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  3. Dkindahouse


    Well the Typhoon really played havoc with a number of matches but at least Scotland got their match and can stop whinging about the All Blacks having too much sway. Was glad to see them knocked out of the tournament and Japan really show they shouldn't be counted as a Tier 2 Nation any more. Italy and Ireland have already had a bitch about us so who next out of England, France or Wales will say something about us. Can't find the normal highlights for the Australia match so got the extended version instead. World Cup Quaterfinals Sat Oct 19, 20:15: England v Australia Oita Stadium (QF1) Sat Oct 19, 23:15: NZ v Ireland Tokyo Stadium (QF2) Sun Oct 20, 20:15: Wales v France Oita Stadium (QF3) Sun Oct 20, 23:15: Japan v South Africa Tokyo Stadium (QF4)
  4. Dkindahouse


    They don't appear to have the Women's Counties vs Waikato match up at the moment I'm guessing it's the same as the Men's and will be the top 4 which will see Premiership Canterbury vs Counties Manukau Auckland vs Wellington Championship Otago vs Tasman Hawke's Bay vs Northland
  5. Dkindahouse


    Well Canterbury pulled that win out of their ass but they were playing as badly as they did at the start of the season. Hasn't been announced what days they will fall on but it will be Mitre 10 Cup Premeirship Tasman vs Auckland Wellington vs Canterbury Mitre 10 Cup Championship Bay of Plenty vs Manawatu Hawke's Bay vs Otago
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  8. Finally the latest episode of Fire Force is out. Also the first episode of the new Seven Deadly Sins season and Food Wars season is out. It did seem like a lot were coming out around October 12th and I hope My Hero Academia is included in that.
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  10. Dkindahouse


    UPDATE New Zealand vs Italy & England vs France matches have both been cancelled due to typhoon fears. They will decide the fate of the Japan vs Scotland match on Sunday morning. It is even more annoying when you find out World Rugby knew this pattern of weather could happen at this time of year because they generally have 20-25 Typhoons during this season.
  11. Dkindahouse


    Could be some controversy with that typhoon due to hit and the possibility of matches being cancelled and the points being shared. This for now will effect the Ireland/Samoa and Japan/Scotland match and possibly even the NZ match. The shared points would cause Scotland to lose their chance to qualify for the quarterfinals.
  12. For anyone still playing the game.
  13. Dkindahouse


    I should add Bludgeon Brothers/Erick & Luke or whatever they want to call them. I hope Luke Harper is just going to run out his contract and go somewhere he will be used properly. Not fall into the same as the Club or Sasha and sign into multiyear contracts only to become jobbers again. I can't say I had high hopes for the Hell in a Cell PPV when only 4 matches had been announced and there was no Cruiserweight, Universal or Men's Tag Titles on the line. Instead we get a Natalya/Lacey Evans match that could of just been on a house show, another snorefest Orton match, a 6 man tag and another Corbin/Gable match. I'll be keeping an eye on AEW Dynamite to see if they can keep up the show quality but it isn't much of a competition at the moment. Now they have this Lashley/Lana stuff. I thought they wanted women to be seen as more than eye candy.
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