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PlayStation 4 Christmas Guide for 2019

Posted By Drunk_Monk

If you are still hunting for last minute gifts for the PS4 fans in your life, allow us to stoke the fire of your inspiration with the below suggestions:




If you haven't played this gem yet, then jump on it with EB selling it for $68 and Mighty Ape selling ti for a cool $59.  Spider-Man has never been so satisfying to play, and your loved ones will love this one under the tree.


PlayStation Classic


Long time PlayStation fans should enjoy a trip down memory lane with the PS Classic and it's 20 games.  Mighty Ape is selling this one for $169 and so is EB.

Check out the full list of games here.


Knowledge is Power: Decades


The PlayLink games are a bit of a mixed bag, but the Knowledge is Power games are real winners.  Imagine Buzz but without the extra plastic controllers, and more fun with the minigames.  Plus at that price, if you get a good Christmas Day out of it then it’s worth while.

You can Grab it at EB for $28 or Mighty Ape for $30


Dual shock 4


PlayStation has release may DualShock controller is many shapes and sizes.  I’m rather partial to the orange beauty above which is hard to find.  The classic black ones can be picked up for $109.99 at EB or $79 at Mighty Ape to fill out that Christmas Stocking.



What PS pressies do you want to unwrap under the X-Mas tree on the 25th?


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9 minutes ago, JorDogg said:

Surprised RDR2 didn't make this list?

I just went for a couple of exclusive goodies. 

If I put every good game on XB1 and PS4 I wouldn't be able to finish the lists 😜

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Don't have the orange controller but I do have 4 (Classic Black, white, blue & red).  I guess this harks back to N64 and PlayStation days when you had 4 and a multitap.  Destruction Derby in teams was our main one or Mario Party.

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4 hours ago, Coffee Addict said:

PlayStation VR love? 

EB games are selling an awesome bundle for $289 - camera, headset, astrobot and PSVR worlds.

I knew there was a bundle I missed, but that price deserves it's own article:

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$299 for a PS4 at the warehouse as well. Thanks for the articles drunk. I too love the orange controller just waiting for one of my controllers to crap out. 

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