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  1. Going to see BSB again in May 2020 cheapest ticket is $209.... i am going as a girls night out more than NEeding to see them again... look at setlist full of old songs so why not.... I mean i am biggest fan for the first 4 albums.... that's good enough to blow $200 right? I
  2. Thanks dodgy Was fun last night but wish we could get difficulty up... maybe the when we all finished the storyline... Smooth game play most of time but when it freezes i thought my console gonna crash ..lol
  3. Since i will be bl3 tomorrow i guess i will pass on beta..... hope you guys get a good practice in since i don't need it haha jokes
  4. So nice finishing extra dlc on 2 last night... bring on 3 tomorrow
  5. Wont be on monday from next week as bl3 drop and cod next month... will still be lurking in psn chat cause you know.... fomo
  6. Picked up touchlight 2 .. pretty fun so far
  7. Probably won't be on until borderlands 3 drop.. really should finish the free dlc
  8. Yay for 8 players. I wish it was more like we could form a guild... have our own spacestation and work together to gather resources and protect against space bandit or go raiding other stationsetc.... but yeah i will definitely reinstall it now
  9. Yes! Kinda turned into my bd thing but i had a great time and all my friends did too . Amy is enjoying her first ps4 game so that's awesome! Looking forward to next one!
  10. Got ea access soooo bring it! Redownload BF4 atm bf4 = ps3 ps4 pspro and xbox1. Almost as bad as skyrim
  11. Ati

    EA Access has landed on PS4

    Good price if you had those games but traded them in... anyone want bfv ps4?
  12. Yeahh.. i was in first year winter when the update f up one of the main mission i was at...so had to restart my game but kinda good in a way as i was just winging it and probably wasted a lot of time and resources.... Can spend a whole day in the mine just to have it crash before bed time... or forget about timed quests and its 8 pm and you can't get to them to hand in the quest can be annoying... 8 pm and you can't get in their home but some people can wondering around town at midnight
  13. Thanks dodgy What is VIP actually do.. should I be bothered?
  14. Well that's why I hold on to it ..just incase... but yeah it is a shame it didnt get much support outside Japan
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