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  1. ZombieRawkMachine

    Marvel Spoiler Talk

    So the one thing that has stuck with me and that I haven't seen anyone else mention is the whole Fury's secret thing that no one else knows cause its to embarrassing.
  2. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part -7/10- Was so much better than I was expecting. Rex Dangervest was awesome! Aquaman -7/10- I liked it. Cast was mostly fantastic with Heard being the only real downer in it. Mamoa was brilliant like always. The one thing I wasn't sold on was the campiness that popped up every now and then, it just felt conflicting tonally.
  3. ZombieRawkMachine

    Now Playing

  4. ZombieRawkMachine

    Marvel Spoiler Talk

    Thanks forgot about that, first post is now edited too.
  5. ZombieRawkMachine

    Marvel Spoiler Talk

    With Captain Marvel now out and Endgame next month followed by Spider-Man a couple of months later I thought it'd be a good time for a spoiler thread. The aim of this thread is to keep spoilers away from the last seen thread and any unfortunate miss clicks ruining anything. So obviously thurr be spoilers ahead. But please keep using the spoiler tags by clicking the eye icon to avoid spoilers appearing in latest post etc. What'd everyone think of the stinger to Captain Marvel?
  6. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Captain Marvel -8.5/10- Was expecting one thing got something different that was so damn good.
  7. ZombieRawkMachine

    Dead People More Famous Than Us

    Awwww man that sucks, loved Luke Perry.
  8. ZombieRawkMachine

    Today I...

    Today I found out that I will be in a game of Ten Candles that will be streaming on Twitch.
  9. ZombieRawkMachine

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    @Coffee Addict original PS One disc. Forgot just how much I love it and how easy it is to lose yourself in the Junction system. @Woolly steam version is pretty popular as it allows the Japanese only Chocobo World along with turbo buttons and that. It's still a bit of a mess from what I understand though.
  10. ZombieRawkMachine

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Final Fantasy VIII cause I'm tired of Square Enix telling me I am not allowed nice things.
  11. ZombieRawkMachine

    Now Playing

    Was expecting to hate this soundtrack, I mean I only recognized like one artists name and the rest were of the names are just fucking stupid. However the soundtrack is pretty fucking dope.
  12. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Anime Thread

    Halfway through the second season of My Hero Academia. So much better than I was expecting it to be. Was expecting it to be trash like Titan or SAO.
  13. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Into the Spider-Verse -8/10- Amazing. Loved pretty much everything about it. Still not completely sold on the janky animation that is missing frames but 30 minutes into it or so and I really didn't notice it as I was having a great time. Cage was fantastic as was that stinger.
  14. ZombieRawkMachine

    The Last Movie/s You Watched

    Slaughterhouse Rulez -6.5/10- It's that horror comedy with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Sheen with monsters in a boarding school. The comedy aspect was good and generally didn't miss. The creature feature aspect however is built up for so long that when it finally happens (nothing horror happens until the last 40 minutes of its just under 2 hour run time) it's a bit of a let down, I mean its fun but just kinda underwhelming. Monster designs are pretty average too.
  15. ZombieRawkMachine