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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Preview

Posted By Drunk_Monk

Nearly 10 years ago many people tried out this weird game called Valkyria Chronicles.  A beautifully rendered 3D cell animated world, that presented a battlefield where you used cyberpunk looking weapons and machinery, with a World War II style to everything else.  This combined with wonderful turn based tactical gameplay blew many of us away, and yours truly lost many hours learning these systems for the first time.

Fast-forward to 2018 and outside of the different Valkyria Revolution, you may be shocked to see Valkyria Chronicles 4 being released, potentially due to missing 2 being released on the PSP, and 3 skipping the west completely.  I certainly enjoyed 2 and was heartbroken to never experience 3.  The good news is you can jump from 1 to 4 without any issues at all.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 follows Squad E, taking place at the same time as the first game, as the Imperial Alliance is thumping the Atlantic Federation.  Your rag tag team must do what they can to bring a halt to the Imperial Alliance’s advancement.

The game and gameplay are exactly how I remember the first game, especially the look and sounds.  The weapons firing, the ting of the bullets, the start and end of turns, the sounds brought back the dozen hours of enjoyment I got from this gem of a series, and it’s as fun as ever.

Battles consist of placing your characters and making your way across a map.  You take turns with the enemy, with each turn having a set number of moves which is increased by having certain units on the field.  Each move lets you freely move a character until they run out of energy and launch an attack until the mission is complete… or if you lose of course.

There are some minor changes like the use of a new character class, the grenadier.  She fires massive grenades large distances, but her cost is that in order to fire she takes a few seconds to set up, which if you are in range of an enemy can be costly.

But for the most part, from the battles, to the upgrading outside of battles, it felt exactly the same as the original.  This is great because the original gameplay still stands up, and with a solid break between entries, I couldn’t be more excited to see more.  The demo contains two chapters with two major battles, which gave me a good feel for the game, especially confirming it’s amazing on Switch.

So, if you are tossing up checking out Valkyria Chronicles 4, then download the demo now.  Two chapters, and about three hours of gameplay for me, it’s a decent chunk of the game.  Your progress carries over if you get the full game, so there is no good reason to not check it out.



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28 minutes ago, that_black_guy said:

Downloaded the other night. Gunna check it out over the weekend. Quite excited

You should be, you have some fun ahead of you ?

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