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  1. You membah back in 1999 when The Blair Witch Project was released and everyone kinda went mental over it? Or maybe you don’t, I mean it was a long ass time ago that I barely remember myself but I do remember the share volume of people falling for the premise and of course how it kickstarted the whole Found Footage genre. I didn’t end up seeing Project until I was in High School, I knew of it, knew it was about a tape found by some people who were hunted by a Predator in a jungle Witch in the woods (which is debatable, I think its a movie in which two dudes fake a haunting to murder a chick, but hey you say tomatoes and I say maters.) Then in 2016 a third movie was released and collective minds were blown for what ended up being an average movie and all was quiet on the Blair Witch front, until 2019. During E3 2019 it was announced that a new Blair Witch game would be the first since the trilogy released in the early 00’s for PC. Developed by Blooper Team the creative minds behind Layers of Fear and Observer both received their fare share of praise and had a great sense of atmosphere. A licence put into capable hands right? Well yes, they did a pretty good job overall and made Blair Witch so much better than it had any real right to be. The game is set in 1996 a couple of years after the events of the first movie in which you play the roll of Ellis an army vet and police officer on leave who after hearing of the abduction of a 9 year old boy, who has been taken into the Black Hills Forest, joins in the search effort with his trusty dog Bullet at his side. Blair Witch is a first person horror game in which you make your way through the forest in search of the boy while solving puzzles and fighting monsters, yeah I will get to that one in a bit. Enough of about all this you heard me mention you get a Doggo as a companion and you wanna hear more about that you say, oh alright I’ll allow it. Bullet, your trusty good boy would more often than not be relocated to the possession of gimmick in any other game; yes I’m looking at you Fable 2. However much to Blooper Team’s credit Bullet is an essential to your survival. He will help you fight, find collectibles and lore while scaring off bumps in the night and tracking the scent of the boy you went in there to save. Like I said he is such a good Doggo. The game also encourages you to treat him, well they let you treat him however you like, maybe you are a terrible person and want to scold him all the time, you can do that but it works out much better if you pats him, praise him and give him treats. Much like other ventures in Blair Witch series this game also has a video camera as a key feature, shortly into your journey through the woods you will encounter said video camera which is also the signal for shit to start getting weird…er than they already are. The camera will allow you to view tapes which will fill in some story more importantly however it will allow you to play special red tapes. Red tapes will allow you to change and interact with the world at hand being your key to unlock all of the puzzles the game holds. Can’t open a door? Find a red tape and play it until you find a scene in which the door is open, return to the door and magically it is open. This aspect is probably the most fun the game has to offer, sure there are some other simple puzzles here there, move switch to allow train tracks to change standard things like that. While red tape puzzles aren’t ever mind blowing they are fun to think about and get involved in. Yes, I previously mentioned monsters didn’t I? If you recall a certain being from the 2016 movie then you will know what to expect from these guys… Kind of anyway. Monsters in Blair Witch are fast, so much so you probably wont even see them movie. So in order to track these monsters you have to rely on Bullet (the dog, not the things guns fire, they are in this game so don’t worry about them) he will show you where they are, by pointing them out and barking. Did I mention just how much of a good boy he is? So yeah, the know gun thing, instead you have your handy dandy flashlight. Much like Alan Wake you will aim your flashlight at the monsters in order to dispell them. Much like the red tape puzzles, it’s fun, nothing brilliant or revolutionary but it’s fun to do. The game does have one glaring flaw though that you can’t do a single thing about and is really hard to look over as it follows you as soon as your character takes his first steps into the game; your walk cycle is super slow and 75% of the game feels like a walking sim. But I mean if you wanted a walking in spoopy woods sim you are in luck. Blair Witch does nothing that will blow you away but sometimes that’s ok as what is here is really solid for the most part. It’s a well put together game which shows care for its source material wanting to work in the confines of it while trying to add its own spin in there without it feeling out of place. If you are a super huge fan of the franchise you may find it lacking as to dig into the real story of The Bell Witch you need to go out of your way to find it in this game. If you are looking to kill some time in a horror themed game with some great atmosphere then Blair Witch will easily fill that gap. Zombie Reviewed a retail copy of Blair Witch on an Xbox One S.
