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Stories Untold Review

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

Last year the Dev’s over at No Code brought us the very cool Sci-Fi Horror game Observation which was a brilliant little narrative puzzle game that deserves to be experienced and if you missed out you can check out my review for Observation right here. No Code have now ported over their first entry into the narrative puzzle game market; Stories Untold to the Nintendo Switch leaving me giddy with excitement. But before we get into the review for Stories Untold, a word from today's sponsor.


Raid: Shadow Legends is a massi… I have just heard from our editor that we are not sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends nor do we have any other sponsors. Stories Untold is a puzzle game with full focus on telling a series of stories over 4 differently distinct episodes. The main bulk of the game features you as the protagonist of each story interacting with various old style retro computers to progress through the narrative and get everyone the happy ending they deserve.


A lot of these situations play out in the fashion of a text based adventure where you need to look, read, use etc commands to move through the game. These commands are very easily done with a simple command screen displaying all the options you have and clicking on them will then show you what you can join and interact them with. This approach is incredibly faithful the style of those old text based adventures of the ZX Spectrum days so much so that it can be a detriment as you have to be exact with your choices, early on you are present with a glove box in a car that you need to open so naturally I would choose ‘open’ and then ‘glove box’ only to be told it can’t be done finding that the correct command is actually ‘use’. The other downside to this approach is that text always needs to be reloaded. repeated and cant be skipped so if you leave a room while investigating and then come back to it you are presented with the exact same text describing the room and everything you can see often with no changes made.


I say those things as a negative but it is truly such a minor thing as the game oozes atmosphere that is incredibly easily to get caught up in to the point I jumped at some of the scares as I was incredibly entranced with everything that was manipulated my senses. As you may have been able to tell simply by Stories Untold’s logo there is a huge emphasis on Stranger Things and that whole nostalgic view of on horror but never forgoes its core of that old school horror only that era of gaming could produce. If you were of that era of PC gaming that included the Spectrum, Amstrad or Commodore this game will appeal to your inner child. I took my Switch to a friends who utterly loves that era of gaming and he completely fell in love with the game.


Stories Untold uses many tricks both with is story telling and atmosphere to draw the player in and reach what is possibly one of the most satisfying conclusions I have had the pleasure of experiencing in a video game. No Code have yet again deliever a game that is steeped in equal amounts of style and substance. While the game can be completed in only a couple of hours it is a game that begs to be completed and for the cheap price and short play time you can no excuse to own a Switch and not play Stories Untold.



Zombie was provided with a review copy of Stories Untold for the Nintendo Switch.

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