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  1. Glad its not just mine... can't also play rdr2 .. hopefully will be on ps5 this time next year!
  2. Cod mw is unplayable on my day one pro... the pro is so loud. Like f ing jet engine taking off
  3. So jealous of Friday jams today. I can hear it from my work
  4. Ati


    Yeah probably not much.... next year will be the one to go...new consoles announcement and all that!
  5. Ati


    Oh look another year..... anyone going ? We are.... but will try not to buy anything 76 related....lol
  6. Ati

    Fallout 76

    Same here.... big fans since since fall out 3.... started feeling funny when they released fallout shelter......
  7. Ati

    Fallout 76

    So sad... private world lock behind subscription service.... bunch of lying jerks..... .. i was excited for private world now 76 is dead to me and sad that they bring fallout name down.... Was thinking about getting outer world after some review but now i am definitely will...
  8. Thanks dodgy... Felt rush to push thru and finish main story ...as i usually do all side quests first but realise (my cus told me/insist) that it better to unlock guardian rank etccc Anyway also he doesn't have mic so can't party chat... we talk on.. fb messenger...
  9. Ati

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    Yeah if tato ever come back from his tropical paradise lol
  10. Ati

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    TLOU MP is soo much fun with just us.... lol anyone want to have another go? Doesn't have to be monday but if we can get 6-8 of us would be awesome
  11. Yay we can play tlou mp on Monday!
  12. Going to see BSB again in May 2020 cheapest ticket is $209.... i am going as a girls night out more than NEeding to see them again... look at setlist full of old songs so why not.... I mean i am biggest fan for the first 4 albums.... that's good enough to blow $200 right? I
  13. Thanks dodgy Was fun last night but wish we could get difficulty up... maybe the when we all finished the storyline... Smooth game play most of time but when it freezes i thought my console gonna crash ..lol
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