  2. So I am not a huge fan of Gears of War, I like them and all don’t get me wrong but the first couple were just ok cover based shooters. Never found them to be outstanding but I got them both for like $50 when The Warehouse was doing a Buy 2 get 1 Free deal though admittedly they both sat in my backlog till I had nothing else to play. The third game was a step up that I genuinely enjoyed, it was still over the top and melodramatic but it was a tighter experience overall. I ended up getting the Grears 4 version of the Xbox One so I wasn’t expecting much other than a game to keep me going until I got something else I was actually interested in, but you what? I wholeheartedly loved the fourth game it was again a huge step forward with a lot of fun and some incredibly sleek gameplay. Needless to say I was super curious on just how Gears 5 would fare. First of all the thing that struck me the most was just how beautiful it looked, I’m not a creature that needs to have the best visuals of all time. Graphics are very low on my list as to what makes a good game to the point where I don’t really care what it ultimately looks like, Vib Ribbon is one of my favourite games of all time and that is entirely black and white, 2D and only made with like 2 lines. With views like that you can believe me when I say that Gears 5 looks utterly amazing and that is just on the standard Xbox One S, but I did my due diligence and went over to a friends to do co-op on a One X with 4K set up and it was just a thing of beauty. The graphics are just top notch and were easily the very first thing to gush over as it just looks beautiful. That beauty however I didn’t think would translate over to the snowy wasteland of the games second act but I am glad to say I was wrong. Shading with whites, blues and accents of back just make it all pop so well. The tight graphics flows through to the controls which are sleeker and slicker than they ever have been in the franchise, a cover based shooter or just about any third person action/shooter I can think of. I can recall times earlier on in the franchise when I wanted to dodge but would get stuck on a wall or try to sprint and get stuck a wall but we have come so far since then. I have had zero problems with the controls, everything works better than it should aiming, shooting, dodging, covering, it all works with zero hassle. In co-op you have the option as playing as one of the series floating robots and that too I couldn’t fault, there was no problems with floatiness or sluggish turning that you may assume a huge chunk of metal may give you. It was all good. There is also some really cool stuff introduced with this fifth entry like a story that straddles the line of fun and drama pretty damn well that never feels over the top or cheesy. Old characters, places and plots are shown off in a really fresh way that all seems relevant to the game at hand. The developers have even managed to throw in open world gameplay that simply works, nothing about it seems out of place or just trying to do what the cool kids are doing, it works for the franchise incredibly well. Unfortunately it isn’t all good, at least for now. Between playing solo with myself and co-op with a friend and at times his son very similar problems kept plaguing us. The social aspects of the game constantly drop with its connections being rather lackluster at times. At times if we quit out during to the title to have a break and jump back in later we would have issues just trying to get back into the game which could take several tries as the game would just keep dropping. I was however lucky enough that this only seemed to happen during co-op which we attributed to influx of gamers on the servers. The worst glitch to happen though is an infinite save loop which would randomly happen both in solo and co-op in which you would try entire a new area by busting a door or melting a lock and the game would then try to save and load the next segment only to not load anything and save indefinitely. Some of these times nothing could be done, no guns fired or pause menu brought up and with no way to go back I had to reset the console. There have also been other occasional bugs and glitches with the more gregarious being no enemies loaded when there clearly should be and the AI not doing anything as it believes it is in combat again leaving me stuck. The good thing about these flaws is that they are completely patch able and should be worked out by the games actual release. Fans of the franchise will love, if you haven’t played any Gears games before you are in for a treat if you start now and considering it is on Gamepass which is currently $2 for 2 months you would be insane not to give in as this game blows the water away with its competition. Zombie reviewed Gears 5 on the Xbox One S and Xbox X through the Xbox Gamepass Membership.
  3. Today I carded at the supermarket when I purchased a couple of Vs.
  4. Kingdom Hearts III My beloved franchise.... Easily the worst of the 3 mainline games. Looks utterly fantastic but that ending... It destroyed my soul... Because it was bad not because it was emotional. It all felt so unearned. Don't Think Twice is really beautiful though much better than that first one with Skrillex.
