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Pokemon Sword & Shield Getting Expansion DLC

Posted By ZombieRawkMachine

Keeping with their current ideaology of mixing things up Game Freak will not be releasing an updated version of Pokemon Sword & Shield but instead will be bringing out two brand new expansions set to release in June and our Spring. Isle of Armor and The Crown of Tundra are brand new adventures that will also be introducing new legendary Pokemon and will be retailing for $30 US. The new DLC will also offer up new clothes, rivals, Pokemon, Gigantamaxing Pokemon including your sarter and wild areas with more to see and do in each with the opportunity to venture into dens to catch 'em all.


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Well curious about this as while the legendaries look a bit ... eh a couple of the pokemon coming back have my attention. Still am curious if this will be replacing the standard extra addition they usually release a year afterwards because if so that is a step in the right direction as never understood that ... now if we could only get them to stop releasing 2 versions of the  same damn game in the first place but that's whole other issue.

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