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  1. Ati

    Muck Around Mondays

    and we will have tato, bryd and dvs too ..oh the shenanigans
  2. Ati

    Muck Around Mondays

    Gg. Next week mrs. Sky. You have to experience being a prop ..crazy game mode
  3. Ati

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Yeah bring me CS days ..simple fun....
  4. Ati

    March PlayStation Plus Games announced

    Awesomeness... everyone welcome to join cod on monday!!!
  5. Ati

    I Just Bought...

    Will be waiting for my invitation!!!
  6. Ati

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Just had few games as well... MW3 is my first cod.... and bo2 is my fav... been playing bo4 as well.... MW reminds me of simpler times...no bullshit dancing emotes and skin. ..good old simple fps
  7. Ati

    Muck Around Mondays

    Cod :MW on Monday...18 in private lobby... going to be awesome night
  8. Ati

    Bitch Thread

    Time for a new one K
  9. Ati

    What should I play next?

    I tried 5 mins of Divinity... i would like to be into it but didn't... so yeah play that
  10. Ati

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Awesome!!! Monday cod night!!
  11. Ati

    Switch it up Wednesday’s

    Mc tonight if anyone is keen Cheers for the night. C Ya next week.
  12. Ati

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    New mode of Blackout :Hot pursuit is pretty fun!! Haven't got a win yet but came second twice!!
  13. Ati

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    Didn't get it...got 30$ Nintendo to buy moonlighter instead Would be awesome ps+ game though ....Got it.... too good to pass up lol
  14. Ati

    Games & Deals With PS Plus

    The crew 2 is $28 on psn.... anyone got it?