled with rats which have been coated in a rubber gel like substance allowing them to bounce off walls and a hulking stitched together monstrosity wielding a huge hammer that flies about Thor/Kratos style. In most levels you can encounter a diety who will grant you new transformations provided that you can A) afford it and B) prove yourself worthy to obtain. These transformations appear randomly you may get the one you didn’t choose to start with or maybe you’ll end up as a Demon King who shoots multiple homing energy projectiles at a time or an Orc Fairy who can teleport away out of danger. Finding them all is half the fun. If you read the title; Hellmut: Badass From Hell and thought to yourself “Oh my god yes!” then this game is right up your alley. It’s fun, it contains some bullet hell madness and does it all while wearing its pulpy aesthetics unabashedly on its wrists. If these kind of roguelike games are for you this is a must add to the collection and if you have never played one there is a good chance it will win you over. However if you aren’t into run and gun games that are all about dying to retry then Hellmut has nothing new to offer you other than a solid experience in the genre. Zombie was provided with a promo copy of Hellmut: Badass From Hell.
  8. ZombieRawkMachine

    TV Shows

    While I dont watch the show my Facebook feed is full of people complaining about how dark it was do I don't think it's you, your TV or neon.
  9. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Swords of Ditto Review

    Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse is an action adventure hack ‘n Slash by indie devs onebitbeyond that can be played as a single player or co-op experience. The game has a very bare basic story in that every 100 years the evil witch/sorceress Mormo returns from the grave to try and claim the land for herself and legion of monsters with only he chosen one(s), known only as Sword, to pull the magic sword from the stone and slay her or die trying. It’s very basic and it’s job is only there to give a reason for the gameplay which is where this game tries to shine. The main gimmick behind Swords is in that 100 year cycle which becomes evident during the games tutorial. You play as your first Sword waking up on the beach with no idea whats going on only for a Dung Beetle to appear and tell you of Mormo and the sword and what you expect to learn during a tutorial. You are instructed to face Mormo which you only for her to instantly kill leaving the world to 100 years of her evil tyranny until a new Sword is awoken. This is when the game really begins; this time however you are told a couple more details, here are things you can do to weaken Mormo and as soon as you reach the same level as her time is up and you must face her. Do you succeed in slaying her or fail and level the world to another 100 years of her rule before trying again. From this point on you are left with one of those where do I go and what do I do type of games. You are told what to do but not where it is, what to look for or anything else truly helpful as the character meant to tell you these things in the game has forgotten due to old age. So you can go through the make location by location finding these things to make Mormo weaker or you can just level up and go face her that is entirely up to you. Regardless of what you do and whether or not you beat her the experience is the same as it all builds up to a new 100 year gap, new Sword, slight variation on what you had previously achieved. You don’t have to go it alone though as there are stickers that you can apply to your body and sword for resistances, boosts, elemental damages and the like. Coins to earn, and boy are there a lot of currencies to collect with a main currency to spend at merchants, then different areas will have there own currency to spend on the items therein and a mystical space whale who yet again has their own currency. Upgrades for weapons to find in dungeons. Health stores though I never really needed them as health was dropped all the time by enemies. A few side quests scattered about. The standard fare you expect to find in this type of game is here, it isn’t reinventing he wheel but it is trying to do its own thing with it at times. The combat is fine albeit sluggish, it is very easy to over shoot a monster while swinging a sword resulting in some damage being taken. It tries to inject some strategy into combat by having monsters fight back with unavoidable attacks if you are too close but all you really need to do is walk away to avoid them. Occasionally in dungeons I would get trapped in a room as every entrance and doorway would close in a glitch meaning I’d have to quit out and restart the dungeon. Load times are really inconsistent with one room loading instantly then that same room taking 30 seconds or so to load next, nothing game breaking but it can be long enough to ruin the momentum you have going. The visuals and sounds are perfectly fine, nothing you will remember but they do their job. The biggest gripe I have with visuals, sounds and even with the writing at points is how it is seemingly trying hard to replicate the feel of Adventure Time but with the caveat that it doesn’t quite know what actually made Adventure Time special and work so well. This could be that Adventure Time is willing to just be Adventure Time and use whatever the situation calls for, if it needs a smart joke it puts in a smart joke or if it needs to be slightly more adult it’ll be slightly more adult. Swords of Ditto doesn’t do this and if they are making a joke about the Dung Beetle doing what Dung Beetles do then it breaks it down to the safest age of saying “Poop” and hoping it’s funny. Unfortunately that is all there really is to the game. It’s short with a single cycle being able to be played through in a single sitting. Dialogue is constantly repeated with nothing really changing between areas and cycles. But it is fun while it lasts and completely perfect to play in short bursts on the bus or with some minimal time to kill as it is constantly saving so if you do need to quickly shut it off chances are you are good to go. If you are in need of some Zelda inspired goodness to fit into a gap here and there then you could do worse than picking this up on the cheap but there are better options out there. If however you want to spend some Zelda inspired time with your kid then Swords of Ditto will fill that gap up nicely. Zombie was provided with a promo copy of Swords of Ditto to review.
  10. ZombieRawkMachine

