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FutureGrind Review

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

FutureGrind developed by Milkbag Games is an arcade/platform/racing/stunt/indie conspiracy thriller which takes place in the future and has you ah, grinding on stuff. So that may just be an overt simplification of the game’s basic premise but FutureGrind is just that in essence a basic arcade platformer which isn’t a bad thing at all, it does the formula solidly.


Upon getting into the game you are given the standard tutorial and set up everything will follow; your character is scouted by sponsors to ride bikes of their colours through different tracks. Sounds simple right? There is always a catch with FutureGrind’s being that to make it through each level, or survive as the game calls it, your bikes wheels can only touch the same colour rails. First it starts out simply enough with a standard looking futuristic bike with two purple wheels meaning you can only touch purple rails, but very soon you are upgraded to one with a pink and green wheel meaning only a pink or a green rail but since you have only one wheel per colour you better get good at popping wheelies.


The game mixes it up shortly after that, granting you a new bike shape with different sized wheels in different places which brings in the new element of psychics which you only had to be cautious of up until now. Each rail can be grinded, grind ,ground, grounded? Along in some different ways, you have the standard on top, underneath, hanging or just jumped over entirely. But should you touch the wrong coloured wheel to the wrong coloured wheel fear not all that happens is you, ya know, explode.


Each track has a few levels or runs, in which you must accomplish different tasks to complete the run, a different trick, high school or a different combo and make it to the end of the track. Among the simple arcade like structure the game gave me which I found to be its best element, a mysterious message from a sponsor telling me to be careful as all was not as it seemed. This simple storyline had me intrigued enough to keep playing just to see what was going to come next.


Overall we are left with a colourful looking game filled with beautiful neon colours, an intriguing storyline which adds a little more to the standard fare and fun physics filled one more try gameplay. However the game is awfully short with most successful runs only taking 30 seconds a minute to complete meaning if you achieve all the goals first time it is a breeze to get through. The courses never change, the rails are always in the same place and the same colour so with some simple memorization one can get through them all. I found myself at the 50% mark after only 30 minutes or so of playing, so that may be a drag for some on the other hand with it being on the switch it is perfect some pick up and play while waiting on a train or appointment. So if you are a fan of OlliOlli or Trails then this game is for you, it is lovely to look at, has some slick tunes and fun gameplay while it lasts.


Zombie was provided with a promo copy of the game to review and is out now for PC, PS4 and Switch.

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