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[Opinion] Is Microsoft gearing up to start next gen with a head start?

Xbox is saying all of the right things and winning the little battles, while Sony stubbornly doesn't listen to reason or it's fans.
That's an eerie reminder of something.

August Games with Gold announced

Xbox brings a cracking Games with Gold month in August

Xbox Adaptive Controller is out in NZ now!

Xbox winning the hearts and minds of gamers

Xbox One Christmas Guide for 2019

Merry Xbox, I mean Xbox Christmas, I mean Xbox Xbox!

Xbox celebrates Chinese New Year with limited-edition controller skins in China

If you know a guy who knows a guy, maybe you can get one of these sweet skins.

Xbox outlines it's PC strategies including Game Pass on PC

Xbox winning hearts, 3 steps at a time

Xbox has released a line of Lynx products

Look like an Xbox? Time to smell like an Xbox.

30 of the games shown in the Xbox Press conference

So many games, so many awesome!

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has landed for $399

All of the Xbox, none of the discs

Xbox is introducing Text Filters so you can filter out all the hate you wish you didn't see

So your kids don't need to witness the horror of bad language

Minecraft Earth Beta has landed on iOS and Android in NZ

Now you can play Minecraft between sessions of Minecraft like you always dreamed.

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