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Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu & Let's Go, Eevee

Pokemon's 2018 entry has been given a title and video. In this pseudo Blue/Red/Yellow remake players are taken back to Kanto to catch 'em all while obtaining all 8 gym badges.

Team Sonic Racing Announced

Sumo Digital are back with their latest entry in the Sonic Racing kart racer franchise. The game will feature 12 racers racing at once as well as 12 player online races and 4 player local multiplayer racers.

Death end re;Quest Western Announcement Trailer

An intriguing newly announced game coming to the West by Idea Factory has been announced, entitled Death end re;Quest.

Sony is just a victim of timing, not an enemy of Cross-Play

Is Sony the big bad wolf, or just the same animal as the rest?

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition Announcement Trailer

Sunless Sea is coming to PS4 after it's success on PC with the Zubmariner Edition, check it's trailer out below:

PS+ Games for August announced

PS+ Games for August announced and it's a banger of a month.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience coming to PSVR

Because hype knows no reality!

The Last Remnant Remastered announced for PS4

Because the PS4 needed more goodness?

The Last of Us Part II giving away free avatars and more

Free digital stuff to help me hype, yes please.

PlayStation Classic full games list released

The list is, kinda alright.

PlayStation 4 Christmas Guide for 2019

Play Stations, Play Stations, Play all the Way.

PSVR is available for $289 this week

VR me another round... I know that doesn't make sense but......

MediEvil Story Trailer reminds us why we should be excited

Who needs E3 for the hype train?

AWAY: The Survival Series Announced

And you thought PS was going to be AWAY from E3

Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo available on PS4

Free demo is good demo

PlayStation Christmas Gift Guide

And a PlayStation New Year

DUALSHOCK 4 Back Button Attachment Review

Blair checks out the attachment for your Dual Shock controller to enhance your experience

Predator: Hunting Grounds Preview

Blair joins the hunt for the weekend

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