    Upcoming Trailers

    Sonic The Hedgehog
  11. ZombieRawkMachine

    May Release Schedule

    3rd Mortal Kombat 11 Fighting NetherRealm Warner Bros. Interactive Ghost Giant Platform Zoink Zoink 8th Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II RPG Nihon Falcolm Marvelous 10th Saints Row: The Third -The Full Package- Action Volition Deep Silver Dragon: Marked for Death RPG Inti Creates Inti Creates Dangerous Driving Racing Threefields Entertainment Maximum Games 14th A Plague Tale: Innocence Action Adventure Asobo Studio Focus Home Interactive Rage 2 FPS Avalanche Studios Bethesda Softworks World End Syndrome Visual Novel Toybox Inc Arc System Works Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Third Person Shooter Rebellion Rebellion 16th Bubsy: Paws on Fire Platform Choice Provisions Accolade 17th Jake Hunter Detective Story: The Ghost of the Dusk Adventure Arc System Works Aksys Games Death Mark Adventure Experience Inc Aksys Games Wasteland 2 Directors Cut RPG inXile Entertainment Deep Silver Neo Atlas 1469 World Building Sim Artdink Arc System Works 21st The Killer Floor Double Deature FPS Tripwire Int Tripwire Int Assassins Creed III Remastered Action Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft Team Sonic Racing Kart Racing Sumo Digital Sega Resident Evil Survival Horror Capcom Capcom Resident Evil 4 Survival Horror Capcom Capcom Resident Evil Zero Survival Horror Capcom Capcom Observation Adventure Nocode Devolver Digital PixArk Survival Snail Games Snail Games 22nd Everybody’s Golf VR Sport Clap Hank Sony Interactive Entertainment 23 Total War: Three Kingdoms Strategy Creative Assembly Sega 24th Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization RPG Aquria Bandai Namco Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Edition Fighting Arc System Works PQube Steven Universe: Save the Light/OK K.O. Action Adventure RPG Grumpyface Studios Cartoon Network Games 28th Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition Action RPG Warhorse Studios Deep Silver Little Friends: Dogs & Cats Pet Sim Imagineer Sold Out 29th Blood & Truth Shooter SIE London Sony Interactive Entertainment Among The Sleep Survival Horror Krillbite Studio Krillbite Studio 30th Waku Waku Sweets Cooking Sim Sonic Powered Sonic Powered 31st Aterlier Lulua: The Scion of Arland RPG Gust Koei Tecmo Guacamelle One-Two Punch Collection Metroidvania Drinkbox Studios Leadman Games Sudden Strike 4 Complete Collection RTS Kite Games Kalypso Media Home Sweet Home Horror Yggdrazil Group Co. Ltd Yggdrazil Group Co. Ltd Kotodama: The 7 Mysterious of Fujisawa Art Co. Ltd PQube Loot Drops Fairly simple month with Rage 2 being the only outstanding drop with EB Games having the exclusive Collectors Edition of the game. This Collectors Edition will nab you a copy of the game, a steelbook case, a collectors poster, Ruckus the Crusher talking head and bunch of DLC containing an exclusive mission - Cult of the Death God, weapons, weapon skins, cheat codes, progress boosters and truck skins. While EB Games also has an exclusive Deluxe Edition of the game containing only the DLC. While a purchase from Mighty Ape will grant the Death God DLC and an exclusive buggy.
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    Bitch Thread

