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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Rinoa character review

Posted By Drunk_Monk

Final Fantasy fans everywhere will know about the Dissidia series, and many will have checked out its first entry outside of the arcades/PSP Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4.  With the third DLC character being released I decided to check out if it’s worth picking the game back up, or for the first time if you let it slip by last year.

For those who aren’t familiar, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game that brings together characters from across the series for an interdimensional fight between good and evil, which let’s be honest, isn’t that out of the weirdness realms for Final Fantasy. 

The fights are in a 3D arena where three characters on each side go to lay the whoop down on their opponents, or to destroy each other’s crystals in the significantly more entertaining Crystal Battle mode.  The actual fighting is difficult to get the hang of but rewarding as you start to get it, and thanks to character’s fighting types and character customisation it is well worth sinking some time into learning its mechanics.

The problem with a game like that, especially when it comes to single characters being released as DLC, is it can feel like you are starting near the bottom of that learning curve again every time you return from a break.  With Rinoa being released I was motivated to get back into the game, and boy was it a tough return realising how bad I am. I’m not saying that’s a reason to stay away but be ready to slam face first into that difficulty curve again.

Despite this, picking up as a new version of Rinoa brought back so many fond memories of my years with Final Fantasy VIII, from her aesthetic and her companion Angelo.  It’s not a direct reflection on the game but anyone else who remembers VIII with the love that I do should find a lot of joy seeing another one of the classic characters recreated.

Within the game Rinoa uses her magic to lay the whoop down, which is the best for new players, or returning players who are rusty because of the little distance between you and your target.  Bringing Angelo in for some attacks is novel, and one of her powerups gets her wings, it’s a nostalgia feast that is fun to play as well as watch.

One thing that returning players will face is the battle with summons, everything I had learned appeared to be at its worst when I came face to face with Bahamut again.  Anyone who has played the game will remember the significant difficulty spike that comes with summons, well returning that spike felt bigger than before, so be ready to relearn the summons patterns.

Honestly if you have a love for the PS1 Final Fantasies, I can’t recommend returning to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT enough to play as Rinoa.  The season pass doesn’t include all of the costumes, which makes it a harder sell, but you can’t go wrong with buying her individually if Vayne and Locke don’t interest you as she is worth getting beaten into the ground by summons alone.

Blair was provided the season pass for this review.

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