  5. Still haven't finished season 3 of My Hero, got to an episode where All Might was like "I have a side story about love for this entire episode" and I was like I'm out. Instead I rewatched Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka cause it is amazing and I need a second season. Also been watching Heart x Hybrid Magias Academy Ataraxia which is dope.
  6. Cheers my guy, was gonna to a factory reset on my router tonight but just jumped on my laptop and everything was back to working so I guess my ISP was screwing me.
  7. Yeah, restarted it. Turned it off before I left for the day but it did nothing.
  8. Ok so the other day I went to go and have a voice chat on Discord only it wouldn't work and kept getting a RTC No Route message, so I followed all their instructions which said would resolve the issue and none of them have. I tried to use the app on my cell and the same thing happens, RTC No Route. I can now only have internet going on one major device at a time. Also I have found my completely legitimate and legal torrents are also no longer working unable to get passed the connecting to peers stage. So I am guessing this has to be somethign with the net or ISP? Any help? Or am I better off paying for a decent VPN and hope that solves all the issues?
  9. Ya know what is cool? Soulsborne, right? The kids these days with their Nioh’s, Sekiro’s, Surge’s and Lord’s of the Fallen. Back in my day we had our Sonic’s, Mario’s, Crash’s and Spyro’s and they were it but then they changed what it was and what I was with wasn’t it any more. Ok I will stop Grandpa Simpsoning it now but you know what I am trying to say. The Soulsborne genre has become a rather large and dominant style since it rared its head up with 2009’s Demon Souls, which is still the best in the genre to this day. Only the genre is a lot older than that with From Software, the devlopers of the Souls and Borne part of the genres namesake, having been developing these games since the PSone days. Bandwagons though need to be jumped on and Soulsborne has excelled at allowing that to happen. Don’t get me wrong I do like a Soulsborne game every now and then I just don’t love them, I think we should be friends and hangout every now and then but their personalities tend to be kinda slow and dry. However since it’s release way back in September of 2018 Immortal: Unchained as stuck with me constantly singing my name wanting to be played. So as you can imagine a weak willed man such as myself caved in and bought a copy of it unsure exactly what to expect as the reviews for it aren’t exactly the best. I dug in, I put the game into my PS4 and booted it up not really knowing what to expect other than a Soulsborne game with guns instead of melee based combat. At first glance that is what I got a Soulsborne game with guns though it didn’t take too long for me to realize that was a gross under estimation of the game which did it no service. Yes those elements are still there that you expect from a game like this, slow and methodical pacing through battles until you get to a boss who hits hard and has a crap load of health. Yes you also lose your upgrade currency if you die and can collect it if you get back to the previous spot in which you died. However since you have guns things do move at a faster pace and has less to do with pattern recognition or hit and dodge as well as you can but instead wants you to think of your feet and strategize from the moment you spot an enemy. Do you go for the easy kill? Do you want to lure away the easier melee based weapons so you can mow them down with a shotgun? Learning enemy placements are key things as more often than not you deal with multiple enemies with multiple forms of attack. Learning what tactics work against which enemies is key to success in Immortal: Unchained and how to maneuver around a small closed off environment to take them down and hit weak points is key to success. When starting out you have a choice between a few different types of alien classes all with different stats, special abilities and looks, it’s exactly what you would expect from a base character creation. As you now by now in games like this you ARE going to die and you ARE going to die a lot though I never felt burden or cheated by death as I could always point out what exactly I did wrong. Checkpoints/Camp fires I felt were more plentiful than some of Immortals counterparts which may turn some off though I always felt like this lead to me feeling like I was making some progression and not being punished for dying. Like many in the genre you are fighting an uphill battle with a crappy pistol, no armor and next to no health to navigate and learn what you need to survive with the only real tutorials popping up to explain in world versions of things. Now the world in Immortal: Unchained I think may just be my favourite thing about it. So far The Surge is the closest I can really think of to get into the realm of sci-fi within the genre though it still keeps the fare more grounded where as Unchained launches full force into a sci-fi world heavily inspired by Norse Mythology and it’s Ragnarok event. Think Thor meets Star Wars by way of God of War and you just may have an idea of what to expect. Just in case it hasn’t become too clear this is a game that I have grown to completely adore, so much in fact that I talked a whole group of my friends into grabbing a copy themselves and they too are loving it. Considering how dirt cheap the game is appearing now you would be doing yourself a disservice not to pick it up. Immortal: Unchained doesn’t reinvent the wheel or breath fresh air into a somewhat stale atmosphere but it does however offer its own take, world and story to an overcrowded genre and what world and story it is. Zombie reviewed a retail copy on Immortal: Unchained for the Playstation 4.
