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  1. Ati

    Gaming Nights!

    We are not just playing xbox? Should put this on general imo... NZGM meet up!!
  2. So weird jumping onto presequel right after...skipping around the moon weeeeeee
  3. Have you play the boosted level 30 for the new mission ready for bl3? Still need to do that
  4. Just finished 2 yay. Now to pre
  5. Ati

    Switch gaming news

    Need to finish BOTW fist .... Links awakening is really cute
  6. 2020 seems so far.... Keen for Keanu
  7. Also re bought diablo 3 since it's only $30 something . Didn't have back up save so had to start all over... new to all season play so should be fun ,(mindless buttons smashing )
  8. Nah we will be fine... if we can handle byrd/lazer/nz/seg/tato/dodgy and anyone else that love their own voices (you know who you are)in the same party chat we can handle anything did I mentioned byrd??? Jjkkkjjjk Also been playing gtao with lobby chat up to 32... mind you we have only hit up to 22-23? Fun times
  9. R u still on same number?
  10. Wow dj! my friend is looking to move and sounds perfectly for her BUT she is currently living with bf and building up to move and leaving him so I don't know when that will be
  11. Ps4 party chat to increase to 16 yayyyyyyyaaay..finally.....
  12. 15 bucks for FO4 i can not resist.... sick of changing disc .... hopefully rumors of backward compatibility of PS5 is true
  13. Handsome jackkkkk and sonic
  14. Ati

    PS4 NZGC game nights

    So playing GTAo tonight and RDR2 O mon and Tues...yuh. ..come join n get smash ..i mean... have fun with a lovely bunch of people
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