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  1. Add Dying Light 2 to the delayed bandwagon. Although it only had a vague release date in the first place.
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  10. Dkindahouse


    The La Parka that passed away recently is not the one from WCW days to avoid any confusion. He is now known as LA Park. If you're not squeamish this is the incident from October that eventually caused his death months later. Rocky Johnson (The Rock's father) passed away on January 15th. AEW's TV deal is extended to 2023 and will include a 2nd show so I think that means AEW Dark will be on TV instead of Youtube. What do you think of Brock entering the Rumble at No. 1? Who do you think No. 2 will be and also will the rumours of Edge entering be true? Would be nice to get some surprise entrants again since it has become almost predictable that they will be from the current roster instead of a Legend cameo.
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  12. YOUR TOP GAMES 1 THE DIVISION 2 462 HOURS 2 WWE 2K19 339 HOURS (This would be mainly simulating matches) 3 ROCKET LEAGUE 315 HOURS YOUR TOP GENRE WAS RPG 18 GAMES 123 TROPHIES 883 HOURS Throughout the year you played 340 DAYS 2383 HOURS LOCALLY 0 HOURS IN PS VR 648 HOURS ONLINE 17 HOURS - LONGEST GAMING STREAK Your prime time to play is MONDAY AFTERNOONS YOU CLOCKED IN 3031Hours of gameplay YOU EARNED 305 New Trophies Up from last year 268 Bronze 30 Silver 70 Gold Your top game played online with PS Plus: ROCKET LEAGUE 285 HOURS PLAYED ONLINE YOU DOWNLOADED 14Monthly PS4 games through PS Plus Your 2019 title is ACTION HERO 48 GAMES 3031 HOURS 305 TROPHIES
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