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  1. Birds of Prey -5/10- Winstead was as great as always everything else was kinda boring. I still dont like Robbie as Quinn. So much of the movie just defies everything to try make her look sexy and cool and all times. Like the police station scene all she has is glitter, smoke and paint and only 1 cop tries shooting her. It's not a Birds of Prey movie as most of them are only in it for like 20 minutes. It wants so hard to be Deadpool and make that kinda success that it rips a lot of pages from the movie.
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog -7/10- Was fun and there is a lot of care for the character held within. It did need more work done on Sonic as somethings the CG compositing is super rough. Also that stinger was hype.
  3. That would have been way easier. Moved him away from the glass windows and anything else he could have hurt himself on and kept him in the recovery position and stopped him from choking on his tongue and mucus and that till the Ambos game and then I left them do to their job.
  4. Today while I was out some dude had a seizure and I was the only one around so I had to go into first responder mode.
  5. Superman: Red Son -6.5/10- Plays like a playlist of key moments from the comic with no real thread other than communism is bad even if its for the right reasons. Batman is in it for like 3 minutes. Wonder Woman gets like 5. Brianiac gets about 5. So if you wanna see a highlight reel of Russian Superman it could be a go but was pretty dull. Guns Akimbo -8/10- Not gonna be for everyone but if you want a non stop frantic video game styled movie akin to Hardcore Henry only way more sillier and more focused on fun goofiness instead of a more serious action approach you should enjoy it.
  6. After Midnight -8/10- Its about a guy who wakes up to find a note from his girlfriend saying she needs some time to herself and then disappears. The very first night she is gone he gets attack by some form of monster and the monster shows up to attack him every night there after. Its beautiful, it's funny, has a great soundtrack, it's slow and takes it's time to tell its story of literal and metaphorical monsters in one mans life. Jumanji: The Next Level -6.5/10- It was ok, it got too caught up in the characterizations of the characters within the characters and in doing so lost track of being a fun adventure movie. The last act picks up and it's a shame there wasnt more of it in the movie, plus the ties to the original were great.
  7. Super Star Wars without losing any lives. Forgot how hard this game can be.
  8. Ip Man 4: The Finale -7.5/10- Touches on a lot of the same tropes and concepts as the other movies, racism, inner fighting within the masters, etc The dialogue is super cheesy as is 75% of the acting but Atkins makes one hell of a villain. Has a chunk of the beginning dedicated to Bruce Lee as way to bring Ip Man into the story. Much better than the third movie but not as good as first or second but all in all it did leave me all misty eyed.
  9. Have acquired a bunch of board games and in the midst of gathering people to play them with so we should be able to start getting them up soon.
  10. Hell yeah, my PS2 is my baby. I still think its the best console ever with the best library of titles. I really miss the generation of mid teir games which were delightfully surprising.
  11. If you like Vincent you will probably like the game its a third person shooter with RPG elements that can change the way you play with various guns and gun attachments that can be modified. Vincent is my fave FFVII character (followed closely by Zack) so if you want to know the story behind Vincent, Hoji and Lucrecia the game provides it all. It also explains his transformations including the badass demon which is called Chaos. A lot of the complaints were it being too short though I ran through it quickly this time only getting enough for the secret ending and it clocked in just under 10 hours and it being easy but I dont think it is, it starts easy then about 1/4 in it can really ramp up depending on your build as you have to choose between leveling up or converting your exp to gil to upgrade your weapons at the end of every level.
  12. Yes folks the fan favorite but incredibly poorly sold superhero game by Platinum is now up on Kickstarter to get the funding for remaster on the Swtich and other platforms through stretch goals. The campaign was posted today and has already made the 5 and half million yen price they were asking for meaning this will more than likely be seeing the light of day very soon. If you wish to check out the Kickstarter or donate to it you can do so by clicking here. If About The Wonderful 101: Earth is under attack from an invasion of enormous aliens, and the only thing that can protect the planet is a group of unlikely, yet mighty, heroes with special abilities. Unfortunately, the aliens are too powerful for the heroes to fight individually. They must join forces and work together to defeat their common enemy. These uniquely different heroes can morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or turn into objects like a giant fist or bridge to interact with and traverse the environments.
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