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Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu & Let's Go, Eevee

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

Pokemon's 2018 entry has been given a title and video. In this pseudo Blue/Red/Yellow remake players are taken back to Kanto to catch 'em all while obtaining all 8 gym badges although there is a twist to it for Pokemon's Switch debut. Much like the mobile phenomenon that was Pokemon Go, Let's Go will feature not only Pokemon Go integration but will also be taking a page or two from its book in terms of gameplay. Game Freak are changing up the 20 year old system of choosing from 3 starters then going out into that dreaded tall grass to battle and catch to your hearts content in favor of the Pokemon Go system of throwing Pokeballs to catch your beloved Generation One Mons in this case through the means of using the joy-cons. Though rest assured gym leaders and other trainers will still be able to be battled on your way to claiming the title of Pokemon Master. Expect to this one one shelves on 16 November.

The games will also support the (optional) Pokeball Plus as shown in the video. The Pokeball Plus features an analogue stick, motion control, rumble feedback, can be used to store Pokemon for transfer between Let's Go and Pokemon Go as well as lighting effects.

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Actually some pretty net innovations there, like the pokeball (because playing pokemon go in public wasn't embarrassing enough) and interactions with pokemon go look cool. But boy that eevee voice at the end really grinded my gears

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