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Trover Saves the Universe has some free DLC out now

Posted By Drunk_Monk

The chaotic minds behind Rick and Morty created the very well received Trover Saves the Universe, and now they have released some free DLC to keep you playing their chaos.



Today Squanch Games announced the launch and availability of FREE DLC for Trover Saves the Universe. Available now on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and Oculus Store, the new area brings Trover to his boss’s office at Important Cosmic Jobs where you’ll help fellow co-workers, try to prevent grievous harm, and other totally regular everyday workplace happenings. In addition, once you complete the tasks at hand, you will be rewarded with some hilarious and original skits, voiced by Justin Roiland. (If you can find the VHS tapes, that is.)
In Trover Saves the Universe, a hilarious platformer created by Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick & Morty, the cosmos is at stake and it’s up to you to save everything. Travel the universe with Trover to save your dogs from a beaked monster, fight across imaginative levels, and meet aliens along the way.
Within the new Important Cosmic Jobs area, players will encounter an array of new characters and situations as they embark upon new quests, collect new ultra adorable power babies, unlock original comedy sketches and play the Space Slam arcade game located in the company break room.
For those who haven’t purchased the base game yet, Trover will be on sale for 15% off starting today through next Monday for fans worldwide via Steam and the Epic Games Store and in North America only via the PlayStation Store.
Finally, to celebrate the launch, fans can also unlock an updated Trover Saves the Universe Snapchat Lens! The augmented reality experience features a new look and effects from an upcoming Trover music video. Players can continue to use this Lens to bring the game's box art to life and scan in-game objects for exclusive tidbits. Check out the Snapchat Lens here.
Trover Saves the Universe and the free Important Cosmic Jobs DLC are available today. 

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