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    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    My Dinner With Herve -7/10- Peter Dinklage passion project about Hervé Villechaize who was the midget in Fantasy Island and Nick Nack in James Bond. It's based on the story of the films director who gave Herve his last interview before he killed himself shortly there after. It's not a bad movie, if you wanna see Dinlage chase a woman on horse back with a gun (remember its a true story) or fly towards the screen naked.
  15. ZombieRawkMachine

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) Review

    I feel the need to prefix this review with some slight information about me and the original Resident Evil 2. I didn’t like it. I miss the boat during its original release but eventually went back to play it around the time Nemesis came out and that game I loved. To this day it is my least liked main entry into the series, I know I’m whack. I found more enjoyment in playing 6 than I did with 2, hell I found more enjoyment in 6 than I did with 4, come at me bro! Very little about 2 appealed to me when I played it back in the day, but when I saw the first sights of this years remake I was excited. Now is as good a time as any to jump in and see if it can win me over after 20 years. Back in 2015 Capcom released a Hi def remaster of the Game Cube remake of the first Resident Evil game which was still damn enjoyable as it was on the Game Cube and the original release of the game back in ‘96. But it wasn’t enough, the fans wanted more, the fans were a chorus of a zombie horde chanting for a remake of the franchises most beloved titles. After putting the disc in and letting the patches download I was amped to grab my bombstick and put a stop to the zombie menace. Once the game was loaded I was confronted with my first hurdle, which of the two campaigns to begin with. Leon or Claire? Neither character thrilled me back in the 90’s as I found them bland a trait that one I still feel carries while the other got to branch out in Code Veronica, yes I can’t stand Leon Kennedy. So with that choice easily made I dove in and the game looks really nice, character models are beautifully rendered, environments fit in the rundown Racoon City and the zombies squish nicely when they lose their heads. Capcom really nailed the more cinematic approach to the remake and it shows through the games campaigns feeling bigger than it once did even though it is practically the same game from 20 years ago. The puzzles work as well as they did and zombie slaying is still satisfying thanks to tightened controls allowing you to dispatch the undead at your leisure. The UI is more friendly to use, sound crisper than ever before, I mean all the things you expect from 20 years of technological advances to be there are there and used perfectly to replicate a 20 year old game as a modern contender. Resident Evil 2 (2019) plays well, is a fest for the eyes, carries the torch for franchise solidly and is the closest you can get to that original experience of playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time without acquiring a time machine. Herein lies its problem, it is too faithful. Sure some things have been changed around or have been fleshed out. Characters that were just there to fill in some information or guide the player now have personality but all in all it’s the same game. Not enough has been changed to really make it feel fresh or blow me away. I couldn’t find any tension in the situations even with the big moments like with Mr. X not making me feel any anxiety as they were pretty much scripted the same way only with a coat of fresh paint making it nicer to look at. Did this latest installment win me over and change my mind about the second installment? No, while I can see why it deserves the praise as it plays remarkably well and looks really nice it all fell flat to me lacking tension or anything new making it a struggle to get through. If you are just looking for a good zombie this will easily fit the bill as there is a lot to like. If you are after the next revolutionary Resident Evil game, this isn’t it but there is more than enough to keep the fans foaming at the mouth for more. Zombie was provided a promo copy of Resident Evil 2 for this review.