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Figment Review

Posted By Coffee Addict

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the surrealistic nature of a Salvadore Dali painting, an oppressed and tortured mind with a car crash? If the answer was a short, wonderfully crafted, whimsical puzzle solving adventure you have a better imagination than I do. Fortunately it appears that the team at Bedtime Digital Games share that same imagination using it to create Figment. 

Figment is an isometric platformer where you take control of Dusty, a rather nonplussed deadpan character who is the mind’s personification of courage. When his book of memories is stolen from him, Dusty reluctantly takes up the challenge of fighting the personification of fear, who is wreaking havoc in the brain. Dusty does this by fighting through themed parts of the brain such as the creative right side, the rational, cognitive left side, solving puzzles as you go and fighting little demons to progress.


The game is presented beautifully thanks to its impressionist art style, and the levels style is built differently depending on the part of the brain you are in. The cognitive side being filled with mechanisms whilst the creative side being floating islands with wonderful childish contraptions. When you start pushing towards the conscious thought stages the fun and whimsical changes to darker themes with physical interpretations of mental trauma. 

Fighting is simple, you have the ability to swing a sword and a charged attack and thats it. The boss battles are a fantastic mix of silly songs and witty dialogue as you fight a creatively designed personification of a disease. In between the boss battles you have very little to fight and spend most of the time solving cool little puzzles. Puzzles are multistaged and often have a whimsical theme such as having to find power sources across the map to power multiple windmills to clear a path through a toxic cloud to your next goal. 



I was drawn in initially to the game by the abstract design of the worlds, but the true star of the show is the soundtrack. From ditties to rock music it wonderfully accompanies you along Dusty’s Journey and is even interwoven with the awesome final boss battle. Its very rare that a game’s soundtrack is the foundation of my lasting memory (GTA Vice City being a prime example) but Figment succeeds in this.

Its at this point I have to remark that this isnt a hard game. If you’re looking forward to a headscratcher or a platformer requiring precision, this is not what is on offer. What your getting is a beautifully told fairytale trip through an unhappy mind that’ll take you 5-6 hours. There are a few collectables that take the form of memories that require careful trawling through the map and often manipulation of more complex puzzles that can stretch out the play time. 

The only issue that I personally had with the game was that the loading time between worlds was surprisingly long. Taking sometimes greater than 30 seconds. Though this surprised me it didn’t diminish the love I had for the game. I have checked out online and some people have reported issues with the the game freezing during these loading screens though this was never the case for me.

So overall this is a great little adventure with cool rewarding puzzles that i strongly recommend anyone to get and its perfectly suited for the switch.

Go on -- give it a go!



CoffeeAddict bought his copy of Figment with his own birthday money and reviewed it on the Nintendo Switch.

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