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  1. Dkindahouse

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Sounds good. I finally got my crowns so purchased Clockwork City which is currently having double resources and double drops from bosses until the 26th. I got the Molag Bal Statue for free just for being a Plus subscriber.
  2. Dkindahouse

    Epic Deals & Sales

    The Warehouse Black Friday link https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/black-friday I thought there would be more gaming stuff but there is just Buy 1 Xbox One S Console & 1 Fortnite Token for $299, 3 different version of Buy 1 Xbox One X Console & 1 Fortnite Token for $619 with one having Battlefield V and another one being white, PS4 PlayStation VR Headset Bundle $299 and Fallout 76 (Xbox One/PS4) $79 I signed up for Mightyape's preview but have seen nothing so far will update when I do. Ebgames Black Friday deals start tomorrow in store at 8AM (Please Check with your local store) & 12:01AM Online
  3. Dkindahouse

    Daily Deals

    Mightyape Daily Deals https://www.mightyape.co.nz/daily-deals including Once Upon A Time BluRay Editions, Midweek Madness, Christmas Food Stocking Fillers, Tekken 7 (ex display) Xbox One $30, Sugru Mouldable Glue and Extreme Mazes Paperback $10 1day has $20 Sale https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/20dollar211118/ Tech Sale https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/techdeals211118/ Branded Mega Gift Sale Encore https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/giftenc211118/
  4. Dkindahouse

    Epic Deals & Sales

    TheBrandOutlet doing it's Black Friyay sale starting now https://www.thebrandoutlet.co.nz/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=BFCM+Campaign+-+Conversion&ADSetID=6114863534607&fbclid=IwAR1RxNUwKMoig1HZBl-CXf-kXjJysjBJ-1hoA5OlBdKhg4N_iUWQ57U6Fk0 It's the place that sells all the perfumes, hair care etc
  5. Dkindahouse

    Daily Deals

    Mightyape Daily Deals https://www.mightyape.co.nz/daily-deals including Hyperkin Retro Consoles, $30 Deals, Boxed Supplement Bars, Beauty & the Beast Deluxe Gift Set DVD/Blu-Ray $45, Tech Tuesday and Guess How Much I Love You: The Complete Collection Hardback $28 1day has Oral B https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/oralb201118/ Branded Gift Mega Sale https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/gifts201118/ Smartphone & Accessories Encore https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/encosmartphone201118/ Any rumours of Black Friday sales for JBHifi etc? I know The Warehouse one starts on Thursday and for us in Christchurch the new Briscoes & Rebel Sport are having the grand opening on Friday at 100 Langdons Road, Papanui
  6. Dkindahouse


    I used to watch all the major racing series F1, Indycar, NASCAR, Supercars and some of the rallies then I just got to a poinjt in life where watching a car go round and round the same track no longer interested me. Have no idea what caused the sudden change but I still catch highlights here and there. Here is a video of that Formula 3 crash that amazing the driver lived through although they did fracture their spine.
  7. Dkindahouse

    Muck Around Mondays

    Managed to finally get some Bulletstorm matches but kept getting randoms that were stupid and not doing the team challenges right. Starting out tried a Private match with Mrs Skyline and only I got in and then tried a quick match and even with a random only I got in. You would think if something was put on Plus that all of it would work properly. Now onto working out what next week's game will be.
  8. Dkindahouse


    Well I guessed right with Mandy Rose taking the vacant Smackdown Women's Survivor Series spot but I didn't do so well in the picks. 2 out of 4 for the Takeover show because I'm not counting that Matt Riddle 10 second or so match because it wasn't announced beforehand and 5 out of 8 for Survivor Series. I wasn't expecting Rousey or Brock to lose but what is with WWE's obsession with trying to prove RAW is the no. 1 show. They could of at least given the Smackdown Women's team a win. The Wargames match for me was still by far the best out of the lot.
  9. Dkindahouse

    Daily Deals

    Mightyape daily deals https://www.mightyape.co.nz/daily-deals including Sweet Savings, Gifts for Geeks, PS4 and Xbox One games, Castle TV series, Nerf Closeout and Orly Nail Colours 1day has Mega Toy Sale https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/toys191118/ Smartphone and accessories Mega Sale https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/smartphone191118/ Best of the week Encore https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/botw191118/ Atari Flashback Console with 120 built-in games $150 https://www.1-day.co.nz/products/atari-flashback-console-120-games
  10. Dkindahouse

    Epic Deals & Sales

    Here's a preview of the Pbtech Cyber Monday sale that starts at 6PM https://www.pbtech.co.nz/promotions/cyber-monday?qr=banner_topindex_new_5744
  11. Dkindahouse

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Will also pickup Clockwork City in the next few days.
  12. Dkindahouse

    The Faffery Thread - Press # To Schedule a Callback

    It's way too grindy to get cash. The banner boards should have been cash instead of influence.
  13. Dkindahouse

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just got back into ESO. I was originally just signing in for the daily login rewards but then picked up Summerset for $22 in the sale. I finished the main story part of it and amazingly it was worth 100 Xbox points. I was going to pickup 1500 crowns so I could add Clockwork City while it was on sale but it's actually cheaper to get ESO Plus which will give me 1500 crowns anyway.
  14. Dkindahouse

    Daily Deals

    Mightyape Daily Deals https://www.mightyape.co.nz/daily-deals including Best Selling Drinks, Best Of The Week!, WaterWipes Bargains, Kaisercraft Deals, Dropmix Music Gaming System and Ellia Diffusers 1day has Sports Super Store https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/sportssale181118/ Best of the Week https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/botw181118/ Intex 18 x 9 x 52 rectangular pool $800 https://www.1-day.co.nz/products/ultraframe-rectangular-pool Under $50 Encore https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/under50181118/
  15. Dkindahouse


    On the network schedule TakeOver will be at 1PM today. Ken Shamrock wrestling in Melbourne on November 30th for Battle Championship Wrestling vs Gabriel Wolfe. He looks so old in this photo that I thought it was Dolph Lundgren.