  10. Metro Exodus. Good things from the other titles are still good (aisde from the story which is kinda lackluster) and the bad things are still there though they feel worse. Not quite sure how you are supposed to stealth through it when you are seen by people who aren't in the same room as you or even remotely near any line of sight to you.
  11. Sorority Boys -7.5/10- I forgot how funny this movie is, I mean it is incredibly retarded and stupid without doing much more than "Haha guys dressed as chicks so its funny" but sometimes stupid humor like that is all you need. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death -7/10- Has Bill Maher in it as the bad ass lead you through the jungle type role as he guides 2 women through the harsh San Bernardino avocado jungle because the a tribe of woman there has taken feminism too far and is now eating men. It is a huge satire on jungle/cannibal b movies it takes the piss out of everything from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Space Odyssey to Disneyland, Playboy, Macho men and the 80's action star boom. Plus it has bewbs. Also the guy who wrote and directed it went on to do Pretty Woman and Under Siege.
  12. Katana Zero, what can I say about it? You play as a katana wielding assassin known only as The Dragon as you set about to accomplish each new mission from your employer. There isn’t much to aid you on that task accept for your trusty blade, whatever objects you can find in level to help out and a small set of time bending powers. One life, one target, one blade and a crap load of henchmen in your way. Katana Zero handles like a dream, everything is very responsive once you get the timing down. Your main method of attack is your sword and that will deal with most of your problems, to aid in your dispatching you will come across the occasional bottle or knife which can be thrown and later on explosives can also be added into the mix. Targeting works as well as could be expected with any screw ups purely down to Zombie error. Now I also mentioned you had some spiffy little time bending powers, while they aren’t super original or exciting they are used pretty much exclusively for dodging, puzzles and environmental kills. The time skills are the worst offender in regards to the controls as they can take a level or three to really get a grasp on their time as it is just kind of odd. Judging by these screen shots I am sure by now you have thought to yourself ‘Hey that looks like Hotline Miami!’ and you aren’t wrong. Katana Zero wears its inspirations on it’s sleeve; unabashedly so. What we have here is some developers who took Hotline Miami, The Matrix, Blade Runner, John Wick, that Ryan Gosling movie Drive where he just hung out acting all cool in a jacket, Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino, threw them in a blender on the first setting so the elements still had a nice pulpy feel to them then crafted this game. Before each level begins The Dragon will stop to take a moment and put on headphones before pressing play on his cassette player just so you know its cool and nostalgic. However with that being said these style of games with the retro aesthetics and synth soundtracks are becoming a dime a dozen moreover they are all beginning to blur together with it becoming harder and harder to really tell them apart. Luckily for Katana Zero it still has The Matrix and Blade Runner roots in there to hold up with a strong sense of mind bending story that really drives the game forward giving reasons for everything that happens throughout the game including its cyberpunk setting which not a lot of other games do. Katana Zero isn’t the most original or unique game on the market of 2019 it won’t blow you away nor does it really stand out in the crowded sea of nostalgiabait games but at the same time it isn’t really trying to. Katana Zero is one of those love letters to Sci-Fi to that just gets it right, it knows what it is and the story it wants to tell. Zero is crafted by a love of the genre from hiring Mega Man X and Blade Runner on the weekend and if that was you these are your people and this is a game you will get a kick out of. Zombie reviewed a promo copy of Katana Zero on the Nintendo Switch.
  13. X-Men: Children of the Atom. Forgot just how jank the PS version was.
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